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    Post by Hyūga Ami Wed Jul 15, 2020 10:23 am

    Mission Info:
    Name: Protection Detail
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 40 EXP
    Location: Outside of a village
    Details: You are tasked with defending a very important person. It could be a merchant, a diplomat from another region or just someone who is highly valued. They have asked for a security detail to protect them as they enter through a regions border, it could be from bandits, wild animals or rogue criminals attempting to steal their goods. This mission is a success if the individual has been safely escorted to their destination.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 900 words.

    {Thread Reference: Wine and Dine}

    Ami almost fell asleep waiting for the couple to emerge from the restaurant, or whatever you wanted to call the building. She was tasked to wait for the two diplomats she had escorted to this dinner banquet some four hours ago and bring them back to Gekkousato. That was not a hard task to accomplish since their trip here seemed to go smoothly enough. However she knew that the trip back was probably not going to be as easy, since she had heard rumours of carriages being attacked at night by animals and bandits. She was almost mentally prepared to do battle with something or someone on the way back. If she was able to escape that, it was her lucky day. But if not, she was more than prepared. She ate the last bite of her onigiri that she had brought with her and jumped down from the carriage to stretch her legs. Her eyes traveled to the star littered sky, admiring its beauty. At least the sky was pretty tonight, she thought to herself, once again hopping back onto the carriage as she noticed the couple emerge with their bodyguards.

    From the looks of things they were both heavily intoxicated, leaning on their bodyguards for support as they clumsily climbed onto the carriage. She could smell the alcohol from a mile away, as the guards took their original positions—the driver of the carriage from before giving her a small smile. He seemed more friendly and less uptight, even going as far as making conversation with her as they began to make their way back to the moon village. By now the wind was beginning to pick up, and Kataki Road just seemed more eerie than it normally was. There was also a heavy fog that was setting in, blinding both driver and shinobi. This wasn’t good…as she knew that fog and mist were probably the worst for nighttime travel. Bandits and animals often took advantage to make an ambush. With her clients drunk, she would need to be extra careful as not to put them in harm’s way, their intoxication making it probably impossible to defend themselves if anything did happen.

    “Let’s keep an eye out…I don’t like this fog…” it seemed the bodyguard read her mind. She nodded her head, activating her Byakugan almost immediately after. Her vision changed to reflect, and although she strongly disliked using dojutsu on a mission, it was her only counter to mist and fog. The carriage rolled slowly through the fog, her eyes scanning for anything amiss. But it wasn’t her eyes that would pick up something but her ears. She closed her eyes for a moment, her hand raised to stop the driver from advancing forward. She listened closely, wondering if she had heard wrong. There was a shuffle from the bushes, and footsteps? “I think we might have some party poopers…” she said more to herself than to the guard beside her. She opened her eyes and motioned for the driver to get off of the carriage on the other side, hopping off herself. The girl hoped that the guard would notify the others inside the transport, she herself walking towards where the noise had been coming from. Her footsteps light and cautious, she unsheathed her sword.

    But she would see that she made an error of judgment, as a scream from inside the carriage would cause her to turn her head. Shit…two bandits had appeared from behind the carriage, possibly having used some kind of diversion to make her leave the safety of the vehicle so they could attack. She quickly drew two shuriken and threw them at the men, or so she thought they were men, having only their chakra systems to go on. She would run towards the carriage, chiding herself for being careless. She would rush forward, her step quickening, pulling out her senbon to stop the bandits from attacking. The guards would lend a helping hand as well, as guards usually did. It was an easy four against two and she was almost certain that she wasn’t even needed in this particular situation. The girl would reach the carriage, jumping on and kicking one of the bandits in the torso, watching as he flew a meter off of the vehicle. She looked inside the carriage and found her clients fast asleep, smirking a little. It was good they were sleeping, the last thing she needed was screaming humans to add to the chaos.

    “You guys going to be ok?” she would ask the bodyguards. As they answered her affirmatively, she would once again find herself scanning the trees. She needed to make sure that there were no other bandits, or animals that could be lurking in the shadows. Her blade in hand, she would clear the bushes with it, and walk around cautiously, looking for any disturbances. It seemed weird that there were only two bandits, although they weren’t particularly skilled ones. After she was sure there was not going to be others, the girl would turn her attention back to the bandits. It seemed that the guards were having somewhat of a difficult time even though it was three against two. The girl was somewhat annoyed, even to the point of angry that they were taking so long to subdue the bandits. She would take her sword and throw it like a kunai towards one of the bandits, pushing her chakra into the hilt of the weapon so that it traveled the three meters. She watched as her blade struck the man in the torso, a smile appearing on her face. The blade had shot through his body, piercing him, the force of it enough to make him kneel to the ground. She walked over to the man slowly, crouching as she neared him. “I’m so sorry…” she would whisper in his ear, her hand grabbing the hilt of her katana and twisting it a little. She heard him scream in pain, the scream enough to make her continue. Ami took the hilt and twisted it in the opposite direction before pulling it out from his body. The process was deliberately slow, enjoying every moment of agony she could from the man.

    Perhaps it was the look on her face or the way she had dealt with the men that chilled the guards. They finished the other man off pretty quickly and for the rest of the way back to the village they refused to speak to her. Ami’s face was emotionless, the trembling she had felt before when she killed someone so cold blooded was replaced with a calmness that chilled her. She really didn’t know what was wrong with her, the insane desire to punish and to kill dictating her rationale. It was a rush, a feeling that she couldn’t control nor ignore. It scared her…terrified her that she had somehow become some kind of monster.

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