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Eagle Contract (Training)

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Eagle Contract (Training)

Post by Zenkichi on Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:28 am

Winds push through a lush forest full of wildlife, ponds and a big mountain range that would take about a day to climb. The area the man stayed in was warm, being about 89 degrees outside, so it was warm air blowing. Riku had a difficult task... he had to climb this bitch and make a contract with the eagles. The thought of climbing up a hot ass mountain to make an agreement with possibly evil eagles didn't help his moral. Riku simply began drinking ice cool water from a cantine, looking at how he was gonna climb the objective without using chakra... since it was the requirement for the test. He had to climb this mountain and not use abit of chakra, or he automatically failed. The boss eagle had a certain technique that could read his chakra signal, and about three smaller eagles swarmed the sky, flying around watching him. Riku would become the eagle's first contract, so they wanted only the most honorable as there ally.

Riku signed and dropped his travel bag and katanas. "Goddamn it, time to start this fucking journey of self dis-fucking-covery or whatever." He kept his ninja pouch of course, and kept his cantine strapped on his shoulder. With his metal gloves tightly attached, he began lifting himself from one rock to the next with effective and safe grabbing. Once the man was about 30 feet off the ground, he looked around and saw himself starting to reach eye-to-eye with the tree tops. Riku kept climbing, looking for the nest where the eagles stayed. It was some what of a cave, and burrowed deep into the rock formation. There were about 80 or so eagles, but only a handful of birds that could harness ninjutsu, these were the ones Riku had to build strong relationships with. Without warning, a fierce wind began blowing at Riku from the north east side of the mountains. It was pretty powerful, able to completely push Riku's body. He almost lost his grip, his right hand slipped off the rocks leaving him hanging by his single left hand. He noticed a bird was the cause of it, the bird was rapidly flapping it's wings, sending powerful air currents his way.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN?!" The irritated ninja would retort hanging on. This too was a test though, but he had a plan. He had an idea of where the cave was... so he played this curse out as a gift. He slammed his right hand with a kunai attached into the rocks and loosened his grip with his left hand. This allowed Riku to glide, or so to say, across the rock, futher away from the bird. Once the eagle realised this, it swooped towards him to attack. Riku regained his grip again and bounced off the rock and latched onto the eagle. It flew around crazy, until Riku punched it in the face, leaving it knocked out... which was dumb because they then dropped at a rapid pace. Riku grabbed onto thin wire and tossed it onto the kunai. In his left hand he held the bird, in his left he held the wire. He then hung on, and regained his grip onto the rocks, though he had an unconious bird with him... so he had to climb with one hand. Once Riku found a cliff, he laid the bird down and continued his acession. Riku followed a trail of "droppings" until he found the nest, just as he knew he would. He walked right into the nest, but could hear the sound of flapping around him. The smell of bird shit and cadavers filled his nose, these birds weren't the cleanest of beings... but again they were animals. A huge bird about 50 feet in lenght peered hard, red eyes at the young wanderer.

"So you made it here alive... good. Now the contract signing can begin."

"That's It?! You try pushing me off a fucking cliff and all you can say is the contract signing begins? I half expected you to send a tribe of samurai at me."

"You will watch your tone with me boy."

Riku looked around, then back at the huge bird with a sense of confusion "You aren't fucking talking to me feathers, I'll rip your wings off and make you dinner."

"WHAT?!" The bird swug his wing at Riku with increible speed, so fast Riku didn't notice it until he heard a SWOOP sound. It was too late to dodge, so Riku simply blockd the attack with both fore arms, barely able to hold the single wing back. He then flickered towards the bird and aimed a well place kick to its beak, sending it back. Loud screeches and wing flapping were heard from the birds in the cave, each ready to tear into Riku, but the Boss stopped them with one raise of his other wing.

"I like you... sign the contract so we can learn more about you Mr. Riku Burke."

A scroll rolled in front of Riku with talon marks in blood already on it. Riku slit his hand, added chakra onto his hand and placed it onto the scroll. The eagles and Riku were bonded now... and hell on this ninja world began. Tori, a powerful male eagle about 10 feet in lenght flew towards Riku and peered at him.

"So you'll be our contract holder eh? Get on... we have bonding to do."

"Make it sound gayer will you..." Riku would say while climbing onto the bird. Tori took off and flew into the air, taking Riku and himself into uncertainty... but the future.


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