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    Jihi Rōtasu [Character App]


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    Jihi Rōtasu [Character App] Empty Jihi Rōtasu [Character App]

    Post by Jihi Thu Jul 16, 2020 10:46 am

    Characters Name
    Jihi Rōtasu [Character App] GEgzQRQ
    Name: Jihi Rōtasu
    Nick Name: Little Mouse
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Clan: /
    Bloodline: Ice Release

    Origin: Moon Village
    Village: Moon Village

    Appearance: Jihi has always been small, and even as an adult she stands below average in size at just an even five feet tall. Her form, at just one-hundred and ten pounds, is lithe and willowy, with just enough fat on her form to give her ample hips and bust and allow for a feminine hourglass figure. With eyes the color of silver, and lightly tanned skin, Jihi has an exotic look about her. This exotic look is enhanced even further by naturally dark and thick lashes lining her eyes, and pale pink, plump lips.

    Out of everything about Jihi, it is perhaps her hair that stands out the most about her. Silverish white on top, black on bottom, her hair goes roughly halfway down her back. Often worn up in a ponytail, her hair is styled to be spiky at the ends, displaying both the white and black tones of her hair.

    Her flesh is not without mare or mark, though the ones she carries are by choice. The symbol for water resides on her right thigh, while a snowflake stands out upon the left side of her neck, small but still visible. Her bottom lip is pierced twice, in a snake-bite like style, where two ball-like studs reside.

    When it comes to Jihi’s attire, it’s always kept very clean, and elegant looking. A short kimono of varying colors, though yellow is favored, keeps the top half of her covered, ending a few short inches above her knees. Covering her legs are often a pair of pants with the right leg missing, cut off into a short-style pan leg. Feet are either bare, or planted firmly in a pair of shinobi-style open toed sandals, black in coloration.

    Height: 5’0”
    Weight: 110lbs

    Personality: She loves nothing more than to be outside in nature, though this doesn’t necessarily mean going on long hikes or climbing mountains – sure those things are fun and all, but they’re not for her. Jihi prefers a more peaceful and quiet lifestyle: laying in the grass and watching the clouds float by is just as fun to her as doing other things in nature. That isn’t to say she’s lazy, however: she totally understands responsibility, and the need to get things done, she just prefers to do these things in the easiest manner possible – preferring to use her brains rather than brawn at every possible opportunity.

    Jihi’s soft spoken way about her can often be misleading, and is often mistaken for her being shy, however this is not the case in the least. She makes friends relatively easily, and saves the judging of individuals for other people to worry about. She would rather get to know someone herself and form her own opinions rather than rely on the gossip and information others like to spread. Of course, this leads to many calling her naive, and in truth she is a bit: her natural honesty and innocence leading her to be so.

    Her friends know her to be fun loving, and very loyal: despite her quiet nature she’s by no means afraid of standing up for what she believes in, or standing up for her friends. She’s quite protective of those she considers family and friends, and her village as a whole, and tends to use that as motivation to better herself – one of the only reasons she’ll bother with physical training at all when she’d much rather be lazing around watching the day go by. She strives to see her friends smile and to hear them laugh.

    Even still Jihi prefers mental training in comparison; loving nothing more than having her nose buried into a book or scroll, learning something new she didn’t know before, and expanding her mind further and further – leading her to be called a brainiac on more than one occasion.

    Likes: List 3 of your characters likes
    - Drawing and Watercolor Painting
    - Boba Tea!
    - Reading
    Dislikes: List 3 of your characters dislikes
    - Braggarts
    - Liars
    - Gossip

    History: Jihi: her name was a gift from her grandmother: the woman having passed shortly before Jihi was born. Her parents honored her with the name, hoping it would bring her luck and prosperity in all avenues she pursued. Though the sadness of her beloved grandmother passing was a shadow upon her birth, her parents were overjoyed that she was finally within the world: having had several failed attempts at having children of their own they had been considering adoption when Gin turned up pregnant on a random test. Of course, her father, Yin, had been over protective of his pregnant wife, and even so over his daughter after she was born. Even as a baby he would often talk to her, telling her that he would prepare her for the ‘bad people in the world’ and make sure she could handle whatever the cold world had to throw at her. However, there was a darkness to this too: the child had been born with incurable lung problems, making her sickly almost immediately. During her toddler years she often spent weeks or even several months a year within the hospital, dancing with the Grim Reaper and trying to avoid his grasp.

    As she aged and grew her father took it upon himself to train her during his downtime wanting her prepared despite her sickness for anything life would throw at her, while her mother who was a former shinobi turned kimono maker often tried teaching the child the craft: both showing a patience that was endearing to the pair instead of getting frustrated when it took her a moment to catch on. By the time she was five or so, though, she began to show a natural affinity for not only her mother’s Hyoton, but ninjutsu and medical ninjutsu in particular. As she continued to age she often, even after joining the Academy, was allowed to tag along wit her father so she could get a look at proper squad meetings in preparation for the path she wanted to follow. This allowed her to be introduced to several figures, though one stood out above the rest: a student of her father’s who became more than just a student but rather like family.

    Unfortunately, Jihi, upon her graduation day from the Academy, would find the happiness that she had known coming to an end. When her parents didn’t show worry and doubt had filled the child’s mind, and upon returning home she had found the village police force already at the apartment which was located within the market above the kimono shop her mother owned. Her parents had been murdered, and while her age prevented her from being allowed to see their bodies, she had certainly seen enough of the carnage to get a good picture of what had happened. Yet, the biggest mystery remained as to why?

    Though a neighbor took her in her life had become downright depressing, and though she continued to do missions and attempted to keep her training up to date, she began to slip into the darkness within her head more and more. This darkness only continued to spread as the sickly child came home one day to find that her neighbor whom she was staying with had moved out suddenly and without warning. Then, one day upon returning from a mission she found herself surrounded by slavers who captured her and threw her into a cart with others who had befallen the same fate. She found herself taken to a large house with a cellar that had been turned into a dungeon. Tossed in a cage for several weeks the already frail child became sickly once more. Not wanting precious cargo spoiled, as she heard one of her captors say, she was rushed to a clinic when their usual doctor could not make it in, and it was from there she escaped. The aftermath that followed shortly after was unexpected, but it gave her a renewed strength to pick up on her training once more, and continue following in the footsteps her father had left behind.

    Face Claim: Neola by Rossdraws (DeviantArt)
    Owner: Little Mouse #0454

    Justice is cold; deal with it, it's just ice...

    Jihi Rōtasu | Character Sheet

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    Jihi Rōtasu [Character App] Empty Re: Jihi Rōtasu [Character App]

    Post by Kensei Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:15 am

    Jihi Rōtasu [Character App] B3369410


    You may now create your character sheet, and work on your character build. During this time please feel free to immerse yourself in our systems, introduce yourself to our lovely community, or dabble a bit in some Open socials. Thank you and welcome to Shinobi Generations. Happy Hunting!

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