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Commotion of the Aftermath [Open, No Kill, Training]

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Commotion of the Aftermath [Open, No Kill, Training]

Post by Jojo Soren on Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:10 pm

Jojo's eyes moved left and right. She was by far doing some training today and that was in itself not likely to bode well with the administration. She was after all a Sannin without any shinobi to teach so she was training herself with the full idea to enter her skills into the mix so that she found so indisputably great for herself to train. She was one who kept to herself for the most part and even in that aspect, she did her best styles of training for all possibilities needed. She was definitely doing the unadvised by training in the great desert of the land of wind, without permission but after a few scrolls of research, she found her way into the best training areas of the desert in which she held full intent to train and nothing but train until she was possibly too tired to move. It was who she was what she was, for that, she would do her best to enter in and fully succeed in training her skills to the max. Jojo probably just was not the only one who thought this, “That the land of wind held the most dangerous profound areas in life and even after life itself.”

Therefore, she moved all her training and possibilities to the desert of deadly contact. This was the only place in all of the Land of Wind where she could train peacefully and completely use her abilities to the maximum capability. While also keeping her skills to the max as she entered the area without accruing the eyes of those of the authority ranks. The ‘great desert contact’ was the remains of the endangered and completely catastrophic failing that the bijuu from years past had found a small non-ninja town and destroyed. She knew the one place for certain were peaceful now that the beast was subdued. She was a significant ninja whom became an addition to the land of wind eleven years ago and from all that she learned and trained, it would be these next couple of days she carried to the best ability within her. Her nonlethal aptitude would definitely rise with the knowledgeable learning of this technique she was so elegantly going to learn to control chakra to the highest possibility, or rather not to control it but rather to gather it up and increase her chakra capacity with it. It was the subtle realization of this that allowed her to utilize and manipulate her grandest of capabilities.

Considering this, she would enter the very center of the entire area, the epicenter where almost all individuals of the different clans were nearly killed. This spot had endured and there in almost completely killed all of them within. Jojo would open her eyes and with them view the space in its own right and under no circumstance would she appear to be doing something wrong. She would perform multiple hand seals, each one accompanied by her formulation of chakra all the while issuing a degree of calmness to herself and as she performed the hand signs she did them with elegant speed. It was such speed and skill that her hands began to hurt form doing so many, forming so many chakra manipulations within her own mental remnants and as skill would have it and maybe a small amount of bad luck, a large snake came slithering out of darkness and into reality. Jojo would stare at it, just as it would stare at her, the tongue slithering and flickering to taste the wind for a trail. It was this trail that she would hear and furthermore gather with all intellect about the very place.

This snake seemed as if it was afraid that being near Jojo too long would make it weaker, unless she died of course. It was then that her eyes saw those eyes of the snake, and in those eyes, she understood that this creature was going to maim and kill her. She however made the ability manifest in herself, the chakra capacity she aimed to collect and garner into her body. Her own body a shield within a shield came from her knowledge as she danced about with a calm smile, "You dare make a fool of me? You will pay drastically for your incompetence." Jojo would charge the snake and the battle would begin. Her arm slashing up across the face as the snake would reform to lash out with its own attack as Jojo elegantly jumped backwards. It was interesting about this snake, its body almost like chakra itself as it had formed its head back together without any stitches or other. Yet she watched the snake formulate itself around Jojo while she would continue to gather chakra, gathering as much as she possibly could while her body instinctively wasn’t offensive in any sense. Pursuit of the ability was what she went and strode for, it was this striding capability that she would continue to twirl her body in a dance and in full acceptance, she hoped to achieve a state higher than the general norm of the attack.

From the dance her body came to rest, the snake coming in before she jumped high, her foot coming down and standing atop the chakra like snake as she formed her chakra more. The healing palms coming along as she pushed it into the snakes top of head, the healing chakra disrupting the flow of which the snake already had a raging stride with. She only smiled, her eyes closing while the healing green glow of her hands and the red glow of her forehead came to fruition. She only smiled and deviantly continued to flow that chakra through that body, easing it through that snake’s head as the chakra seemed to dissipate while she only sent the healing light of the chakra she had into it. Her body dropping to the ground as she smiled, laying on her back and now resting with little worry as her eyes closed and she was now poised with completely relaxing freedom, “All in a good days work.”

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Re: Commotion of the Aftermath [Open, No Kill, Training]

Post by Momoko on Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:45 am

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