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Nothing More Than Process [Stage One]

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Nothing More Than Process [Stage One]

Post by Nuitari Kouga on Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:15 am

Sebastian sat quietly on the bench as he watched the scene that was taking place in front of him. Today was a large number of academy students in the area really early in the morning, some he knew from the kenjutsu classes he taught from time to time. He was however wondering why they were all out here and not at in school. It was obvious that they were all practicing using the kunai as many of them were tossing kunai at the numerous training posts in the area. He couldn't help but smile when he thought of his days when he practiced using his kunai. It wasn't a hard weapon to learn to use though in order to wield it to its full potential it took alot of time. Sebastian would consider himself one of the only real weapon masters in Sora which is why he was more or less the go to guy when it came to these projectiles, and his Four Horsemen style kenjutsu known as Famine was considered one of the best weaponry styles in the land. Point being the man knew his weapons and how to use that to just about any purpose he needed to.

He snapped out of his little praising moment of himself when he heard the shouts of one of the kids screaming some kind of warning. He looked up to see a kunai was headed right towards him and with a swift yet accurate movement he caught the weapon just before it reached his face. The kunai was caught between his index and middle finger and he took a look at the weapon. It was a traditional kunai though it had a few chips on it, the weapon itself was in good enough condition. "Nuitari-sensei, I'm so sorry! The weapon slipped from my hand as I was throwing it," said one of the academy students. Sebastian looked at the young boy with a very displeased look on his face. He recalled that he did know this child, he had the pleasure of teaching him along with several other academy students a few months back. Apparently he didn't grasp the lesson very well. "Be more careful, young one," he said as he gave the weapon back giving the kunai back to the child. The boy took the kunai and gave a nod of understanding before he began to turn around.

However, before the young man could completely turn around he stopped and turned back toward Sebastian. "Nuitari-sensei, I heard that you don't even use kunai any more but instead cards," the boy stated with a bit of eagerness in his tone. Sebastian caught the tone and smiled as he brought out several cards, one of which was a black spade while most of the others were clubs or diamonds. "Yea I do actually, would you like to see one," he said plainly as he held the card for the lad to take. The boy eagerly grabbed it and looked at the card, "It looks rather basic, though, does it do anything." Sebastian smiled and gave the boy a pat on the head, but before he could speak someone approached him and sat on the bench. The man, someone whom Sebastian instantly recognized gave him a letter and then promptly stood and walked off. Sebastian read the letter and a slight smile came across his face. Things are moving increasingly well it seems, he thought to himself as he looked back to the young boy. "Tell you what, little one, you hold on to that card for me and when I come get it I will teach you how to use it, and you can give those other cards to the friends you want to learn with you," Sebastian said as he stood up. The boy face light up with excitement, "No problem, Nuitari-sensei."

Sebastian adjusted his weapon that remained sheathed was about to turn away when he stopped and glanced at the boy, "By the way, why are all of you out here," he asked the boy before he had a chance to run off. The boy turned to answer with what Sebastian had suspected, "Were only out here for a short time, were just practicing kunai training then its back to the academy with more lectures," the boy said with a frown. Sebastian laughed before he responded, "Pay attention to the lectures, little one, knowledge is always the greatest weapon of a shinobi," and with that said Sebastian walked away from the training area. The first stage of his plan was complete.

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