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    Food Delivery Service [Solo-Mission]


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    Food Delivery Service [Solo-Mission] Empty Food Delivery Service [Solo-Mission]

    Post by Anubis Sat Jul 25, 2020 10:48 am

    Name: Food Delivery Service
    Rank: D-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 10 EXP
    Location: Within a village
    Details: You have been hired to pick up food from a local restaurant and deliver it to the client in a timely manner. Regardless of what gets in the way or how far across town you need to go, the food must arrive on time and in one piece. You never know what lurks out there waiting to snap up the contents of your delivery.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 400 words.

    The sun rose on the village of Nikkousato and shortly after the sounds of a bustling community could slowly begin. Shop owners prepared for their day, the smell of breakfast slowly field the air, and a young shinobi fastened his katana to his waist. He gave a mighty yawn before his goldish yellow eyes blinked a few times, while wiping the crust from his eyes. Today his task was a simple one, he was to assist a food service company in delivering meals to customers. A tedious task to be sure, but a requirement none the less to start earning some credibility with the fellow Shinobi. His personal mission being to complete no less than 5 missions of each rank. He felt this way none could ever question his merit, albeit his action often left much to be desired.

    Time as of recently had not been on his side and while most of his graduating class had progressed much in his time away, a story for another day. For now, Anubis stepped away from his front door tying his wild hair into a ponytail and headed towards his destination. He nodded to a few familiar faces, shop owners who were used to seeing the young man out and about this early. He arrived just as the owner flipped the closed sign to open and Anubis entered the establishment. "Your early, kid," the owner proclaimed as if the deed annoyed him. "Good to see you too," Anubis replied plainly, "Let's get to the job, I got shit to do." The owner snorted at the statement before handing Anubis a piece of paper. "These are the addresses, just get the stuff to 'em and don't screw up the orders." Giving a nonchalant shrug and smirk, Anubis took the paper and grabbed the prepped packaged food.

    He exited the shop and set to the task of getting the orders done, which for the most part was simple. Having a good understanding of the layout of the village, Anubis maneuvered relatively easily from the rooftops. After several hours and a few well earned breaks in between, Anubis arrived at his final destination and delivered the meal to an elderly woman. She thanked him graciously and offered him a knitted scarf as thanks, after which Anubis made his way back to the shop and report in. "Well done, kid, now get out of here," the owner grunted. Ignoring the sass, the young shinobi decided to head off and get a drink. The task was done and there was still plenty of daylight left.

    Mission Complete - WC: 428

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