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Kurosawa Clan

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Kurosawa Clan

Post by Rice on Sun Apr 13, 2014 2:09 am

Clan Name: Kurosawa
Home Village: Kirigakure
The Kurosawa clan had begun not as a clan, but as an experiment in order to gain a cure for a very sick Water Daimyō. Years ago a very sickly Water Daimyō had gotten exposed to a very dangerous snake bite, something at that time which was very hard to cure. In order to find and create a cure for the slowly dying Daimyō, test were run on various people and shinobi to see if they could " splice genes " in order to have the body create a antidote on it's own rather than just finding and creating an antidote. The experiment was not a success and they Water Daimyō died before one could be made, though because they didn't succeed right away didn't stop them from continuing the research and experiments. As time went on the experiments began to work, very much to the surprise of the Doctors and Scientist who were doing them only for the mere joy of harming the people. With the realization that these experiments might turn into something that couldn't be controlled it was deemed a failure and the remaining subjects were to be killed.

A small group of elite ninja were sent in to do the job but they didn't expect the equally small group of test subjects to fight back. With their genetics heavily altered they were no longer just mere humans, they were something more now and this could be said that the KKG was brought to light. In that moment the group killed the ninja trying to kill them and broke out of the labs they were imprisoned in. Not knowing where else to go a Female leader was appointed and she led them to Kirigakure on the knowledge that was passed along to her through some of the ninja they had killed. Upon meeting the Mizukage and having him hear the story of how they became genetically altered over the course of thirty years, the group had been given a choice. Stay in Kirigakure and become ninja or find somewhere else to go. The choice was obvious and thus they became known as the Kurosawa clan, welcomed with open arms into Kiri for many years. The clan has always been a tight knit family with no one ever being orphaned even if their parents died...It takes a village to raise a child is one of the mottos they uphold.

Clan Bloodline:
- Bloodline Name: Hebi Doku
- Originating Clan: Kurosawa
- Appearance:
Those of the Kurosawa clan have very distinct features that can only be seen in snakes. The most outstanding features of the clan are their fangs and slit like pupils. These two traits are non-negotiable and everyone in the clan has it. Other features may include scaly skin in some areas, long forked tongues, and/or unique skin patterns. Every member of the clan has a tattoo of the clan symbol on the base of their neck. Their fangs come over their lips slightly and some even have a sexy little lisssp.  

- Description:
The Kurosawa has a very distinct type of KKG which falls into the medical specialty . Being genetically enhanced with the DNA of different types of snakes the people of the Kurosawa clan have a high tolerance to poisons ( an immunity to their own ), their bodies can produce poisons with varying effects, and create antidotes for poisons that have entered their bodies and  depending on the rank will depend on how quickly an antidote is produced. These poisons that the Kurosawa create usually attack the nervous system, shutting down organs with more potent strands or completely throwing the body out of homeostasis on a rapid scale.  Because of the proficiency they wield in poisons the clan spends a one rank lower amount of chakra for Jutsus that deals in poisons which of course include their own.

Poison Tolerant Chart!

D rank Poisons: Does not effect Kurosawa Clan Members
C rank Poisons: Ten Post to take effect
B rank Poisons: Eight Post to take effect
A rank Poisons: Six Post to take effect
S rank Poisons: Four Post to take effect

Antidote Making Chart

D rank Poisons: One post to make
C rank Poisons: One post to make
B rank Poisons: Three post to make
A rank Poisons: Three post to make
S rank Poisons: Four Post to take make

- Requirements:
-  Medical Specialization
-  Be Born into the Clan
-  Get Permission from me ( the clan head )
-  Must be From Kirigakure

- Other Information:
Members: 1/20

Clan Head: Rice Goddess

Clan Element: Poison
Water { Primary }
Fire { Secondary }

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Re: Kurosawa Clan

Post by Suijin on Sun Apr 13, 2014 1:12 pm

Looks good to me. Approved unless someone else sees an issue.
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Re: Kurosawa Clan

Post by Momoko on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:32 pm

Moved back upon request.

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Re: Kurosawa Clan

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