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    Village Patrol[Solo]


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    Village Patrol[Solo] Empty Village Patrol[Solo]

    Post by YAMI KATSUNARI Sun Jul 19, 2020 9:38 am

    Name:[size=33] Patrol the Village[/size]
    Rank:[size=33] C-Rank[/size]
    Participants:[size=33] Moon Village, Sun Village[/size]
    Type:[size=33] Solo Mission[/size]
    Reward:[size=33] 20 EXP[/size]
    Location:[size=33] Within a village[/size]
    Details:[size=33] There is always something going on in the village. Low level criminals, basic thieves, or natural disasters like fires can pop up at any moment. Patrolling the village is the duty of all shinobi and you must make sure all is well within the village. Patrolling consists of walking the streets, watching over businesses, looking into rumors, and just keeping an over all eye on things.[/size]
    Requirements:[size=33] Your post must be at least 600 words.[/size]

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    Village Patrol[Solo] Empty Re: Village Patrol[Solo]

    Post by YAMI KATSUNARI Sun Jul 19, 2020 9:45 am

    Patrolling the village of the Moon could be the easiest task, or one of the most challenging tasks. The concept involved walking about the village and looking for anything that resembled danger or infractions of the laws. To Yami, this type of mission was always a golden opportunity for the jade green haired man to observe others.

    Of course he usually watched others anyways, but this mission had the power of justification behind it. If he were just a civilian, he might have been labeled as a criminal or worse. Maybe his life would have developed completely different and a Shinobi much like the current version of him- would be the one to stop him. A curious thought. A thought to which Yami wondered if he himself was just the Shinobi replacement, hunting down another version of himself.

    He pushed the idea away for now. All that mattered to him, was whatever entertained him. If it was true that he was going to end up hunting down another life version of himself, he figured he deserved to be the one to live... And the other version of himself, did not.

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    Village Patrol[Solo] Empty Re: Village Patrol[Solo]

    Post by YAMI KATSUNARI Sun Jul 19, 2020 10:00 am

    Just as he came to that conclusion, the jade green haired man came across a peculiar scene. Deep and dark clouds of smoke was seeping from an open window of a nearby house. A fire. A house fire to be exact. Chances were that there were people still inside. Worse, if this fire wasn't put out soon... It would begin to spread to nearby houses as well.

    He quickly approached the house and looked about. He needed something to protect him from the flames and chosing smoke. To the side, was a well of water and some clothes that were hanging to dry in the warm sunlight. Yami grabbed a shirt, drenched it in water and then wrapped it about his head. This would filter out most of the smoke for awhile.

    With his planning complete, he approached the front door of the house and kicked it in with his foot. He called out to anyone inside. At first, there was no reply. He persisted, calling out several more times. Eventually, he heard the cry of a woman from another room. He kicked the door down and found a mother and child huddled in a corner.

    He picked up the small child and pulled the woman along until they safely exited the burning building. By now, spectators had arrived. That meant soon, other Shinobi would arrive to aid in dousing the burning building's flames.

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    Village Patrol[Solo] Empty Re: Village Patrol[Solo]

    Post by YAMI KATSUNARI Sun Jul 19, 2020 10:12 am

    The mother hugged her child in safety and thanked Yami, but told him that her husband was still inside. Of course he was. Yami refreshed the wet cloth around his head and entered the building again. The flames and smoke were much stronger now, but he was a Shinobi and could escape quickly of necessary.

    He called out to any survivors, but there was no answer. Assuming the worst, Yami ventured further into the burning building and opened a second door. The door was empty of people, quite possibly the child's room. There was only one other room, but the smoke was the thickest inside. 

    He kicked the door down and then bent low to allow the smoke to filter above him for several seconds before he entered the room himself. He called out again, but still there was no answer. While looking about, his foot touched something. It was a man's leg. Yami's eyes peered down through the smoke as he coughed.

    At his feet, was whom was presumed to be the wife's husband. He was motionless and suffered terrible burns across most of his body. There was little doubt that the man was still alive. On the off chance however, Yami grabbed a blanket and smothered the fire around the man before wrapping him in the blanket and throwing him iver his shoulder.

    With the man found, Yami quickly raced through the doorways of the building and back outside into the fresh air. He sat the blanket wrapped man down and coughed several times himself. By now, medical Shinobi and water using Shinobi had arrived to douse the flames and provide medical aid. Yami explained that the man in the blanket needed assistance first. Yami sat for several minutes, watching the beautiful flames slowly loose their strength as water began to funnel through the building. Eventually a medical Shinobi checked him out to make sure that he had no burns or damage to his lungs.

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    Post by Sponsored content

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