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    Monkey Business [Mission] Empty Monkey Business [Mission]

    Post by Kaguya Shinigai Tue Jun 23, 2020 7:45 pm

    Name: Bell around the Monkey
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: All
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Anywhere
    Details: Chakra Monkies have always been a pest around local populace. While they pose no real life-threatening danger, they do disrupt the lives of farmers and travelers. They are small curious monkies who over time have learned crude manipulation of chakra. They have known to steal fruit, overcrowd water sources and throw chakra enhanced rocks and pebbles to any that annoy them. The mission is simple, find as many chakra monkies you can find and tie around their necks a special bell necklace. The necklace will violently shake when the monkies channel chakra to alert any who are near them. Do not kill the monkies as untainted wildlife are endangered.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words. Tag at least 10 Chakra Monkies.

    Shinigai was awake as he sat outside the admin building waiting for them to open for the day. A Man would appear as he was holding a large array of necklaces with bells as he would walk through the streets the bells would ring and grab the attention of the people that would pass by. Suddenly a monkey would jump down from one of the buildings on to the same people that walked by. Screeching it would mess up the womans hair and then jump off. Shinigai's eyes would widen as he watched this occur. The man's eyes would also widen as he ran toward the admin building. "I need them to hurry and open." he would say as he sat outside. "What's the problem and what's with the bells?" Shinigai would ask as he studied the man. "Youre a ninja right! HERE take these and catch some of those monkies. Were putting together a mission for this and i will get you the rewards if you go ahead and start!" The man would say as he would throw ten of the bells to the ninja. Shinigai would nod his head and then look toward the direction of the monkey. "If you say that then i will get this done as quick as i could."

    Shinigai would jump from his position to try and find the monkey that was causing a bit of havoc. Shinigai would wonder if this monkey would take him to the others as he would follow the monkey's lead. Hopeing from each building he would watch thier movement until he would fall from the building face first into a crowd of shoppers. "Ouch.." He would say as the shoppers and the monkey would look toward him with a surprised look. The dust settling as shinigai would raise up from the ground. This was his chance to catch one of the monkies as he would jumped toward him and tag the necklace on to it. He would have the monkey in his hands for a split seconds before it would lunge off of shinigai's head and in the opposite direction. "crap" shinigai would say as he would follow the monkey through the alleys and into a dark basement a little ways from the admin building. His face had been scratched up a bit from the monkey and his crazy movements but shinigai would not let a little blood stop him from getting the monkey.

    As he woould enter this dark basement he would hear a lot of ooh and aahhs from a lit up area. as he slowly made his way to this room and opened the door to see around 20 monkies standing over a fire as they stared at it in awe. "Found you." He would say as they would turn to look at shinigai and he would see one of the monkeys as the bells would begin to jingle. Shinigai had not known just what the bell was for and would question this as he would see the monkey pick up a rock and his whole body be covered in chakra. Suddenly they would all scatter about the room throwing rocks at the young kaguya. "Ouch you stupid monkeys!" He yelled he only had a few bells left and would try to dodge a few of the rocks as he tagged about 6 of the monkeys, the others would try to escape the area as he would catch two more and then would take a rock to the eye. His left eye now closed as it had been in pain and the other monkies escaping the area. Raising up from the ground he would hear the sound of a scared monkey in the corner as he would walk up to it he would pet it. "Its okay im not here to hurt you." He said as he would tag this monkey with the bell and pick it up. It was left alone and he had somewhat of a heart for beings who were left alone.

    600 words

    Monkey Business [Mission] Zanyin10

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