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Kiyomi's Kama Kura & Poisons

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Kiyomi's Kama Kura & Poisons

Post by Rowan on Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:10 pm

Name: Kama Kura
Amount: 1
Type: Scythe
Rank: A
Special Abilities: The blade can be impregnated with one of her poisons, and the poison will stay on the blade until it comes into contact with flesh and/or blood, where it will deposit all of its poison, and the blade can absorb that which makes it stronger (any other poisons it comes into contact with). She can also use it as a larger version of a Kusarigama. The blade of the scythe is actually connected to a chain inside the pole of the scythe, so if she were to be so inclined, she could release the blade and use it as a Kusarigama, which is more effective in landing the poison on the opponent. It usually takes an opponent by surprise. It's blade is incredibly sharp as well, and just touching it will cut you. It has a button on the handle of the scythe that releases the blade on its chain.
Origin: It's an effective weapon she can use to land an attack with poison. Created it when she completed her training under Masaomi (at age 14).

Name: Lying Lethal
Amount: 6 vials (can make more if needed)
Type: Poison
Appearance: Clear and odorless, thin liquid. She can also use the poison mist to expel an odorless and equally as colorless gas that would be undetectable.
Rank: S
Special Abilities: An entire vial full is deadly as soon as it is consumed, ingested, or injected. Any less than a full vial will cause excruciating and extensive side effects that last usually 30 consecutive posts (if the person somehow abandons the thread they were infected during, their next thread must involve them being treated within the first 30 posts) before killing them:
  • Chakra Disrupt- The poison will instantly disrupt the flow of chakra, and prevents the use of jutsu.
  • Heat- It will start with a fever growing (within the first post) and their temperature will continuously rise and eventually, by the fourth post, the victim will start to feel a burning sensation in their hands that will quickly spread to every inch of their body, leaving them in worse pain than they already were in. It can cause the victim to actually believe they are on fire.
  • Disorientation- The poison will cause disorientation and dizzines within the second post
  • Hallucinations- The victim will usually have such a high temperature and weakness by the tenth post after application, that they will begin to have hallucinations.
  • Weak- The victim will become far too weak to hold even the smallest of things, let alone their own body weight. They collapse at some point during their third post (usually at the end of it)
  • Excruciating Pain- There is excruciating pain every moment starting at its contact with the victim ^^

Origin: This poison was developed by Kiyomi and the cure for it cannot be solved by just any medical ninja. It would take an expert medical specialist (at least S-rank) to solve the antidote, and at least 15 different medicinal herbs. Kiyomi would only use this on someone if she really wanted them to suffer. It cannot be cured or prevented through any kind of jutsu. Kiyomi herself has made herself immune to it's effects.

Name: Instant Stopper
Amount: 10 vials (can make more)
Type: Poison
Appearance: Very light blue liquid, nearly clear. Smells lemony.
Rank: B
Special Abilities: This poison will paralyze them instantly, and prevents them from using any of their chakra for at least 3 consecutive posts (5 consecutive posts for anyone B-rank and below). It will instantly stop the movement of muscles when it comes into contact with the victim.
Origin: Masaomi created it and taught Kiyomi how to make it.

Name: Optical Hinderance
Amount: 10 vials (can make more)
Type: Poison
Appearance: Very dark, navy blue liquid. Odorless.
Rank: A
Special Abilities: This poison will attack the optical nerves and cause temporary blindness after a burning sensation in the eyes in the victim. (lasts at least 6 consecutive posts)
Origin: Kiyomi developed it herself (with the help of a lady she met in Territory H).

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Re: Kiyomi's Kama Kura & Poisons

Post by Jojo Soren on Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:41 pm

  • Kama Kura: What is the exact range and how deadly is the poison (Would have to be something A or lower of course.)?

  • Lying Lethal: In the Weak stage please put that as the 5th or 6th post that they can no longer hold items. Also put that it takes at least 350 words to make one vial as a training post kind of thing. That way you don't end up with too many all at once.

  • Instant Stopper: 250 words training to make one new vial. Also make it to where it can paralyze anyone equal to this poisons rank or lower instantly but it takes one post to be able to paralyze anyone A rank and 2 posts for S rank. This is a B rank weapon and that is the reasoning. With the muscles that will go hand in hand with my earlier comment.

  • Optical Hinderance: ((You misspelled Hindrance LOL)) This being A rank will take 300 words to make a single vial.
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