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    Post by Hyūga Ami Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:41 pm

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    So it was all over...

    The bijuu experiment that was supposed to take place would be given away to someone else. It wasn't really the idea that she hadn't been chosen that made her feel more than frustrated. No, it was definitely not that. The young woman would walk alone along the Kellen Mountains, her mind playing back all that had happened. It seemed like a dream, and at least for the most part she was still alive. Most of the injuries she had sustained were not ones she was not used to suffering from battles, remembering that she was much more wounded before in the tomb fight with Jayy. Her steps were slow and heavy though, as she carried her body through the chilly plains. The temperature didn't help her, giving her unforgiving chills through her veins. Ami was not used to the cold, not at all. But it wouldn't be the cold that bothered her presently as she thought about the fight she had just finished, to which she had lost. She tried to reflect on just how many battles she had lost now and it scared her...

    And you dare call yourself a Hyuuga....

    The voice inside her head would torment her. Indeed, she had failed her clan, failed her village. In the battle she couldn't stand against not only Jayy but that girl Kannagi as well. She recognized her weaknesses, recognized that she was not only weak against Taijutsu users but also long range users. And the feeling didn't sit well with her at all. Ami had never been a cocky person, but she had at least been confident in her abilities. She enjoyed the idea of being regarded as the strongest Hyuuga from her generation from all branches. But she had failed...and she had gotten herself in near-death situations as a result. If it had been just this one time perhaps she could still ignore her imperfections. But it was...her fifth time now? How could she even call herself a Hyuugan with pride. How could she call herself a shinobi with pride? The girl struggled with these thoughts as she stopped, dropping to the ground, silent tears trickling down her face. If there was one time she thought she had failed the people who had looked up to her, had cared about her, had high expectations of her, it was then and there.

    Get a grip! she would scream at herself, the tears still streaming down her face.

    But this would help her make up her mind. She felt like she didn't deserve to be called a Hyuuga, her lavender white eyes scanning the snowy ground, her pained expression never leaving her face. The girl would make her way back on Kataki Road, traveling back to her village. How long had she not been home? Ami struggled, having hoped to return to the village with Keiji. She had chosen to go back alone though, taking the time to reflect on herself. As she neared the village gates, she would meet one of the guards. He offered to take her to the hospital, to which she accepted, although she had only wanted to return to her compounds. There was no use delaying the treatment to her injuries, having been able to make it back to her village safely instead of almost dying on Kataki Road like the last time. The last time she had Sojiro...this time she had nobody. The girl would be at the hospital for a week before finally being discharged and allowed to return home.

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    Home...such a warm and inviting word under normal circumstances felt so foreign to her. Her father was not there when she returned, which she supposed was only for the better. Ami would take a walk around her own compounds, realizing that she had never actually walked around her own house from one end to another. It was a big compound, she realized, her footsteps stopping at the peach blossom trees. She loved this place, her little sanctuary among the chaos. The girl would sit on one of the tree branches, reflecting on her life as a shinobi. She remembered her first day as a Genin like it was yesterday and she tried to think about her achievements. What had she achieved since then? It felt like she hadn't achieved anything, except near death escapes every time she entered into a fight.

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