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Training to become better and stronger

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Training to become better and stronger

Post by MoonZero Soul on Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:57 pm

The sound, the noise, the music all things that were to be heard and to listen to this was the village he was the origin of this village was dark but because of the man now in charge has come to bring forth a new age of peace to this once hated and divided great village and nation. Menkai walked through the village of the sound with his cloak on and his lampshade hat, he still was fee;ing lost and uneven without his precious arrmor to surround him but this would not phase him as he continued ti train to become stronger and gain power and not be so dependent on his armor and his properties. Taking down his hat from his head without breaking stride, he looked down at and smiled "I still got you huh." Replacing it he continued toward the training ground, his second home and place of peace. Walking past the familiar shops of the market, he stepped into the training ring taking a deep breath, he calmed himself and removed the cloak and hat, batting his hair from his face he got into a stance and performed his regular pre-training stretch. After limbering up Menkai thought about how to train then he remember the clone technique and how he could use it to increase the amount of his training, but he remembered that he couldn't do they clone technique, bur maybe he could make his own variation, Focusing on himself he thought of a useful way to incorporate the thunderclap technique which would stun and cause deafness and the shadow clone technique. Performing the handsigns for shadow clone technique and using the snake sign, his shadow clone didn't come out. This continued on till he heard the barking of a dog, repeating the jutsu except with dog at the end, a clone came forth, stepping away from it menkai throw a kunai which resulted in it's explosion and the thunderclap technique being used. Menkai laughed and felt the clone return. as he landed on the ground he, ran towards one of the tree and activated his storm fist style, Striking the tree with his fist, the tree vibrated it leaves coming down in torrents as his vicious blows struck the tree large deep wood, he seem to chip deeper and deeper into it. Finishing with a single roundhouse kick, the tree keened over and fell over with a crash.His breath became deeper as his chest swelled and fell with his breath, Standing to his full height, he regained his breath and with glowing hands continued to fight, sending electric impulses through the tree burning the leaves and then he turned around striking it a hard fist with the force of a tsunami wave, the tree spilt upward as the force reverberated through out the trees trunk. His eyes study his target and even though this target was stationary he could still study it the way his branches were arranged and how the leaves shook from the branches onto the waiting forest floor. Throwing himself into a backflip, he landed ten meters away from the tree and got into a ready position with his right hand out in front with his knuckles up and his left hand with his finger up in a fist, swinging his left leg back, he threw his fist in continual straights two shockwaves came from his fist expanding to obliterate trees in it's path. The shockwaves carved through the forest and dissipated, breathing slowly he stood back up and blew the dust from around him in the air, walking out of the forest surrounding, he grabbed his cloak and hit lampshade hat, replacing them on his head he left the training ground and walked back to the village fallen trees evidence of his training.

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