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    Shinobi Profile: Raionhato Anubis


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    Shinobi Profile: Raionhato Anubis Empty Shinobi Profile: Raionhato Anubis

    Post by Anubis Fri Jul 24, 2020 4:57 pm

    Shinobi Profile: Raionhato Anubis

    Shinobi Profile: Raionhato Anubis Tumblr_mpp009YYJ81qdzd38o1_400

    Name and Application: Raionhato Anubis
    Rank: C-Rank
    Title: Genin
    Village: Sun

    Clan: N/A
    Bloodline: Jegan'ai
    Organization: Sun Shinobi

    Nature Worship

    Elements: Katon

    Meters Per Post: Can move 5 Meters Per Post (5 MPP)
    Actions: Can take 2 Actions
    Chakra: 100
    Stamina: 100
    Breath: 2 post
    Endurance Points: 1 Endurance Point

    Total Skill Points: 5
    Unspent Skill Points: 0

    Specialty Perks:
    -D-Rank: Buying this skill gives you access to D-Rank Ninjutsu skills.
    -C-Rank: Buying this skill gives you access to C-Rank Ninjutsu skills.
    -Chakra Increase: Buying this skill increases your chakra pool by 5 points for each skill point you have in this skill path.


    -D-Rank: Buying this skill gives you access to D-Rank Bukijutsu skills.
    -C-Rank: Buying this skill gives you access to C-Rank Bukijutsu skills.

    Jutsu List:

    Jegan'ai Activation-5m - 15m

    Aerial Acrobatics
    Genjutsu Kai
    Body Flicker
    Escaping Technique
    Substitution Technique
    Transformation Technique
    Clone Technique
    Raionhato Kenjutsu: Mirror Guard

    Jegan Mirage
    Raionhato Kenjutsu: Impaledrill
    Raionhato Kenjutsu: Falling Throughs


    Item/Weapon List:
    Exploding Note - 2 Slots
    Katana - 2 Slots
    Kunai - 1 Slot 2x

    Gear List: 6/6
    Forehead Protector - Free




    Completed Missions:
    Rescue the Animal
    Food Service Delivery
    Building the Arena ~ Plot Mission
    Catch the Animal (Group Mission)
    Fortify the Outpost (Group Mission)
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