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Wahyu Majin (WIP)

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Wahyu Majin (WIP)

Post by SUN on Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:04 am

Name: Wahyu Majin
Age: 19
Gender: M
Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Wahyu is a man of few words, but that doesn't mean he is hard to approach. Being a man of pride, and great confidence in his own ability attempts to do things as effectively as possible with the most proficient outcome. Wahyu doesn't really prefers to talk out solutions, but he doesn't like to go straight for fighting either. He usually sits back, and learns enough information before making his move. One wouldn't describe Wahyu as outspoken but he is sincerely kind, and can't lie at all. Making the shinobi at times severely blunt.  He's always been a horrible liar so he often attempts to avoid questions by deflecting.

Wayhu cares little for personal recognition or what others think of him. He simply prefers to do good deeds not only because it is the right thing to do, but it makes him feel good. Wayhu's only dream is that he will do enough good for others to begin to want to do good for others.

In battle Wayhu preforms exceptionally well at analyzing his foe and countering their moves. He can hold his own against most opponents by countering them, as such Wayhu always attempts to end battles as swiftly as possible, but with caution. He works in tandem with his partner often providing support from where and when ever he is needed.

Clan: Majin
Bloodline: Onichijuho

Element: Fire
Specialty: Genjutsu, Medical

Health: 5
Speed: 30


History: Wahyu was born into the life of a Shinobi. He was an only child with both of his parents in his life. His father and mother were both members of the Majin clan. At the age of four, Wahyu had begun his preparations for the academy at a young age in order use his medical jutsu upon his mother, to aid with her health. His father wasn't very capable of other jutsu besides ninjutsu, and taijutsu, as ninjutsu is also the most common form and most practiced type of jutsu used. During this time Wahyu, decided he could aid his mother and his family by taking a different path, one of curing.  His father, gave him scrolls and books that he could use to help him prepare for the academy when his time was ready.

When Wahyu turned six years of age he entered the Shinobi academy. Wahyu would remain an academy student, do to the fact that he wanted to gain as much information as possible before moving onto the next rank.

The Majin's next adventure would begin as a genin. Where he spend time most of his time not actually going on missions, but doing work at the hospital inside his village. Wahyu wasn't necessarily rich, but he made enough money to move his family into a better area. While attending to his studies at the hospital, he began taking an interest of not just medical jutsu, but also genjutsu. As he liked learning about the mind, just as much as the body. As his improvement in medical jutsu climbed, so did his mothers health. He no longer needed to buy, or provide expensive medicine he was now capable of crafting them upon his own.

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