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Summoning Rules

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Summoning Rules

Post by Elendril on Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:05 pm

Summoning Rules

For those of you that want your character to have a summon there are certain things that you must do. Since there are two different types of summons. There are personal summons, and summoning contracts. A personal summon is just one thing and nothing else. Whether that one thing be a animal or an item it does not matter. But with a personal contract other people are also aloud to get an animal of that species if it is a animal. Just no one will be able to make a contract for that animal. A Contract summon is a special bond between an animal family and the people that have signed the contract. Contract summons always have a minimum of 3 summons.

Genin are not able to get there own summoning contract or personal summon, but they are able to sign the contract of someone else. Chuunin are able to get a personal summon but can not make there own contract and must sign one of another person. Jounin and up are able to get a personal summon or a contract. A person may only have one. So no person can have a personal summon and a summoning contract. A person is also only able to sign one contact if they so choose to sign one.

List of summons

Ninken(Dogs) -
Snakes -
Toads -
Slugs -
Monkeys -
Spiders -
Hawks -
Penguins -
Chameleons -
Bears -
Seagulls -
Crabs -
Foxes -
Cats -

How to get a summon

In order to sign a contract you and all those that choose to sign the contract when it is first made must do a topic of meeting the boss summon. This is where the contract signers will meet the boss summons and sign the contract for the first time. this topic must be 800 words long. And so after this the original signor will be able to summon the contract to let other people sign it. Then those people must do a 400 word training of them singing the contract and getting there first summon on it. Every summon on a contract must be trained in order for a person to summon it. So if there are 3 summons on the contract in order to summon all three you must train all three as though they where jutsu.
Note:when you sign a contract you get one free summon equal to your rank.

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