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Kage Validis

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Kage Validis

Post by Kagay on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:11 pm

Name: Kage Validis
Nickname/Alias: None
Age: 15
Gender: Male

Human form: Kage is tall and wears all white with black shoes. His hair is a silvery white and his eyes are a bright blue. He has grey fur around the collar of his coat and wears a chain on his neck. Kage has two tails that are silvery grey with black markings and tip. His ears are also the same color and lay on top of his head even though he may often were a hood to hide them. His tails fur is smooth and silky as are his ears. He has a light muscular build and is kind of small looking from a distance but is actually pretty ripped underneath all of that clothing. He has black tattoos on his neck going down to his back and onto his tail, no one every really sees them because he is always wearing clothing to cover them.

Wolf form: A bit more build in this form and still keeping the basic appearance of his human form. Having silver fur with grey patterns and he has bangs that hand over one side of his muzzle. His node and pads are pink and his fangs are long and sharp as well as his claws. His two tails are split as they are in his human form and he has silky smooth fur. The black marking on his back show in his wolf form more than they do in his human, he is built in his legs and body and looks as powerful as a lion, but with the mind of a human.

Kage… is a very happy kid, but the sudden loss of his parents has kind of darkened his personality. He is now very quiet and timid; he is scared to death of almost everything that tries to get near him. His is stubborn and headstrong and is always thinking about something. He hates being looked at as weak and wants nothing more but to be seen in someone’s eyes as something other than a annoyance. Kage seems to always be weeping over the loss of his family and is always in a corner crying somewhere. He tries to stay strong but the fact of the matter is he is a child without a mother. He feels nothing but constant regret because he was too weak to help his family as he watched them slaughtered by a single wolf. His eyes are now hollow and his voice lacks all happy emotion, all he wants Is to be pulled out of the dark. And loved again. However, he is now driven to hunt down his family’s killer. And take his revenge. This little innocent pup, has now been turned into a demented killer with only one though on his mind...Blood. Kage also for some reason likes to sing, he hates being ignored and doesn't like being alone at night. and this kid does not do water.... EVER!

Likes & Dislikes: Unknown

Catch Phrase: It is not out ability’s that make us who we are, it is our choices.

Clan Name: Redmoon

-Bloodline Description:
The Moon clan is a clan of humans who have the blood of the wolf. They are faster stronger and smarter than any normal human. They mature far faster than humans and have highly complex lifestyles. They ARE NOT LYCANS (wolfman) but actual wolves. They can have any type of characteristics and appearance. Three tails or horns any color and pattern. Someone in this bloodline does not have the same appearance in both forms. You may look different in human form than your wolf form. Some members of this clan are hellish and have extra appendages or odd eye coloration. Now for their human form they have a human looks but have some wolf characteristics. They have wolf ears and their wolf tails, each Redmoon member MUST look different from one another. No two Redmoons look the same, not even twins. Redmoon clan members may be human but still have their canine tendencies. Meaning if you were to get insulted or your feelings were to be hurt then your ears would lay flat and tail is lowered. When in complete fear of something tail is between legs and ears are folded back. When happy tail would be wagging and ears would be high up. When aggressive and ready to attack tail will be high up and ears will be perked up, teeth will be bared. All of these go for both forms at all times. The Redmoon tend to keep it civil, they are not crazed animals who kill everything in their path, they are very cultural and in tune with the feelings of others. They read the body language of others around them, they respect the moon above all else. Redmoon get their name from their red eyes that only accrues during a full moon. They have only three weaknesses that are known, any type of silver will act as a poison on their body and (slowly) kill them. Approximant time until death will be 2-3 days depending on injury. The only cure from silver is Wolfsbane a plant that cures whatever injury that may be inflicted. The second known weakness lightning, third is high pitch sounds, their hearing is so high and type of high sound. This may not kill them but It can cause them to go depth or even pass out. As for their strength they are capable of talking to animals and have the ability to even make some parts of their body change. Some believe the Redmoon are similar to hellhounds or even somehow linked with the nine tailed fox. But this is all nothing more but superstition. Also, the transformation of a Redmoon is completely physical, it is a change of blood and if you are not Redmoon you cannot inherit their ability’s, you are born into the clan and die with the clan. But there is a way for outsiders to become Redmoon when an already existing members trades blood with an outsider. The results are half breeds known as Bloodborn. All Bloodborn take over the appearance of their turner. Also have excellent night vision.

Village: Leaf
Clan Symbol:
Clan Traits: Wolf form> Tail> wolf ears> canine teeth> oddly colored eyes
Secret Clan Jutsu: [None
History: Unknown

Village: Free Lands
Title Rank: 'Wanderer
Skill Rank: B

Skill Specialty:
Main:, Taijutsu
Sub: Ninjutsu
Tertiary: None

Elemental Affinity: None
Main: None
Sub: None
Tertiary: None

Special Characteristics:

Name: None
Amount: (How many of this weapon you have.)
Appearance: (A pic or brief description of the object)
Rank: (What rank would this be classified as?)
Special Abilities: (What abilities does this have? It can be none)
Origin: (Where does this weapon come from? Why does your char have it?)


Familiar Rules Here
Name: [What is the name of your pet?]
Nickname: [What do you call your pet?]
Age: [How old is your pet?]
Rank: [Rank your summon/pet]
Species: [What species is your pet? e.g Is it a dog, cat, snake, bird etc?]
Personality: [How does your Pet act? Please give a detailed description.]
Background: [How did you meet your Pet? How did the bond form? -OPTIONAL-]


Name: [Name of jutsu]
Type: [Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Puppetry, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu]
Rank: [E,D,C,B,A,S]
Element: [Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire]
Description: [A well detailed description of your jutsu. Remember to add in such fetures as it's range, chakra cost, drawbacks, etc to give an overall view of the technique.]

History: Born and raised as a slave Kage was never respected, often looked at as a tool of labor and abuse, as a pup he was treated as vermin and beaten by many other slavers who used Redmoon for slaves, his parents were killed soon after he was weaned so he never knew his parents. So he grew up learning about right and wrong on his own, he also never knew what it was like to have a mother and a father. His siblings were spared but only for about a week until they were beaten to death for disobeying their master. That day broke Kage's heart and ever since then he had never been the same. A year later things had only gotten worse, his punishments went to beating to torture, there were few slaves able to survive the punishments given, and he was one of those few. Soon, all the emotional and physical pain had finally taken its effect, and Kage sought revenge. He then focused his immediate future to ending theirs. He then stalked the humans to learn how to kill them as well as poison. Another hear had passed and he was ready to take his revenge. He soon gathered all the herbs and such at his disposal, he then took to the night and kill each slaver silently. Kage was then free, but he always feels inner rage and he always seems so angry. He hears their screams at night and he always feels like crap about himself. He never wants to see another suffer again, no matter how much he hides it. after he escaped he was found and taken in by by more wolves who did the exact same thing to him, giving him more scars that are all over his body.

RP Sample:

Like ripples in a pond, every cry of agony fluctuated deep within the underworld. It had risen to a state of madness, with effects so great that there was only one cause that could amount to enough chaos to stir the dead from their sleep. War. It was strange, as Kage had begun to mingle with those who were alive, he could feel the pull of their emotions so much more than the Time he’d spent alone, and tonight, a strange aura seemed to weigh on him, waking him from a dreaming state. It was her voice, that tiny woman he had spoken to at the springs, the one who’d laughed and made him smile, a first in so many years. She’d been strange, so delicate, an innocence about her that allowed her to linger in his memory, even after he had gone.

But it was different now, as it echoed through the vastness that was Death, an agonizing cry that struck him like an arrow. Something was happening; something was very, very wrong. He slipped from the grasp of his world, and arrived at a scene far more horrific than he could have imagined. Shock registered upon his face, as the man’s golden eyes observed the bloodshed splayed out before him. The yells and the screams, they filled the air with their dismal chorus, as the people clashed with a savage intensity. They were black, poised against the white, clearly this age old blood feud still resumed, long past his own prime.

And then it came again, that pleading cry. It shook him from his state of dread and awe, and suddenly he was searching for her. His body moved as it had in the throes of battle by his own family and their enemies. And though, now, in death, he knew the senselessness of war, his body hadn’t forgotten. At last, there she was, her slender frame blackened and bloodied as she screamed, begging the male that pinned himself against her to cease. Fury ignited in him, frustration welling as he knew his physical presence would do little good against the girl. A dark growl surged from the depths of his throat as he lunged forth, splaying his limbs half over the small she man, and as his silver blade connected with her burned skin, vines adorned with wicked thorns sprang up from the earth around them, reaching for males legs.

As he hoped to deter him, a moonlit, silver glow began to glitter over him, a will he hadn’t used in a single instance since his death. “Enough of this madness” he said, dark, red eyes narrowed at the dark monsters. Whatever war they waged, it was none of his business. But he wasn’t about to allow this woman to die for something she was surely not to blame for. Kage felt his hackles rise as he saw that one of the monsters…was his father. Kage's eyes widened as his past filled his memory and nearly broke him. but before the young Redmoon even had a chance to react, he woke up. Disturbed by his own nightmare he shot out of his bed, sweating and panting. His fur wet from the suspense of his own nightmare. A nightmare within a dream. Funny how that worked. Kage slowly wriggled his way from under his covers and sat on the edge of his bed wiping his sweat from his fur. The young one stood up and slumped to his closet.

Kage Needed cloths for today, he opened the closet and looked through it. Why the hell do I have so many outfits? He thought to himself as he pulled out his normal attire. “What kind of nightmare was that? It was…different, than before.” He said to himself as he slipped on his garbs and grabbed his knife from the top shelf. It was early out and he had to meet another farmer and show him the ropes apparently. Lars wasn’t really thrilled but he did need something to get him out of the house. Staring at the knife he had taken years to forge he smiled for the only memory of his father was inside of it. Huffing he put it on the spine of his back and opened the door to leave. As he shut the door he nearly slammed his tail in the doorway. Luckily he had pulled it out of the way before it had. Lars hated it when he hurt his tail, most sensitive part of his body. Waste no time Lars made his way to the farming fields. His hair in its long pony tail and his bangs in front of his way. Each step even as his tail swayed back and forth. Kage wondered who this other farmer was, and why they needed to meet.

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Re: Kage Validis

Post by Kaira on Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:15 pm

you need to add an history and rp sample because you are applying for a b rank position. Also pleas use the proper SC template found in the guide.


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Re: Kage Validis

Post by Kousuke on Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:49 am

For the special characteristics my good, sir.
You can't have an Elite, because you're aiming for a B-Rank character.
Super - 2
Average - 3

Here is the template for your SC. You almost need to put use this for your flaws.
 [b]Name[/b]: (What is the name of the SC)
    [b]Rank[/b]: (Elite, Super, or Average)
    [b]Description[/b]: (Provide details on what the SC grants as well as a reason why you even have it.)

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Re: Kage Validis

Post by Hakai Hozuki on Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:53 am

he can have an elite.

Also, the clan has been approved. -1
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Re: Kage Validis

Post by Hakai Hozuki on Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:42 am

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Re: Kage Validis

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