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Stat System

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Stat System

Post by Suijin on Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:23 pm

About the Stat System
The stat system is the primary determinant of your character's abilities in combat as well as technique capabilities. There are many different areas in which you may spend your stat points and it is important to keep your character in mind when doing so. Try not to make a "balanced" character with equal points distribution, for example. This would make your character slightly below average in every aspect. This means that when faced with an opponent who, for example, focused their points on strength and speed, your character will find themselves outmatched. Try to have a certain stat that you would like to center around. A stat that makes your character who he or she is. That said, let's move on to how many stat points you're allowed to start with.

The maximum total amount of base stat points you are allowed to have is exactly 320. Any higher is not permitted.

Health is pretty self-explanatory but I will go into detail regardless. The more stat points you invest in health, the higher your maximum health is. Health is how much damage you can take before your character becomes incapacitated or dies. Naturally, health is disregarded completely in cases of devastating damage. Devastating damage constitutes complete separation of the head from the body or slicing the body in half entirely. However, a user with high health can take multiple arrows to the arms, non-vital areas of their body, legs, etc. without dying or collapsing. Below I will go into detail about how much damage the most basic of attacks can deal. If your attack does not fall under any of the below categories, simply state in your post how much damage a successful hit will deal.

Please keep in mind that these only apply to non-lethal injuries. If someone butchers your brain or another vital organ, chances are that you will not survive regardless of your health stat.
Arrow/Stab to Limb - 10 HP.
Arrow/Stab to non-vital Area of Body - 15 HP.
Arrow/Stab to Vital Area of Body - 55 HP.
Arrow/Stab to Head - 95 HP.
Severed Limb - 75 HP.
- If there's something you think should be added, feel free to PM Roxas. -
Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the purpose of the health stat in the first place! Higher health points! Each stat point invested in Health will give you one point higher over all health.

Strength is the physical strength that your character possesses. This stat is used to determine the power of your physical and melee attacks along with endurance, once leveled to a certain point. The point of strength is to not only determine how powerful your attacks are but also what kind of damage you can take without taking damage to your health. This also can determine how much weight you can carry on your person, how much weight you can lift, etc. etc. Investing some stat points in strength is almost necessary if you expect to even carry items or engage in melee or hand-to-hand combat as even with a high enough speed stat, you may very well end up shattering your own bones if your strength is not at least up to par.

Your strength stat determines, as has been said, how much weight you can carry on your person. This is determined by 1 lb of weight requiring 1 stat points of strength to carry/wield. If your strength stat is 4, for example, you could not even hope to wield a 10 lb sword. That being said, a 5 lb sword would require a strength stat of at least 5 to wield.

More-over, strength also controls your initial endurance to attacks before it affects your health. If your strength stat is high enough, you can obtain a physical 'armor' of sorts composed purely of your muscles. This starts once your strength stat is at 75. Once you pass 75 stat points in strength, every point gives you an additional point of HP as 'cannon fodder' which can be used to take damage without actually dealing damage to your character. This defense applies to your entire body.

Furthermore, strength can determine the power of your attacks. This is determined by percentages. The sharpness/damage of your weapon and your strength stat are taken into account for this part. If your strength stat is at 100, you deal 100% of the weapon's sharpness/damage. If it is 120, you deal 120% and so on and so forth. That said, you will often have a sword that is supposed to deal 50 damage but instead only deals 25 because your strength is too low to deal 100% damage.

Speed is how quickly your character can move on their feet as well as swing their sword. Do NOT confuse this stat with Reflexes as it is something else entirely. Your reflexes determine how quickly you react to a situation mentally while Speed determines how quickly you can react physically. Your physical Speed is almost completely useless without enough stats put forth into your Reflexes. That said, speed can be used for a wide variety of things including traveling, attacking first, and reacting quickly if your reflexes are high enough. Let's delve a bit into travelling.

Naturally, to travel from kingdom to kingdom or city to city takes a certain amount of words. That said, the amount of words can be cut based on your speed. For every two points of speed you have, your travelling word count necessary is cut down by 1%. By the time you've reached a Speed of 200 stat points, you will be able to cut out travelling entirely and will not even have to post up the topic in order to travel.

Moving on, speed can also be quite handy in combat. Though it is borderline useless without reflexes just as reflexes is borderline useless without speed. As has been stated, speed is your physical reaction to your mental perception. If you fight someone with the same reflexes, the person with the highest speed attacks first, for example.

Reflexes are your characters ability to respond to a given situation mentally with haste. Although physical reactions depend on Speed, mental reactions (such as following fast attacks) requires Reflexes. If your speed is, say, 200 and you're running right at someone and your reflexes are 10... They can dodge with ease as you lack the reflexes to keep up with your own speed. That said, a speed based character is also expected to rely a good deal of reflexes to maintain that speed. Though it isn't required, it is highly suggested. In the event of defending, blocking, etc (not dodging) you can do so if your reflexes are higher than their speed, even if their speed is higher than yours, this is purely reflexes. Dodging, however, requires higher speed.

Your chakra stat is one of the most essential stats to your character if you intend to rely heavily on Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, or anything that utilizes chakra. This revolves around how much chakra the body has to use, and how potent it is to allow different rank techniques. Typically, this stat is used as a means of determining how much your body can handle with regards to chakra-based jutsu before it begins to take a toll on your stamina. This is vital for those who rely heavily on chakra because it can be quite taxing on stamina if one does not possess enough chakra to act as canon-fodder.

Stamina is how long you can fight, how much chakra you can exert in a given topic, etc. etc. If you run out of stamina you risk passing out and being susceptible to your attackers. Please keep in mind that the below shows posts of combat. This post number can be increased or decreased based roughly on how much chakra you use. This will use the honor system to implement and if staff see it being abused, they will step in.

0-9: 5 posts
10-19: 10 posts
20-39: 15 posts
40-59: 20 posts
60-79: 25 posts
80-100: 30 posts

[For above 100 stats if ever reached, every 5 stamina = 1 post.]
In order to regain some posts [stamina] you must rest or leave the topic. Your stamina is reset to like-new every time you enter a new topic. However, if you wish to regain your stamina in the same topic you just exited combat in, you must rest. For every post that you rest, you regain that post for combat use.

Training Stats
You do not have to train for the stats your clan may grant as a base nor do you have to train for the stats that you initially are given to distribute upon character creation. However, to get stronger training is necessary. To that extent, you will be given 1 stat point for every 200 words that you train. So please train hard and spend those points wisely!
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