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    Shima Isaki

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    Kawauchi, Shima Empty Kawauchi, Shima

    Post by Shima Isaki Tue Aug 04, 2020 12:02 am

    Shima Kawauchi
    Kawauchi, Shima 3a1e6f30b63d4e9426764af57e578a75
    Name: Kawauchi, Shima
    Nick Name:
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Hyuuga
    Bloodline: Byakugan


    Tall and lanky, Shima is not one that would appear to be much use in a fight. Light on his feet, he enjoys activities that require more brain than brawn, or that enhance his agility. Dark in hair and eyes, he usually wears an expression of calm detachment from the world; rarely smiling or showing negative emotions of any sort unless supremely bothered. That's not to say he didn't feel those emotions,  only that he'd learned to suppress the expression of them. Clothing tends toward slightly more formal attire, usually a full uniform of sort dependent on whatever organization he worked with at the moment. So, full, regulation ninja uniform while working; switching to ceremonial monk robes if at a temple he practiced at. Not one overly focused on appearance overall,  he basically made sure he was clean and presentable for the task at hand, and really didn't do much else. A quick brush of his hair, wash of his face,  teeth shiny and clean. He wasn't aiming to stand out in any sort of meaningful way, he just preferred a more formal style in his life.


    Personality: Formal. Everything was formal when it comes to Shima. Years of forced perfection created an inability to relax and just exist,  and that manifests in a cool, overly formal pattern of behaviour,  speech, and dress in the young male. His parents treated him more as a talking piece or trophy than a son; to the point that they didn't even notice he was missing after his grandfather stole him away from them. For Shima's safety,  of course. Living with his grandfather gave him skills he wouldn't have otherwise have had; social skills,  for example. Survival,  as well. How to balance a budget,  live on less than a dime. His grandfather was by no means a wealthy man, and maintaining both of them left little after basic bills and such. So feeding and emergencies on a shoestring became natural. His grandfather instilled in him a love of nature and life itself, doubly so the oceans wide with all their glory. He'd thought about going off to be a fisherman as a child,  but as he'd never learned how to swim,  that dream shriveled young.

    Likes: List 3 of your characters likes
    Saving money

    Dislikes: List 3 of your characters dislikes
    wasting money
    excessive cold

    History: Shima lived what to an outsider was a charmed life. Dotting parents that were always around; money, nice clothing, expensive toys, he had it all.  Seemingly. That projected image of the perfect family was well rehearsed, but the cracks showed. Shima's fake smiles,  his father's tight eyes,  mother's breath smelling ever so slightly of alcohol even in the early morning. A farce,  all of it; in reality his parents faught bitterly and expected beyond perfection from Shima, to the point that he'd had a mental breakdown as a young child and completely shut off his own emotions and personality. He was what his parents wanted and nothing else.

    Until his Grandfather stepped in. The man appeared one day; Shima's father was at work,  his mother blackout drunk in the couch; he told Shima to bring a change of clothes and his schoolwork,  nothing else. From that day on, Shima lived with his grandfather in a little house by the sea. Nothing fancy, but it was warm and dry and so full of love. Grandfather spent years working with therapists to undo the damage done to Shima,  with some success. He was still a quiet, lonely child; but he could smile,  and his buried personality was emerging as he grew older. Long trips out to sea on Granddad's boat definitely helped. Far out on the empty sea,  Shima could comfortably take his soul out and just examine it without fear or worry. Granddad was to busy manning the fishing gear so they could eat; he was functionally alone. He would scream all those things he'd never said to his father,  mother,  society; everyone that had failed him as a child. Slowly,  he healed.

    It was the fashion of the time to put children in the ninja academy. They'd come out with enough general knowledge to move on in civilian life if they wanted,  but ninja service was a solid enough career choice. Good pay, no shortage of work. Shima actually looked forward to starting the academy,  it got him away from the familiar faces he'd been stuck with his entire life. A fresh start,  of sorts. His tenure wasn't spectacular,  but he held his own. He refused to be that tryhard that raced for A's, and just moved at a comfortable pace for him. Good enough for a solid ranking in the higher tiers of his year,  but no Top 10 bullshit. Teachers were happy,  he was happy.  Good enough. Being able to go at his own pace was a gift he wouldn't trade.

    Graduation. The worst day of his life. Grandad didn't show up. Shima knew something was wrong,  as Granddad was never late,  nor did he miss Shima's events. Racing home, he found his Grandfather on his fishing boat,  looking for all the world like he was napping on the deck. Shima knew better. He gave his Grandfather a burial at sea; it's what the old coot wanted. Shima inherited the small house on the sea,  sold the boat to a cousin that would treat it right,  and settled into adult life alone.

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    Post by Admin Tue Aug 04, 2020 9:01 pm

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