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    Escorting a VIP and also a village client. [Group Mission]


    Escorting a VIP and also a village client. [Group Mission] Empty Escorting a VIP and also a village client. [Group Mission]

    Post by Guest Mon Jul 20, 2020 10:58 pm

    Name: Escort Mission
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Group Mission
    Reward: 45 EXP, 20 Ryo
    Location: From one village to another
    Details: A villager, local merchant or business person is in need of company on the road while heading to the next village. While they do not believe any danger is involved, the world is full of wild animals and bandits and they would feel safer if a couple of shinobi tagged along. The mission is simple: escort the client to the other village safely.
    Requirements: Each person must make at least four posts, totaling to 1600 WC.


    A familiar voice rang out within the barracks. Even though the loud chatter of shinobi, the cluttering of utensils on food trays, and the whirl of air conditioning units, anyone in the Sun would know who that voice belonged to.

    "Oh! Imino-san! Hold on, excuse me!"

    It was none other than the village runner from the missions and jobs office. Imino watched as he squeezed his way through the crowds. He acted as a sort of messenger, running out to find Shinobi who had been assigned to missions. He hopped over a table, slipped on an empty tray, crashed on another but soldiered on. Imino could have stood up and gone to meet him herself but there was always this, a magical aura about him that made people want to watch him break through all these obstacles.

    "There you are! Imino-san You've been assigned to a mission by the Kage. Here."

    He would hand her a scroll, sealed with the village emblem. A little chakra was applied and the scroll would reel open. She read the details and nodded to him. Once he had confirmed Imino had read and accepted his job was done. Everyone watched with great anticipation as his exits were more of a legend than his entries. He searched his pocket for a smoke bomb but when he realized people were watching him, he stopped.

    " You guys just want to watch me fail don't you? Well, screw you guys."

    With that everyone moaned and coaxed him to use his smoke bombs. He wasn't the best of Shinobi, always failing to disappear before the smoke faded but he worked twice as hard as anyone else. Imino laughed, pushing her tray to the side and reading the mission again.

    She would shortly find herself, walking through various other barracks, popping her head in, and looking for one individual. A yellow-haired girl by the name of, "Yamanaka Seijun?" she would call out.

    Word Count: 323/1600

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