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Jiro Hebitake of the Ouroboros (Done)

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Jiro Hebitake of the Ouroboros (Done)

Post by JiroWhatshisface on Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:22 am

Name: Jiro Hebitake
Nickname/Alias: Ouroboros
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Jiro generally dresses to impress, always wearing formal clothing, in a black and white tuxedo trench coat, white and black dress shirt underneath, black dress pants, brown and black dress shoes, and top it off, his trademark fedora hat that he wears all the time. His hair is a bright green that you can see from a mile away, bright yellow eyes that are cat-like in appearance and can stare into your soul, and an inhuman smile that creeps from side to side. He tends to have his eyes closed most of the time, only opening them when he's serious. However, he still seems able to see somehow.

He's sarcastic a lot, and loves to mess with people. He absolutely hates stupid people, and people that ask way too many questions without answering any of his. That isn't to say that he's exactly stupid, either. He knows when it'd be better to avoid insulting someone, and as such is fully willing to shift his personality to avoid conflict at times, such as going from being humble and kind with a person he knows has a chance of snapping him in two, to being a complete douchebag to someone he knows he could walk all over. Overall, he's like a cunning little fox that loves to deceive.

Likes & Dislikes:
- Warm baths
- Formal clothing
- Snakes
- Cats

- Idiots
- Arrogant people
- Time, or rather a lack of time
- Dogs

Catch Phrase:
"Humanity's biggest flaw isn't that they underestimate themselves... it's that they overestimate themselves."

Family Name: Hebitake
Kekkei Genkai: Ouroboros
Every Hebitake clan member has a snake demon sealed into them at birth, giving them access to its murderous power. With it, the user's chakra becomes an unnaturally ominous green rather than the normal blue. Members can use chakra to transform it into various tools to dominate the battlefield.
KKG Jutsu:

Name: Ouroboros manipulation
Range: Long
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Handsigns: None

User channels their chakra into a ball that looks similar to the Rasengan, except it's colored green. From there, the user throws their arm forward and the ball extends into a rope of chakra with a spearhead on the end that the user can use to latch onto and swing to, or lunge into the opponent with. It has a maximum range of 15 meters, and can choose to cancel it out at any point beforehand if desired.

Province: Sora no Sato
Title Rank: Jonin
Skill Rank: S

Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Genjutsu
Tertiary: Fuuinjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Fire
Sub: Wind
Tertiary: Earth

Special Characteristics:

Name: Extreme reaction time
Rank: Elite

During his intense training as a kid, one of the main things he was trained for was a keen eye for quick attacks. As such, his eyes can detect abnormally fast movements, rivaling that of a 3 tomoe Sharingan's reaction speed. However, this is only when he's truly serious with his eyes open.

Name: Murderous appearance
Rank: Elite

That creepy smile turns into an angry frown. His eyes open, revealing those ominous yellow eyes that seem to pierce a person's soul. You could swear the presence emanating off of him was that of a demon. Only saved for those whom he considers to be a challenge, this will frighten C and lower level opponents to the point that they might drop to their knees, or if not, slow down dramatically. Anything above C level will still slow down significantly upon seeing him take up this stance, however will not drop to their knees in fear unless they have low courage.

Name: 1 handed sign weaving
Rank: Super

Jiro has improved to the point that he can release a Jutsu by doing the hand signs with one hand, therefore can perform two Jutsu at once by using both hands.


Name: Arrogance
Rank: Elite

Even though he's an intelligent fighter, he can severely underestimate his opponent, and at times, even get himself in near-death situations due to this.

Name: Taijutsu
Rank: Elite

Even though he can still hold his own in brief hand-to-hand scuffles, he wasn't physically or mentally built to fight long, drawn-out fist fights, and as such has to constantly avoid close range.

Name: Multitasking
Rank: Super

Jiro has always had a hard time doing more than one thing at once, and that can show in battle if you take advantage of it enough; if he doesn't take it seriously, he has trouble concentrating on more than one opponent at a time.

Name: Snake knife

Rank: B
Special Abilities: The knife has a hidden mechanism where, at the press of a button, can extend out to the length of a sword, and can detach the joints so that it can be used like a whip as well.
Origin: A weapon passed down through generations of Hebitake clan head members.

Ouroboros Jutsu

Name: Ouroboros spear
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu/weaponry
Element: None
Range: None (Since it isn't an attack Jutsu. The range of the spear itself is 5 feet long).

Using the Kekkei Genkai Ouroboros, the user uses Ouroboros manipulation to turn it into a green spear of chakra instead of a rope. It can't be broken by normal standards, and burns the target's skin upon contact. At any time, it can be disintegrated if the user wills it to be so.

Name: Ouroboros burst
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Range: None

User releases all of their chakra, and it turns into a dark green with black mist around it. With this active, the murderous appearance SC will now completely freeze C rank or lower characters in their tracks for 2 turns, will make B ranks slow down noticeably and have possible panic attacks depending on how strong their will is, and A and above will simply slow down slightly just as before. The user can also use Ouroboros manipulation with 2 hands at once, and will greatly improve physical strength, speed and stamina.

Name: Ouroboros endless barrier
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Range: Barrier is 7 feet tall, 5 feet wide.

Using Ouroboros, creates a circle barrier in the user's hand. Can block a few A rank Jutsu, most B rank Jutsu, and all C and below.

Canon Jutsu



Age 6.

As an academy student, he was just your average boy. He played with all the other kids, didn't have a care in the world, and studied hard to become a ninja. However, he somehow found it hard to fit in with all the other kids. Like they all secretly kind of wanted to get away from him. He wasn't sure why until later on.


Age 12.

He eventually learned of his role as a Hebitake. What that meant. At this point, his parents told him about their origin, what they had to do, and that he had some sort of demon's power with him. Over time, they said the power would corrupt him until the innocent boy everyone knew would be a cold-hearted criminal. He went on through his Genin years still with his same childish personality. However, he'd soon come to realize that it wasn't meant to last.


Age 15.

After passing the Chunin exams after 3 years of hard training with his sensei, his parents thought it would be a good time to teach him how to use his Kekkei Genkai, his "Ouroboros". Upon notifying the village of this, they temporarily pulled Jiro out of the ninja program in order to train him in isolation, as it would be risky to practice such things in public. And so they started to teach him the basics, how to manipulate its power, how to keep control of it, etc. However, one day he actually did lose control of it while he was vulnerable in his sleep. With the demon in full control, he, or rather it, murdered Jiro's parents.

He soon regained control of his body afterwards, but it was too late to do anything. They were beaten so mercilessly that they could barely be recognizable. He went back into the village, and lied and said they were killed by a rogue ninja and that he had barely escaped. They put up a bounty for this ninja that didn't exist, which eventually became forgotten over time. Something changed in Jiro that day, however. He figured that if he were to become strong and control the demon, he'd need to become even more terrifying than it was. Such began his isolated training inside his house.


Age 17 - 23.

After much improvement, Jiro had succeeded in becoming a Jonin after only 2 years of being a Chunin. However, he lost something he could never get back in that time. He lost almost all traces, all proof that he was once an innocent boy, that it was some sort of crazy fantasy to believe that now. He walked out, back into the swing of things a changed person, a selfish person, a cold-hearted person. The warning that his parents gave him as a child turned out to be true. He now works as a Jonin of Sora no Sato, a changed man.

RP Sample:

The man dressed almost in complete black walked into the bar, the shady looking characters looking over their drinks to gaze at him eerily. He shrugged them off and headed straight to the bartender, whom also seemed to be one of the scruffy types. "What can I do ya for?" the bartender grunted from his jet black beard. For someone with hair everywhere, he sure lacked it on the top of his head. "Yeah, uhhh... I'll have a cup of sake. Make that two, actually." he answered, adjusting his tie and hat as he sits down. The bartender just looks at him for a moment before turning around to fill two cups with sake, and then brought them back to the man. "Thanks." he said as he put some money down on the table.

He picked one of the cups up to sip it, but stopped dead in his tracks beforehand. He left it hanging right there, a few inches from his mouth, and stayed that way for a whole minute before putting it back down. The bartender looked at him a bit angrily now. "You got a problem with my drink?!" he said as he shot him an evil looking gaze. "No, no, it's just..." the man started up, but then got interrupted by the bartender. "Just what?!! Eh???" he pressed on. "Weeell I guess I'll come right up and say it then." the man in the formal clothing said as he stood up from his chair and opened his eyes, the demonic yellow piercing the bartender's soul. He sighs before continuing. "Why the HELL would you poison my drink?!!! Don't tell me I wouldn't notice that pill at the bottom of the cup! You think I'd be stupid enough to fall for that?" he blurted right out for everyone to hear.

"And on top of it, I gave you my money! God damn, I worked so hard for that, and you just took my money like some highway bandit and try to kill me. Well, well, that can't go unpunished." he said, looked at the bartender now. The men in the bar were starting to get out of their seats to walk towards him. The man simply held out his right hand, and a green ball formed there. "No, no! Please, don't do this!" the bartender begged. The man in black just sighed. "I already went through the trouble of forming this. It'd be a shame to let it go to waste..." he glared at the bartender for a second. The man held his hand out, pointing his palm at the bartender before a snake-looking rope of chakra with a spearhead shot out of the ball. It smashed right through the wall behind the bartender in an instant, before retracting and the ball disappearing. "That could be you next time... same goes for all of you punks in here." the man stated as he turned around and walked out, everyone sitting back down in fear. "Oh... and do keep the change." he turned around one last time and closed his eyes again before walking out with a smile.


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Re: Jiro Hebitake of the Ouroboros (Done)

Post by JiroWhatshisface on Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:46 am

Bump; awaiting a mod's judgement.


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Re: Jiro Hebitake of the Ouroboros (Done)

Post by Zenkichi on Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:53 am

First let me say chakra has no color, it's invisable unless using a doujutsu to spot it or some sort of tranformation.

Jounin are A ranked and you're only allowed 2 skills and elements.

Idk how I feel about the murderous apperance, if anyone mod or admin has a problem take it out, but for now it's okay.

1 handed jutsu are fine, doing two at once is a no-no. Take that out.

The endless barrier can slow down A-Ranked jutsu, but not stop.

Fix these and I can easily approve it.


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Re: Jiro Hebitake of the Ouroboros (Done)

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