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Aiden's set

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Aiden's set

Post by Aiden on Sat Jan 14, 2012 5:57 pm

Name: Naitomeaburēdo
Amount: 1
Type: Chinese BroadSword
Rank: S
Special Abilities: The name of this blade roughly means Nightmare Blade. This blade is very sharp and is as hard as durable as titanium. This blade has the ability to turn an entire capital from bright daylight to a light black tinted color. This makes it seem as if it was night time without the night stars.When this ability is activated the opponent(s), and comrades can still see but there visibility is lessened to what it would be if they were camping out in a forest.The weilder's visibility remains clear as usual. When this ability is activated, this blade will darken the area by ascending to the sky at the speed of lightning and dissolving into darkness. The true power of this blade isn’t just to turn the area dark and lessen visibility, but to enable the wielder of this blade the capability of multiplying themselves and everything on them up to x30. These copies of course are faux(fake) and cannot cause actual harm to the opponent(s), . Those with high intelligence as a special characteristic will be able to sense that they are not actually being harmed by the fakes but still won’t be able to identify which is real and which is not. When a fake gets harmed it will automatically regenerate any wound or limb that has been mutilated. These fakes cannot be paralyzed or affected by poisons or jutsus and abilities that hinder movement. The only way one would be able to spot the real ones is if they actually slash up all the fakes and keep track of each one that came back to life or something along those lines. Because fighting the fakes is like fighting the perfect copy, since it has and can do everything the original has and can do except the ability to cause actual damage. If the original is hit by an opponent the technique is broken and can’t be reused for five posts after it is broken, but other than that it will remain active until the weilder cancels it or this condition is met.
Origin: This weapon originated from Burōkundorīmusu, also known as broken dreams. Their main focus is spiritual development, and creating weapons which allows one to push spirituality to a new level and this sword came about. After testing it with soldiers in the military, Aiden took a liking to this blade, and now owns it.

Name: Chēntorappu
Amount: 2
Type: Sword -> Chain/w Handle
Rank: C
Special Abilities: This sword roughly means Chain Trap. This sword has the ability to become a 30 meters chain that wraps tightly around the opponent(s). When wrapped around an opponent(s) they are as trapped as a regular person tied to a pole, because not only are the chains as durable as titanium, but the wooden handle becomes 500 pounds heavy to everyone but the wielder. The weight and how tightly tied the opponent(s) are will prevent the opponent(s) from getting any further than 4 inches from the handle. Once this sword is activated and turned into a chain it cannot be turned back into a sword until the end of the fight.
Origin: This weapon originated from Burōkundorīmusu, also known as broken dreams. This weapon was brought from a local weapons master.

Name: Kami no shōnin
Amount: 2
Type: Necklace
Rank: B
Special Abilities: This technique has different abilities based on the element the user has as their primary. This necklace also has the ability to take chakra samples from everyone involved. What it does with the chakra sample is analyzing its use and sends knowledge about the person’s abilities and elements to the brain of the person wearing this necklace. The gaining of knowledge only occurs after the topic.
Lightning: Allows the user to release a powerful surge of blue lightning from 0-4 meters around the user that can slice through doton element jutsu like butter and repel all magnetic weapons and objects in the air or on an opponent 4 meters away from the user. If the user is caught in this lightning surge they will become paralyzed in their next post. This technique is activated on reflex even if the user has little time to comprehend what’s going on, it will happen instinctively and instantly. This technique will end by the end of the user’s reaction post
Doton: Allows the user’s skin to instantly become tough enough to withstand titanium for their entirety of their reaction post.
Wind: Blows everything back 4 meters and leaves 3 , five foot long and 1 cm deep slashes on the opponent(s).

Origin: ] This weapon originated from Burōkundorīmusu, also known as broken dreams. This weapon was brought from a local weapons master.

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Re: Aiden's set

Post by Kento on Mon Jan 16, 2012 1:18 am

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