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Blade W.i.P

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Blade W.i.P

Post by Blade on Fri Jan 06, 2012 12:59 am

Name: Byakuran Millifiore
Nickname/Alias: Blade
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Blade is just a typical Asian male he has many physical attributes that make him stand out more than the typical Asian male. Blade has a variety of hair styles, one style includes shaping long hair into a pine apple shape hair(Just a note: pointing that out to him might make him mad.) another style is that he allows his hair to spike up quite high, this will allow him to fight much easier due to the fact that his hair can freely flow with the wind to a extent where it won't bother Blade during combat. The only hair styles that Blade dislikes is making his hair curly, wavy, frizzy and god forbid he leaves his hair short. Though Blade might not act or even look like it but he cares about his hair a lot, may the poor fool that initiates combat against Blade know that touching the hair is probably the worst move you can make. His hair is like his one Achilles heels because of how much he loves it, even though it doesn't look like Blade would care about his hair but he actually does.

Blade has something weird thing going on with his eyes, what I mean is that they don't look the same. Forgive me for pointing the obvious but if you take a look at his right eye it is blue while his left eye is purple. Some people get confuse and think that Blade's natural eye color is either blue or purple but they're all wrong, the natural color of Blade's eyes are magenta. Blade's eyes might not look magenta but when he was younger till he got older something tragic happened, this will be explained in the history so don't you worry. Blade's eye might not be the same color but if you put the color difference aside you will notice his pupils don't even match, it is like Blade has 2 different combinations of eyes. As lame as it sound it is true, though I don't know why that would be lame because it is pretty bad ass, just saying. Blade's eyes are probably one of the many creepiest things about Blade. Blade loves seeing people run for their well being when they see Blade's eye. Anyways Blade doesn't reveal his eyes because he keeps his eyes really narrow, he sees through the little opening between both eye lids.

Blade's facial appearance might seem appealing only to those of the opposite sex. Blade keeps his face clear of blemishes, scars, scratches and bruises due to the fact that he is always talking to those who control most of the world. Blade might be a spoiled male who keeps his image nice and fresh but he knows his way around the world. Blade worries about his appearance a lot because of his all the recognition he gets. Blade has quite a mucronate nose and a nice firm jaw, Blade also has a mucronate chin to match his nose. Blade cares for his face a lot, but during combat he wouldn't mind getting a few cuts or bruises. Though Blade might not look like it but he is actually a pretty violent individual, he is calls himself a unauthorized vigilante. He loves his face but if something serious comes along he tries his hardest to ignore the face and just keep fighting. Combat is probably the only time Blade doesn't try to protect his face, the reason for that is because his life is on stake.

Blade is a pretty fit person; he enjoys staying in shape even though he has a tight schedule. When Blade isn't attending meetings or speaking with a higher up(s) or even doing paperwork he goes into his very own private gym and works out using whatever is available, Blade tries to stay in as good shape because he wants to grow up to be a leader not a beer bellied loser. Though for Blade time is more of an enemy then a so-called ally, Blade weighs around 130lbs and he is about 5"9. When you look at Blade when he is wearing Tuxedo you will probably assume that he is skinny but I assure you he is made out of more than just meat and bones. Blade is based solely on muscle and bones. Blade is also pretty tall making him look much skinnier in the tuxedo. Blade doesn't seem reliable when he is wearing his tuxedo due the fact that he looks skinny and uncoordinated he will prove you wrong in a matter of seconds.

Blade is a pretty happy guy guy; he lives his life in a giant circle. Even the way he dresses and acts makes him really cheerful, but he does this all for the future he wants for this forsaken place the Earth. In this time period the Earth is filled with spirits and the World can't seem to pull itself together due to the many fears the world have. This world serves less than 1 thing and it's the government. Enough about that issue, back to the topic about how Blade dresses. Everyday Blade wears the same famous white tuxedo he enjoys wearing to meeting or any other occasions that forces him to dress formally. Blade wears a black dress shirt and a white tie to match the suit. This is the type of clothes that Blade wears when he is doing his duty to the society. Blade wants power and to achieve power he has to look nice, I don't think people would respect Blade that much seeing him walking through some doors wearing his combat gear.

Blade's combat attire is probably one of the things that you never see Blade wear. The reason for it is because he doesn't fight much, he likes solving his problems in a office with a desk and a computer. Though Blade is well aware that he will have to fight a lot to protect this so called earth and the way Blade wants to protect the world is to make this world his. Blade wears a long leather jacket with a loose black tie. Under the jacket would be a white dress shirt which is tucked into his leather pants which is tucked into his leather boots. Blade also has many rings on his fingers when he fights, for some reason it makes Blade feel tougher with those wrongs on. Blade also holds his trusty trident handed down by his father who was handed down by his grandfather and the list continues.

Personality: Formality: Blade has a formal-like personality when he is around people he doesn't know or people who possess more power than him. Blade is usually really formal due to the fact that he was raise in a home with people who were respected and feared. Blade doesn't like showing how he really acts in front of all those people who he admires so much, acting such away will just negatively impact his record. Blade believes that you only get one first impression and that first impression is of what will make you a God. Blade is usually nice and respectful to any buddy, but once he gets to know them he will insult them in such ways you sometimes can't detect the insult right on the spot but when you think about it you will realize that he insulted you. That formal personality isn't his real personality it is just a mask that he wears to fool all of those who allow Blade to fool them. This formal personality is like a mask, it hides Blade's true personality from the public and the only one who knows about this mask is Blade.

Personality: Blade probably has one of the darkest personalities ever; he will step on anyone to get what he desires. Blade doesn't care if this person is friend or foe because if you're not aware of Blade's action then he will probably stab you in the back and take what is supposedly his. Blade doesn't feel love for anyone, all he wants is World "Peace" but the way to obtain this world peace is to force people to submit and the only way to do that he to become their ally and then their foe. Blade keeps everything serious until he gets what he wants, and when he wants something he will sell anyone out for what he needs. The World Peace Blade wants is nothing more than full on dictatorship, forcing people to be peaceful. It might not sound that bad but if Blade has to he will execute those who disobey him. Blade has a really disgusting personality, he hides guilt in a box somewhere inside of his own head and acts like nothing happened. Blade takes many lives and none of them have ever made him crack.

Combat: When Blade finds himself engaged in combat with another person his personality changes completely, some may say he isn't even the same person anymore. Blade fights with all of his burdens in the back. Blade seems much more despicable and a whole lot more unforgiving. Blade ignores all rude remarks made towards him and instead he just insults his opponent. Blade seems much more reliable now and is much more coordinated, he holds a long trident which he uses to fight any enemy. Blade's voice sounds much deeper and he seems darker in every way shape or form. Blade can be compared to a psychotic prick just because he has such an awful personality. This is the reason why Blade doesn't enjoy fighting but when he has to he will go all out in a battle no matter who it is. Blade doesn't give any one mercy during a battle; if someone who fought Blade came out short then it is their lost. Blade isn't really a spar person he is a life and death risk taker if you know what I mean.

Anger Management: Blade has anger management issues, when I say this I mean that in the most literal way possible. When something doesn't go Blade's way he would pull an all caps rage. Blade would yell in his office and smash a bunch of stuff; Blade is fully aware of his anger issues and doesn't feel like it is important for him to go fix something that isn't really a big deal. Blade could control his anger when he is around other people but when he is by himself he lets himself go wild. Blade knows when is the appropriate time for him to show his anger and he knows when isn't. If someone were to insult in public he would keep it quiet until he got his office, he would first go crazy and then he will think of a way to take care of the one who insulted him, this usually ends in death for the poor soul who insulted Blade. The issue about Blade is that he thinks the anger problem is not because of him, it is because of all the people who think they can best Blade in anything. Blade is in denial, and those who question this will be punished.

Likes: Blade enjoys the world's finest things such as Power. Yes you probably seen this coming but Blade enjoys power; some may say Blade is a power hungry whore and I would totally agree with you. All Blade wants is power and the reason why he wants power is because he promised his Grandmother World peace and he has to achieve this goal no matter the cost, but on the way he got a little taste of power. This power to control most of the World is what Blade wanted, even though it is hard Blade plans to achieve this secondary goal, his first goal is to achieve world peace but if you think of it both of these goals go hand in hand. Without power who is going to hear your voice and without a main goal why would you need power? There are many ways to obtain power but the way Blade is going to obtain all his power is out of fear and respect. Fear is the top priority, those who have learned to fear Blade and stay out of his way will be those who will have a brighter future for those who do the opposite will be shown why they should fear Blade.

Dislikes: Blade dislikes a lot of things; first he dislikes every buddy who goes against him. Blade will dispose of any buddy who thinks they have a chance of him, contradictions like this would usually get people killed, but Blade is different. Blade is a sociopath with a long history of violence, making guilt nothing but a word to Blade. Blade doesn't like people who contradict him, he also dislikes people who insults him. When Blade feels offended by a joke make sure you understand that he isn't going to let it slide, Blade is the type of person who doesn't feel guilt so if you die he won't even remember who you are in the future. Blade has killed so much people that it is impossible for him to remember every one of his victims. The reason why Blade dislikes people who joke around is because his grandma was killed by a so called joker, it was supposed to be a really funny joke until the joke gave her a heart attack and killed her. Though it might be a stupid reason for Blade to kill anyone who insults or plays jokes on Blade but Blade doesn't give it much thought, what's done is done

Catch Phrase: You're so funny...

Family Name: Millifiore
Kekkei Genkai: Blade's chakra is quite unique, instead of forging out elements he uses ink to aid him. Ink is a liquid used for writing letters and drawing various pictures. Though Blade uses this with a special scroll that Blade always keeps with him, when he is battling he would pull out that drawing scroll and draw pictures on it. After drawing the picture Blade has to do some special hand signs to create it. Blade was trained to draw quick images right on the spot, that was basically why he was born. Though the ink image ability has a limit though, they only all last for only 6 post. Though these images drawn has the same physical attributes as the image drawn. The ink images are controlled by Blade's mind, they do Blade's bidding. Basic mistakes of the images are fixed when summoned, the images
KKG Jutsu:

Province: (If wanderer, put what territory you tend to stay or 'Free Lands'.)
Title Rank: (Either your rank in that province or 'Wanderer'.)
Skill Rank: (C, B, A, or S.)

Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Genjutsu
Tertiary: (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Medical Jutsu, Kenjutsu, Weaponry, etc.)

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Water
Sub: Wind
Tertiary: Ice

Special Characteristics: (Your characters special characteristics.)
Flaws/Weaknesses: (These are here to balance special characteristics.)

Name: Bureidente
Appearance: [img][/img]
Rank: A
Special Abilities: A trident with a built in poison injection system. This trident has a little injection slot where he places 1 of the 5 many types of poisonous capsules he has in to the trident. When he does the trident, after the capsules have been placed it has a suction where when you insert the suction a tube would suck the poison into the tip of the trident. After making it to the tip it allows Blade to slash down his opponent. When Blade stabs into any type of liquid the poison will then spread quickly throughout the body depending on the effect of the poison. Blade has 5 different types of poisons that were made out of nothing but many mixtures of poisonous herbs.
Origin: The trident came from Blade's father also known as the king of Ryota, after rebelling against the King of Ryota, Blade the son used his wits to kill his father and then stole his trident. Blade took it because technically it would have been past down to him either way.

Name: (Name of jutsu)
Rank: (E,D,C,B,A,S)
Type: (Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, etc.)
Element: (Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Fire)
Range: (Optional for cannon jutsu.)
Description: (About a paragraph describing your jutsu)

History: Rebels In Disguise Arc. (Arc before he joined the Tsuchi no Sato)

Blade was given birth to inside the castle of the Ryota. Ryota was a small territory which was small in land but not in resources. Ryota was financially stable and powerful nation even though it was a small territory. It’s funding’s were much needed for the development of countries back in the days. When Blade was growing up he had a weird love for chess. Blade was embraced as the next heir to the Ryota’s king. Sadly Blade was not able to obtain the throne due to a tragic day. The queen of Ryota also known as Blade’s mother was killed. Out of anger Blade stood up against the king and claimed that the murderer of his mother was his step brother.Blade was arrested and tortured due to raising his voice against the king of Ryota. Blade was then banished off into a distant village, one which reeked of garbage and was filled with dead corpse and sick humans. Blade was greatly offended; the fact that the conceited king sent Blade into a village which already has one foot in its own grave was disturbing. Blade vowed revenge as this village progresses in time. About six years have passed since Blade’s banishment, Blade was grown up and more mature. He managed to lead the broken down village to a better future, during this time Blade was 13 years of age.

Blade carried the burden known as a village and gave it a burst of life. Blade was finally ready to take on the nation known as Ryota Kami. The village has grown 10 folds since Blade’s banishment; he was ready to finish off that village due to their betrayal with the young prince and for his mother. Blade was fit mentally and physically. If Blade could kill the emperor the nation of Ryota Kami would fall into the palm of his hand. It was nothing but ambition, Blade’s strategies were flawless. He took down the empire with one attack but the collateral damage that was involved was too great. Blade basically lost everything, his 2 villages all his love ones and also his father which he did admire at one point.Blade planned a sneak attack against the country known as Ryota Kami. A big settlement that will rid of Blade’s pain and agony, Blade’s hate towards Ryota Kami, no the emperor of Ryota Kami is genuine. The sneak attacks were nothing more than tiny pokes to put the country into chaos. As soon as the men participating in the sneak attack finished off the guards Blade got rid of them quickly.

After with Ryota’s army confused the main army head in to the gate. Under all of the confusion Blade himself ran in the palace and slaughtered everyone inside except for his father the heart and soul of Ryota Kami.Blade asked his father many questions that he refused to answer. It was a shame to not get an answer out of him but Blade doesn’t care about the past. As inconvenient as it was Blade had to slay his own father using a trident made for the king of Ryota Kami. Blade finished off the fool and he quickly left the scene of the crime. During the war Ryota Kami was nothing but a giant crater, with the smell of corpse and the sense of heavy chakra Blade was victorious. Blade knew that he have to finish off the rest of the village that aided him with his evil intentions just because they were nothing buy insolent pawns at this point.Blade before claimed that he would bring that village he saved out of poverty and into the real world of rich and gold. Blade was nothing more than a false messiah, instead of keeping whatever he earned he decided to give it all up, he gave up everything to start a new life. Blade knows no bound of evil, his sins were unforgivable. Any god would gag at Blade’s sin due to his ridiculous ambition.

Why would someone fight if someone had no reason to fight? Blade never under stood why people would direct such questions to him but he was at the point where he didn’t care. The world was nothing but a world of lies, that’s why Blade was going to put on a mask for the rest of his life. He was going to wipe all witnesses of his existence and start a new life. Even though he was forced down by the bastard known as burdens, he was nothing but a walking sin. Blade slayed 2 whole villages just to lose everything after. He had nothing else to fight for; he was nothing but a prince in history but an outcast in life. He was Blade the man who slaughtered villages for no apparent reason. Blade was thrown away by every village due to the fact that he looked suspicious.Blade was then accepted into a village known as Sora no Sato, he lived there and was treated as not a murderer not a prince but a human being. The people here were irregular but they still made good pawns, Blade slowly worked his way up from being a loser to a respected ninja. There were many problems going on when it came to Blade. He had a lot of trouble fitting in with the other ninjas just because he felt like they were no match for him.

Lieutenant Arc

Blade was a strong soldier; his powers were off the chart. The fact that a rebellion from him would cost the fall of this whole country, people feared him due to his capabilities. The current emperor knew that Blade was up to no good so he kept a close eye on Blade all the time. Blade was fully aware of the dishonest country and he was ready to change that soon. Blade was going to take over this country and use it to fight the world. Blade was however not prepared yet, he needed power and lots of it. So for now he would keep his head down low and stay in the military. Blade might as well train while he was planning his rebellion against the emperor. Blade persuaded a good portion of the military to work with him to take down the emperor. Blade spoke of nothing but lies, though Blade believes that in a lie the truth is buried under and under the truth would be more lies. Blade knew that all this would end up being the truth. They were good intentions against an evil vile old bitter man.

Blade’s opinion about the bitter old man was quite right, due to his day and age he know no more sympathy. All he cares about is power; the fact that he sacrifices his own units to save himself dubs him unworthy to be the prodigy of Tsuchi. The emperor believed that the whole world revolved around him and that no one dares to defy him. Blade was willing to take his chance with the conceited emperor. If he dies he could atone for his sins back then and if he succeeds he could lead the village of Tsuchi into an era of peace and love. Though somewhere deep down Blade has a feeling that something is going to go wrong. The fact that he is getting watched by this incoherent so called messiah is quite inconvenient.

Masked Arc

It was the official shinobi march today, the emperor himself was present with his son the prince. Blade and his fellow rebels did not participate in this so called march. Blade had something else in mind, a devious plan that would show the emperor that he was out to get him. The march was going fine until the first row of soldiers stopped while gazing upon a man wearing a mask. The man held a trident and was standing straight as he snapped his fingers the building which the emperor lived in started to burn up. The masked man then posed a question “Tell me, if the people heard that there was a better leader the emperor what would be your response?” The emperor looked uneasy, he was shivering.The emperor did the unthinkable and did some hand signs. He was sitting in a carrier with 4 people holding him up. Blade smirked as the 4 people carrying the emperor all jumped and let go of the emperor. “You’re a naïve bitter fool, you will pay for your sins, and you will atone for what you have done.” The man took off his mask as he injected the emperor with a drug that will disable all of his limbs for a few hours.

“Behold, I posed the emperor a question and he tried to kill me, I forgave him and will spare his life, though you guys would be better off with me as your king.” A man then chanted “ALL HAIL BLADE.” After that day Blade was known as the Prodigy of Tsuchi. Blade has been leading his soldiers into the era of peace that he promised, though there have happened that could potentially be an obstacle for this peace he speaks off. A group of survivors of the Ryota have ganged up with those who supported the Former Emperor of Tsuchi was ready to take Blade’s head. The fact that the Ryota has evidence that Blade was a murderer of 2 villages would certainly tarnish Blade’s reputation and force him to be a dictator. Though those 2 outcomes would be really inconvenient to Blade so he had to make some propaganda to use to destroy the rebelling groups, this is another sin Blade has to carry on his back but at this rate Blade is going to spill a river of blood of innocent lives if he doesn’t. Blade plans on spilling more rivers of blood so the other rivers won’t be in vein.

If Blade gives up all those murders would have been pointless. Blade was not ready to lose everything to these incoherent fighters. Blade told his army that those rebels were ready to plan a coup d état by bombing the village of Tsuchi. Blade knew that this was a terrible lie though he has no choice but to go through with it. The world as he knew it as begun advancing to the future while he was stuck here trying to get through a tough situation that was ready to tarnish his reputation, Blade ordered his royal guards to quickly get rid of his mistakes from many years ago. Blade failed to realize that the forces of the rebels weren’t a measly hundred but it was in the four hundred mark. They were quite powerful; they managed to hold captive 50 royal guards and executed 40. This was a really bad situation. Blade has become nothing but a caged rat. Blade’s retrieving forces have been set out to settle down the outer regions of Tsuchi. Blade fell for the trap of the rebels.

Blade wasn’t worried about the secret anymore, now at this point all he wanted was to get rid of these rebels. Blade’s remaining forces was made out of retired ninjas; they were all in the average of 50 years of age. At this point Blade had in army of 60 units. This will have of suffice for now till Blade’s main army can come back. The propaganda trick was slowly wearing off so he had to hurry this tiny civil disagreement quickly. Blade used himself as bait to lure the enemies though their forces were quite intimidating. At this point Blade has to take a gamble, he had either has to take everything he has with him or lose everything. Blade was ready to beat these guys using the element of strategic placement. Each position counted; as long as Blade doesn’t get spotted he would win this war. Blade found the rebel’s main base, Blade commanded about 5 units to go inside and kill everything in sight. While 20 units were run around the village and burn down the rebel’s houses. The other 35 were to stay back at the Tsuchi village and defend it from any hostiles. Blade himself had to intercept the Ryota members. This was the crucial part of Blade’s plan. The mission was a success though it seems like the information has spread that Blade destroyed 2 of his villages, though there are so much variations of the story that all it is now is a rumour.

RP Sample:

Blade was in his office sitting down and reading the local news articles, they were many articles of the recent coup d’état. Blade sat there skimming through each articles as he noticed a person walking into his office. ”Blade, someone is here to see you.” Blade’s secretary said. “Commence patter delta, and then allow him to come in.” Blade replied as he smiled looking at the secretary while she left. “So this is the 29th emperor of the Tsuchi Empire I see.” A strange young man blurred that out as Blade looked up at this face. “My current Identity is quite known to others, you should call me Blade, I don’t need such a title being spurred out at me.” Blade replied to the boy’s comment. “You speak with such formality, as if you’re a man with power.” The boy replied. “That is where you are completely wrong, the fact that I inherit this country gives me power and the fact that I’ve been raised in a noble family for a good 2 years gives me a good idea of the way I should speak.” Blade stated with a respectful tone of voice. “You really don’t understand, you’re not the king but a swine. You shouldn’t inherit anything, my father worked his life getting this village back into shape and you murder him for his good deeds.” The Boy replied with a furious tone of voice.

Blade laughed a bit and he replied to the boy, “Father? You’re talking about Kewell the man that put this village in the era of fear? Honestly you have no right to call anyone a swine due to your father’s sins; you should be indebted to me for killing such a coward. I am pretty sure that a boy of your intelligence would understand that what your dad did was not anything special, it is a basic tactic used to control the hearts of others. ” Blade then stood up as he stared at the noble boy. “You’re a spineless coward that used such a cheap strategic move to bring down my father; you have no right to inherit the throne. Your whole plan by heart is nothing more than a basic tactic.” The boy of Kewell replied to Blade’s previous comment. “Please elaborate.” Blade said. “You bended the hearts of the military using nothing but propaganda to have them rebel and take down my father, after you threw yourself as a symbol of power but all it really was you, a coward who used himself as bait to keep your enemy distracted. After killing the emperor you quickly used the current situation and created more crappy propaganda against my father. You made sure that he couldn’t defend himself while you made those silly rumours.” The boy replied.

“Kufufufu, you’re honestly a talented young man for having such a powerful hindsight. Though I can safely assume that you didn’t trust your father for what he did. Am I correct?” Blade asked with a smirk on his face. “So you saw what was under my mask have you? I may not have liked my father but I don’t think that you’re a better replacement.” The boy said. “So you believe that you’re a better heir to the throne then me, such audacity coming from an adolescent teen.” Blade said as he lifted up his sleeve revealing scroll that was tied onto his bicep. “Blade Ryota, I am certain that I make a better emperor then a cretin that crawled out of the abyss of hell known as you.” The former prince replied. “I honestly think that a man of your calibre would be a great king, though I’m not going to give up my plans to allow you to be emperor…So unfortunately I am going to have to kill the remaining link to the Kewell’s family chain right here.” Blade said, “Regretfully, I don’t think I can show you any mercy for you seem like you’re about to understand me which would be really inconvenient for me.” Blade added as he pointed his trident at the boy’s chest. “Looks like you have taken notice of the heavy chakra going berserk around my chest.” The boy said. “The seal of Danforth I presume.” Blade replied. “You’re quite intelligent.” The boy mumbled as he pulled out a kunai and pointed at his own chest.

“So you plan on threatening me to give up the throne because you know that I have something very important to do before I atone for my sins.” Blade stated as he smirked. “Oh, so you understand the fundamentals about my plans, and you also understand the demands I am seeking. Oh what a joyful day. Either way it would be a win, win situation for me. The fact that I don’t need my worthless life now that I am nothing more than a commoner, I want you to decide right now or this would be your burial with me.” The boy said. “I’m going to have to hand this to you, you sure make a good deal. But consequently from the moment you walked in this room your fate has been decided.” Blade said as he smirked. “Oh how so?” The boy asked. “Let me ask you the first question, if evil was to go head to head with a greater evil, which would you think would prevail.” Blade asked. “Well, thank you for completely dodging my question, though I will answer yours just because it intrigues me. The one that prevails would be the greater evil to come this far without ambition would be silly.” The boy said as he looked at Blade. “The real answer is either or, for they were not prepared for the collision of 2 evils either or would die.” Blade said as Blade did a stabbing motion stabbing the boy at where the seal was located. The boy looked at Blade as his vision blurred a bit. “WHAT? THE SEAL DIDN’T ACTIVATE? “The boy asked with great enthusiasm.

“The reason why the bomb didn’t activate was because of my Trident’s poison. It stops chakra moving for about 30 seconds.” Blade said as he opened his palm. “I see, when time is up you were going to escape before then, but you’re too late.” The boy said as he laughed psychotically grabbing Blade’s arm. “Naïve…” Blade said as his body turned to dust. “A clone…When…” The boy asked as he blew up taking the whole building with him. Blade smirked as he was outside the building smirking, “You have failed to learn that when your vision blurred I did my switch. While you lost your life you didn’t take anyone with you. You promised yourself that you would take at least one life today but you left empty handed because of plan delta.” Blade said he pulled down his sleeve covering any traces of the seal as he walked way. “Sir, would you like me to tell the builders to build you a new building? ” Asked Blade’s secretary. “Yes please.” Blade replied as he thanked her and walked off. "What an inconvenient fate for the Former heir of Tsuchi."


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