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Take Care {Wanderers Only}

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Take Care {Wanderers Only}

Post by 16 on Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:16 pm

These lands were free to roam was the mind scape that one true warrior was always thinking. This shinobi was known as the burning lotus, she was quite a powerful and cunning ninja of her own calibur. She was located on a old battle ground with battle marks all over the ground and the area had all types of objects like old swords and ground moved and stuff, though where she was standing was a good 50 meters from the battle ground. There was another area of land in which she was standing on while the rock she was standing on the edge but she had a cloak over her usual attire, she felt the cold air trying to grasp her lungs. She let out a slight sigh due to remembering she had no purpose here what so ever but to think of war itself and just a little of her past. Though still on alert she waits for time to use itself up. The cloak itself was full bright red while her hair was the same color a bright red as she looks down not fearing the distance between the ground she was looking at which was fifty meters from her current location. The clouds were dark as you can tell yourself that the sun was close to coming out though in Lotus opinion she can breathe better when the sun is out due to her hot body as she just stood there as if she was waiting on something or maybe someone.

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Re: Take Care {Wanderers Only}

Post by MoonZero Soul on Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:59 pm

Dark clouds, overcast hung over the landscape as the wolf trio descended down the mountains that was over the land, landing lightly he stood to his feet. The wind blowing behind him whipping his hair up in a white flair, but his hood hid his features as headed along toward the old battle ground, he could see a a slew of old equipment scattered over the area. BeiJu kneel next to the weapon and sniffed the area smelling nothing but blood,sweat, and fear there seem to be no evidence of rust meaning the battle was recent. Okani trotted in front of BeiJu and surveyed the area his wolf head and eyes trying to pierce and piece together what he saw, as the winds picked up a sniff wafted over toward where they were. Ozuno replied first,"Smells like a flower of somesort." Ozuno looked around turning on his paws, he moved his head looking for the source, "But I see no flowers around." Okani sniffed the air, "It seems to be coming in from the left and it's faint." BeiJu stood to his feet and began to walk again in the direction of the scent, it getting stronger with each passing step. As he walked his boomerangs tapped against his back, reminding him of what he might need to defend himself incase of the source of this flower scent held any surprise. Ozuno stopped and shook his head, "It's stronger now let hope that we won't be overwhelmed." Okani just smirked and kept going "Stop being such a pup and hurry up no time for games." BeiJu spoke for the first time, "Ozuno be quiet you clogging up the air with chatter." He continued on his cloak billowing behind him, Ozuno grumbled and continue on. As they came from the battle ground the trio all saw this girl at the same time, She had bright red hair like a new flame she had on a cloak herself but her facila features were fully exposed. Ozuno whistle in a wolf like tone, "She could be the next okamizuno huh BeiJu." BeiJu snapped his head down and looked down at ozuno, in a stare that meant shut up. BeiJu lifted his head and looked at the girl again, growling slightly he nodded with his head to continue on the trio walked toward the this girl okani on his right and Ozuno on his left. As they were a twenty meters from the girl BeiJu called out, "What are you doing here." Ozuno snapped his head to look at BeiJu, "That is why you don't have any girl now."
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