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    Information Gathering Empty Information Gathering

    Post by Adam Kaguya Sat Jun 20, 2020 2:06 pm

    Name: Information gathering
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Any Region
    Details: As a shinobi it is important to have as much knowledge as possible, weather it is about the enemy or your own area. This mission task you with gathering important information from a local area. This could be detailing the regions layout, spying on a out post or a traveling group of people, or disguising one self to eaves drop on conversations of value. This mission pays out for all kinds of information gathered, as long as you were not detected.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    Not long after completing his last mission in the lunar jungle, he would finally arrive at the scene of his home. Reaching the kaguya clan compound which was always empty to him, he was sure to freshen up, taking off his worn out attire to replace with a new set he washed down before leaving. The sun would shine high over the kaguyas head, as much as he under took many missions at night, this time he would attempt this one in the middle of the day to chance his circumstances. the 10 year old kaguya has manage to become known to his fellow moon comrades through spars, he didn't think this was possible. Leaving his compound in his normal attire, he wore a specialised version of the his traditional clans ensemble, consisting of a light lavender, loose-fitting, long-sleeved, zip-up shirt, black pants cut off around mid-calf, bandages wrapped around his ankles, traditional shinobi sandals, and a purple, rope-like belt tied in an inverted bow around his waist. He also wore two red, tube-like hair ornaments; one on either side of his head, securing two locks of his silvery-white hair. The young kaguya would make way through the busy streets to reach the business district.

    A young boy passing through the grounds he wasn't noticed much, through the grounds he walked, and without his head band, he wast seen as a ninja. Still with this effect in place he continued and arriving the business district was astonished at the amount of people here. Using his bland expression on his face he listen to various conversations in the vicinity, learning about peoples daily lives and routine. Becoming more interesting on the matter he started to pay his attention on ninjas mostly, learning new jutsus technique or who they admire in the village. Questioning his own Morales, Adam was still young but exploring the world with recent missions and spars actually opened his eyes on the joyful life in the moon village. His only only issue was the rumours of the 4th kage, while peace in the village seems to hold, a string of gruesome murders has recently sprung up. With each murder comes a sign, a marking to prove that these deaths are indeed tied together, and the ANBU are now convinced a serial killer has been brought to light. The local police forces and shinobi have been doing their best to discover the culprit, with no success, and some are starting to believe that Seraphina the 4th kage and the upper council are not doing enough. While plenty of statements have been made, there is not enough action, and families are starting to place the blame. To make matters worse, the Gekkoukage is making less and less public appearances, and rumours of uneasy tension with Nikkousato are making their way through the village.

    Adam gained some decent information about the politics of where he is living, he would think to himself as he was now seen on top he corner of the building top, peering his gaze down to the crowed civilians mixed with ninjas, he was uncertain the real peace could be seen. The real answer seem to lie with the individuals beliefs, Adams goal was still to become the ANBU leader and maybe he needed this reason to shape his actions and ideals more in the darkness. Losing train of thought he jumped down landed softly on the ground below him, hes landed never alarming anyone as he made his way back to compound to rest for a very long time. His mind drifting off to Kenji and Mostly Ami the 2 people he really wanted to fight and hone his scenes on, leaving the business direst as he walked in the distance.

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