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Sora no Sato - The Sky Village [WiP]

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Sora no Sato - The Sky Village [WiP]

Post by Suijin on Wed Dec 28, 2011 7:27 am

Type of Government: Military Totalitarianism
Description of how your government works: Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible. Totalitarian regimes stay in political power through an all-encompassing propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, a single party that is often marked by personality cultism, control over the economy, regulation and restriction of speech, mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror. A totalitarian regime attempts to control virtually all aspects of the social life including economy, education, art, science, private life and morals of citizens. "The officially proclaimed ideology penetrates into the deepest reaches of societal structure and the totalitarian government seeks to completely control the thoughts and actions of its citizens ."

Members of the government in Sora no Sato are also a part of the military, making the government stratocratic as well as totalitarian. One individual holds complete and utter authority over all other military and political positions and that is the 'Sorakami (Kami)'.
Currency: Kumo. The official currency of Sora no Sato are 'Kumo' which means clouds.
Economy: Although Sora no Sato generally has a free market, the government holds a firm grip on it, particularly in regards to media.
Livestock: Livestock is a very useful perk to have as a province, particularly in defense against blockades. It can aid the province for a number of uses including a defense against blockades. The province is capable of producing it's own meat for sustenance and thus can sustain itself without limits if blockaded. A province with livestock as a perk is also able to attempt to bypass a blockade around an allied province and attempt to smuggle in livestock.

Ore Resource: Provinces that have plenty of rich ore and mines have Ore Resources. Ore resources are not particularly important unless your nation is in the process of building itself or if it is at war. During the building period, your nation needs metals to make the frames for the buildings and to repair and make the tools. It is important during war time to have this to make and repair the thousands of kunai and other weapons that are lost during battle. If you do not have an Ore resource during war, then your nation will not be able to take or retake any provinces.

Trade & Transport: Trading is an important aspect in the RPG, because resources are very important for building and times of war. For example, if a province does not possess Livestock as a perk then another province could provide livestock if they have this perk, though the receiver does not need it. Another means of going about trading with another province is by hiring a third-party province that has this perk if both provinces do not. The third party province will transport the perks/resources you wish to trade for a specified price, conditions, or for free.

The People:
Important Laws(Other than the obvious): Although most of the laws in Sora no Sato are rather standard, such as the prohibition of murder, theft, etc, there are some laws that stand out. In particular, insulting the Sorakami (leader of Sora no Sato) is punishable by public execution. The use of drugs of any kind, abuse of narcotics, or the manufacturing of said drugs results in a standard execution. Murder is punishable by public execution and theft is punishable by the dismemberment of the perpetrators arms. Generally, the leader's word is equivalent to law and the punishment for breaking a law is often determined by the leader rather than a set of rules or guidelines. Some things that are generally legal are: rape, prostitution, and generally any sexual offense. However, it falls under 'attempted murder' or 'assault' if the perpetrator badly injures the victim. The highest possible offense is treason or conspiracy to commit treason which is punishable by eternal imprisonment and torture in a prison.
Player Character Citizens: Anyone who joins.

Religion: Kaminism.
Religion Description: Kaminism is the official religion of Sora no Sato and contests that the Sorakami of the village is the divine authority, a God of sorts, and is reborn into a new individual as soon as the latter has died. It is universally taught throughout the village that the Sorakami is their creator and has earned their love and worship as a merciful and loving God or Goddess. It is taught that dying in battle is the most holy and loyal act in the name of their God. Kaminism teaches that killing oneself is only honorable if the enemy is taken with them. If their enemy is left unscathed, an act of suicide is the most deplorable act one can commit other than speaking word against their God. The laws of Sora no Sato are the same laws taught by Kaminism and the violation of the laws of Sora no Sato can result in going to Hell in one's after life. If one lives a fruitful and prosperous life supporting their God and the village, they go on to a magnificent Heaven where they may live on eternally in peace. The Sorakami is taught to be the one who dictates where one goes in the afterlife so displeasing him or her is considered the highest taboo.
Population Personality: The general belief of the population is that Sora no Sato is of the highest importance and the preservation of their beliefs and ideals is more important than their own lives. They are ruled and dictated by propaganda and genuinely believe their leader to be a God and that any who oppose him or her are evil Satanic beings who have been possessed by a demon and must be put out of their misery. For this reason, almost all cases of killing in Sora no Sato is a result of religious clashes or political vigilance.
Traditions & Traits: Organized religion, including attending the Church of Kami, is abundant in Sora no Sato and roaming the streets from 1 PM to 3 PM on Wednesday is considered deplorable and will often result in death if anyone is to notice. A specific physical trait in Sora no Sato that is highly looked upon is blonde hair and blue eyes. If a person has blonde hair, blue eyes, or both, they are looked upon as being closest to God, their Kami, as the Sorakami always has blonde hair and blue eyes. Blonde hair and blue eyes are both viewed as pure and clean, holy in nature. All angels or otherwise divine beings in Kaminism are taught to have blonde hair and blue eyes while all demons are taught to have black hair along with green or red eyes.
A technology that Sora has developed as the sky village is quite the technological advancement in the shinobi world. Chakra-powered flying machines. These machines vary from small-aircraft for transport to battle-style machines capable of supporting a single shinobi and a kunai-launcher.

Name: Kami no Sokora
Population: 15
-Notable Buildings:
-Notable Defenses: Important defenses within your city, be fully detailed.
-Important Landmarks: Any special landmarks within your city?

Territory: T2, S2, and U2.
Link: Provide a link to the topic where you have conquered said territory.
Military Hierarchy:
-S Rank Shinobi: Kami
-A Rank Shinobi: General
-B Rank Shinobi: Lieutenant
-C Rank Shinobi: Private
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