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What's that noise? ( Vivi,ShiShi,No Killings or attacks,Closed,18+?)

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What's that noise? ( Vivi,ShiShi,No Killings or attacks,Closed,18+?)

Post by NovaKane on Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:47 pm

Bang! Bang! Bang! BANG!
The sound kept going and going as if it had no restraints, it's sound like someone angrily punching a wall. The sound bounced off and vibrated off the sturdy walls of the inside of a house. The house itself was comprised of three floors, but the second floor of the home seemed to be getting the noise the most. The door of one of the four rooms of the second floor kept rattling with the sound being it's cause. It was loud to loud to ignore especially at this time of night which just happen to be a little past three in the morning. The night was still young of course and the dark sky could just barely be seen against the misty skies of Kirigakure. But who was looking at the sky anyhow? Most people were either asleep or patrolling the area around Kirigakure, making sure everything was safe for those who lived in the village.

A pause of silence filled the house for only a moment before the sound continued, slower this time but filled with human voices that didn't seem to care who heard or not. Not only did some people hear, but it woke up one other person in the house. This person was extremely upset to be awaken by such a horrid noise. The small child yawned and rubbed her eyes before putting on a small frown. She was having a wonderful dream of carrying a sword that spoke with her very being, a sword she wished to hold into her little hands right now to kill that noise. Hopping down from her bed the small child who's name is Nova began to walk out of her room and towards the noise. With each step she took on the cold wooden floor, the noises got louder. It was really irritating to hear such a sound right after one had been awoken by it but Nova knew the faster she directed the noise the better.

The cool floor put her on her guard as a stabbing of cold shot through her small body. She slowly creeping up to the door which was her parents. Her eyes lowering as she reached for the doorknob feeling it rattled beneath her small fingers. Turning the doorknob quickly she burst inside and yelled at the top of her very little lungs.


Her eyes widened as she saw a mass of flash clumped together in a fashion that could only be described to a child as "wrong." What the hell was going on here? Was mommy beating on daddy? Or was daddy hurting mommy? The way the two looked was more than her eyes could take in but she could not look away. Her whole being was frozen in time as her eyes watched on at what was in front of her. The world never looked so...Odd.


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