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    Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka]


    Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka] Empty Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka]

    Post by Guest Fri Jul 03, 2020 9:58 pm

    Name: Wild Animal Attack
    Rank: B-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Group Mission
    Reward: 45 EXP, 20 Ryo
    Location: Within a village's region
    Details: A dangerous wild animal has been spotted out in the area, terrorizing travelers or local villagers. Your mission is to hunt this animal, and either get it to leave the area or take it down. If it remains in the region it could cause major damage or even hurt someone, so it is important to remove the beast as delicately as possible.
    Requirements: Each person must make at least four posts, totaling 1600 WC.

    She never quite understood why every time there was an animal attack within the village, she was paired with a Shinobi from the village of the moon. Now she didn't care, not so much mind that it was done this way. She just found it peculiar. First the Ice boy from the village, now another person from the moon village. She wondered if the villages liked to fake these animal attacks to build good relations between the two villages.

    Shizuka arrived at the mud pits. A place is known for its luxurious mud baths. Supposedly the mud was rich with minerals that made your skin glow and make it more youthful. She herself was a patron here but today so was a family of wild pigs. They loved rolling around in the mud, keeping them cool from the desert sun. The patrons had run fleeing from the messy little oinks.

    She waited by the entrance for the Moon Shinobi to arrive.

    Kenji Haruka
    Kenji Haruka

    Posts : 157

    Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka] Empty Re: Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka]

    Post by Kenji Haruka Fri Jul 03, 2020 10:54 pm

    Another day, another mission in the sun village that Kenji was finding himself at far more than he'd liked to be but alas, this was the luck of the draw and lady luck apparently despised Kenji's very existence to be forcing him on so many missions far from home. He missed the days of enjoying the scenery that wasn't just sand as far as the eye could see, he'd even take the frozen tundras of the mountain ranges again over another mission with sand.

    The one eyed man only sighed as he wiped some sweat building up on his forehead already, he was glad he wore his forehead protector loosely around his neck, otherwise he was certain the sweat would've made it more unbearable. The heat had already claimed his usual jacket, the man instead abandoning almost all upper wear save for his flak jacket and a sheathe thrown around his back for his Wakizashi, last thing he'd need is to lose even more layers in order to prevent heat stroke, especially since he was teaming up with another shinobi for this mission.

    As usual his gear was all safely secured within his flak jacket, including some new additions he had thought would benefit him due to his own experiences as of late. The clam being a fine example of why he could use exploding notes for example, the idea of traps being the reason for his own wire and of course, some senbon for reloading Lingchi should the need arrive. His kunai and medical supplies were in the usual spot, same for his candy sticks and paper for Lingchi, all he'd need to do is prepare to fight off some animals as is the norm for shinobi apparently. Although considering the last time he went fight some other people, he got a kunai in the shoulder and a punch in the gut from an ally, he was more than happy to go fight whatever animal was causing trouble this time.

    Finally arriving at the meeting point, Kenji was surprised to see a girl a fair bit shorter than him waiting for him but what was more eye catching were her red eyes and pale skin, if Kenji didn't know any better he'd wonder if she was related to Setuka by chance. "Heya, name's Kenji Haruka, pleasure to meet you." Kenji would greet the girl with a simple bow, a grin on his face as he did so. "So any clue what we're hunting and why we're hunting it here? Can't say I know any dangerous animals that like to live in mud off the top of my head..." Kenji would question as he thought out loud to himself, cursing himself internally for the feeling that he had somehow forgot something, something somewhat important but the exact details escaped him. They probably won't important.

    Active Gear:

    Senbon [10x]
    Exploding Notes [5x]


    Flak Jacket
    Forehead Protector
    Medical Bag
    Basic Wire [2x]


    Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka] Empty Re: Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka]

    Post by Guest Mon Jul 06, 2020 9:53 am

    Soon enough a man in an eye-patch would arrive, the insignia of the moon proudly wrapped around his neck. The man was clearly bothered by the temperate climates of his host village. Red marks on his forehead and cheeks where the sun had kissed him. Little rashes where his flak jacket had chaffed on him. You'd think someone would have told their guests' simple ways to escape the sun. For example, taking your clothes off made it only hotter. It was much cooler to cover yourself up and find activities that helped cool you down.

    A great way was to relax by one of many oases that the Sun Village had taken control of. You could enjoy the breeze of the ocean by the seaside or, you could enjoy the cold mud baths so famous across the desert lands. "Imino Shizuka, we are not hunting anything." With his arrival Shizuka began to strip down. She would take off her little shawl, top, and even her short pants leaving the Kunoichi in nothing but a black two-piece bathing suit. "Wild pigs just got into the mud baths is all."

    She would pause, hairband in her mouth as her hands worked her hair into a tight bun above her head. At that moment Shizuka would show off her lithe and built body, her stomach showing the ridges of her muscle. The slender lines of her naval disappearing into her bathing suit. When she was finally done, she began to walk slowly back into the mud.

    "Do you know how to swim Moon boy?" She smiled at him with a devilish grin. A crooked index finger, inviting him to join her. She slowly waded her way back into the mud, the dark earth absorbing the heat off her body. "It will help with your sunburns and leave them as pale as your precious moon."

    Kenji Haruka
    Kenji Haruka

    Posts : 157

    Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka] Empty Re: Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka]

    Post by Kenji Haruka Sun Jul 12, 2020 7:16 pm

    Kenji could only raise his eye brow as the woman claimed they weren't hunting any animal, which was slightly confusion to the man since he was certain the mission said they were going have to deal with some sort of animal. Although before he could get lost in trying to think what was the mission again, the woman suddenly begun to undress and Kenji could only watch confused, slightly red faced and wondering just what he had gotten himself into as he watched the admittedly attractive strip herself into a bathing suit as Kenji could only thank his past self for deciding to pack his own swim suit as well.

    His stupor was broken once the woman told him that some wild pigs had gotten themselves into the mud baths and Kenji could only stupidly nod his head as he fought to move his eye away from the girl who was now putting her hair up and showing more of her body. This wasn't a thing he thought he was going to be doing today, getting an eyeful of a beautiful lady in a swimsuit who kinda reminded him of Sets in appearance but he had yet to even meet someone as.... bold as Imino. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Kenji got himself back into somewhat normal condition as the sun gem taunted him about swimming and he could only grin at the remark.

    "This ain't my first rodeo." Kenji told the lady as he begun to strip as well, making sure to take out the paper containing Lingchi before discarding his pants and leaving him in his underwear for the time being before unsealing Lingchi. "Lingchi, would you be so kind to make sure our dear guest doesn't get an eyeful of the goods just yet?" Kenji "asked" his puppet as he connected his chakra strings to the shirtless puppet already wearing it's swimming gear, yet another brilliant foresight by the puppeteer. With his strings connected, Kenji would make the puppet stand up and Kenji would place the puppet's cloak within it's hand before making it stretch it out to act as a divider between the sun shinobi and himself as he took off his underwear and slipped on his swimming trunks.

    With that done, he'd make the puppet drop the cloak and Kenji would simply stand there with a grin on his face as he placed his hands on his hips and momentarily flexed various muscles on his body for the woman. "I know, I know... Looking great." Kenji simply joked with his usual cockiness before wading into the mud after the lady. "Say... Where exactly are the pigs actually?" Kenji questioned as he made his puppet follow the duo, hovering just slightly above the mud. Last thing he'd need is to get gunk in the limbs and lock him up after all.


    Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka] Empty Re: Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka]

    Post by Guest Tue Jul 14, 2020 4:00 pm

    Shizuka gave him a look, one made when someone looks at someone to do something awkward and funny at the same time. He seemed to have had a different idea of what was going to happen today. She could not be sure exactly what crossed his mind but he seemed to think they were going to kill animals. When Imino told him otherwise he seemed to think he was going to give a.... happy tour of the sun village. In his visible confusion, the man began to strip, taking his clothes off and tossing them to the side.

    From the muds she watched, nothing special quite yet. Every other shinobi was rather well built. So watching another soldier strip was nothing new to her. He would unseal his puppet and use it as a beach curtain. A puppet user, why was Shizuka surprised to see him shy? Hiding behind a thin material. She never quite understood puppeteers. They always had this... strange I'm confident yet not feeling about them. Perhaps it was people like them who found the allure of a puppet. Something to personify their feelings in and to have almost like a best friend to cover up their awkwardness.

    Shizuka saw no point in using his puppet to cover her line of sight. He stood changing by the doorway, the sunlight was not enough to cast a shadow of him on his cloak. " Oh look, I wonder if he has a katana hidden somewhere there. " Said the degenerate lady pervert. Shizuka could almost sense her giggle yet stare at in fascination. Then the other one would chime in, commenting about how it must be in fact a kunai. Shizuka rolled her mental eyes, they bickered about everything but loved teaming up when it came to belittling others. Obviously they couldn't see anything

    Moments passed as he finished dressing and he confidently waded into the mud. Shizuka sat in the mud, her legs outward and leaning back into her arms. When he was finally in, he questioned the whereabouts of the mission objective. No sooner had he said it a flatulent bubble of mud would erupt right next to him. A mound of mud would rise up, as a pig's bum would be right next to his face. Another pig would rise up from his other side and take a bite at his nipples.

    All around them there were these mounds of mud that were in fact just the pigs taking a nice relaxing bath. The desert could become extremely hot, hitting high temperatures as high as 45 degrees under shade. All these pigs wanted was to cool off and what better way than cold mud? " They're all around us, there's no need to kill them. When they're ready they'll just wander off again. We just have to make sure they behave is all." Shizuka believed there was no reason to kill any of these animals. They just wanted a place to be and so far Shizuka had yet to kill an animal that had disrupted the village.


    Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka] Empty Re: Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka]

    Post by Guest Fri Jul 17, 2020 9:02 pm

    The man didn't seem to mind the pigs. That or he was so taken by their bold actions he just froze. Either way, the pigs quickly lost interest in him, returning to taking their baths. Ever so often the pigs would roll over, splashing in the mud and splattering the both of them. They were cute little things if they stood still they looked like little boulders. This was a heard Shizuka had not recognized. The village of the sun had a bigger population of wild pigs than she had expected. What did these little guys survive on? They were fat enough to eat but still healthy enough that their meat would be relatively lean.

    Shizuka gave one of them a carrot. As it nibbled on it Shizuka checked its teeth. Ground-up from digging the earth. Most likely their diet consisted of insects and roots. There were plenty of those in the desert. Bugs that lived underneath the hot sun, keeping cool underneath the topsoil. Roots that did the same, digging deep in search of water. Perhaps there was an entire eco-system Shizuka was not fully aware of. Just right beneath where they stood, just a couple of meters down.

    Shizuka had always been concerned about the welfare of her people. When she said her people, it wasn't always the village of the Sun. While the village was patrons of their clan, rescuing them from harsh conditions, Imino herself had always considered the desert folk her people. She was always thinking of ways of increasing land in which people live off of. Not the nomadic ways, going from one small patch of grass to another, never sure when they'd find another place to graze. But a place like the Moon, luscious forests and green pastures.

    Perhaps though, from the number of pigs she had seen in recent years, there was hope. Life found a way and the insects and roots seemed to adapt. The pigs seemed to adapt and now all that was needed was the humans to adapt. Somewhere, there were big sources of water, and the land was recovering enough that plants were growing in abundance. Her plan to import in giant beavers from the moon seemed more realistic now.

    Shizuka would turn to the Moon Shinobi. She was sure they had their own unique problems but in terms of farmland, they surely were better off? Perhaps that was the reason behind their more eccentric and jovial ways. The desert dwellers though hospitable were very work orientated. " What are the animals like in your side of the country?" Imino had, of course, travelled to those parts of the land. She had seen their animals and took an interest in them. However, her own knowledge wouldn't be complete. A native of the land would definitely know more. If she learned more about their habits, dietary, and lifestyles, Imino could better plan their migration and introduction into the barren lands.

    Her ultimate goal would be that one day, the two villages would be connected by land of flowing with milk and honey. A lot of the problems both villages faced was due to poverty. The desperation to survive to force people into a life of crime. There were, of course, terrible people who simply committed crimes for the joy of it. The ecstasy behind being stronger than others. But most? Most just wanted to survive, to stave off hunger, to have a warm roof, wear nice clothes, and matter to other people. Shizuka couldn't blame them but what they did was still a crime. It could be morally wrong to judge and execute these people but it was the same for Shizuka, she did it for survival. If she had to be damned then so be it.


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    Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka] Empty Re: Pigs in the Mud [Kenji/Shizuka]

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