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    Post by Letony Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:40 pm

    Letony stood in his gloom awaiting at the gates to meet the merchant lucky enough to request Letony for a mission. He quickly whipped out a scroll he retrieved from in his pants pocket, casually scrounging around it until he found the damn thing. It unraveled as he applied both hands, allowing the tubular scroll to drift down and reveal its writing. Letony wanted to get a brief review in about the gist of the mission, and what dangers it could possibly pose. He didn’t expect it to be anything too exciting considering he was alone, and had already been on more intriguing and difficult missions, with people that seemed decent enough. At least in his mind. He took a moment to scan the document with his light golden-brown eyes, and took note of his conditions. "Better not keep me waiting long,” the aggressive Letony sighed after finishing up with the paper. He shriveled it back up and sunk it, returning it to his pant pocket.

    The sun seemed to be blazing as per usual. Letony’s cloak loosely hung over his physique, the hooded portion down to reveal yet another hooded portion, completely white and attached to his flak jacket. The white flak jacket was on display at this time, and the cloak complimented it quite well against the heat, surprisingly enough. The winds were quick to lend a relief to the sun, but the sands beyond would spread their own aura of aridness. At least he had skin protection.

    It was always a monumental moment being so near the gates of Nikkousato, the grand scale of the whole enclosure was rather impressive to line the edge of a massive crater in the earth. Letony would be within the entrance, as a rather oversized man approached from inside the village. He was dressed in higher class clothing, and wearing a kimono fitting of a daimyo. Letony hated his flamboyant nature, but to fulfill his goals he had to forsake his feelings for that moment. The man had a rather large beard, and a heavily plump, rounded face. He had many assortments of jewelry on his person, quite loud and visible to anyone nearby for quite a distance. This immediately disturbed Letony. ‘Is he trying to get us robbed?’ Letony thought upon further inspection of the man. The man spoke to Letony aloud from afar, “Hey you Letony!” Letony cringed, and remained silent until he reached more reasonable speaking range.

    “I am him,” Letony solemnly grimaced, directing his head away so the merchant could not see his facial expression. “Well Lets Get Going!!” The man was too much for Letony too handle. ‘Will I have to kill this man?’ He thought to himself a brief moment as the he lead the man on past the gates to traverse the Infinite Canyons. This would be the location of the escort mission. Once they were clear of the Canyons his mission would be complete.

    The Infinite Canyons, cast stiff shadows along the ground, as the two meandered through for at least an hour. That was at least an hour until they were spotted because of the merchant idiots' jewelry. There was a single rouge bandit who intercepted them on their given path. There were Canyons scattered around them to form somewhat of a vertical arena with the path they were on. Sand lined the entire ground save for where the massive rocks took their place. Letony was directly beside the merchant, keeping him within a foot next to his left arm. The bandit cut off their path directly ahead of them. He didn’t appear as a shinobi, but rather a poverty-stricken person who decided to grab a few garden tools and go commit a robbery. Letony created seals, and easily subdued the bandit with Genjutsu, and soon reached the far end of the Canyon successfully completing his mission.

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