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Sunēku no shōshitsu [Vanishing Snake]

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Sunēku no shōshitsu [Vanishing Snake]

Post by Koutetsu Shiranui on Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:22 pm

Fighting Style: Sunēku no shōshitsu [Vanishing Snake]
Rank: A
Type: Taijutsu
Forms & Looks:
Striking Display1:
Maneuverability :
A fighting style based on Koutetsu's unique love of strategy as well as the studying of snakes. By studying how snakes maneuver and strike, Koutetsu was able to compile this data into a functional fighting style.

Duration:4 posts/3 Post cool down
The user [Koutetsu] takes the stance shown in the first picture and allows his body to fully limber and become responsive to any attack launched at him. During this moment that the fighting style is used, he becomes in-tune with his surroundings allowing him to gauge the current battle to move or dodge if need be. Due to the movements of this fighting style he moves at max speed and is able to dodge or react to B rank and lower attacks with his full speed and A rank attacks with half his speed giving him a slower reaction time. During the fighting style, Koutetsu receives an increase in his speed and reflexes by +20. This particular fighting style isn't based around strength instead it revolves around the quick and rapid strikes rather from the hands or feet. When mixed with knowledge of the pressure points and their location the user can dislocate or even paralyze certain parts of the body [I.E Arms, legs are paralyzed for two posts, areas such as the chest, neck and etc are simply induced with pain.] When it comes to dodging attacks those that have 50 and below speed Koutetsu can dodge them, but as for attacks that move at a speed of 70 and above [A rank and above] Koutetsu can only dodge them if reacted at the right time[meaning only if he knows the attack is coming towards him or he can physically see the attack coming]

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Re: Sunēku no shōshitsu [Vanishing Snake]

Post by Takeshi on Wed Apr 16, 2014 8:48 am



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