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    Post by Maxximus Akimichi Wed Jun 17, 2020 1:03 am

    Maxximus Akimichi
    Maxxmus Akimichi F55b72d9a40c21c5dc179fef1ca09eae
    Name: Maxximus Akimichi
    Nick Name: MAXX POWER / Redd King
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male

    Clan: Akimichi
    Bloodline: n/a

    Origin: Sun village
    Village: Sun village

    Maximus stands at a nice height of 6 foot 3. His hair is a light red color and is pushed back and flared up. His has two short strings of hair that reach right below his eyes and his hair stops right below his ears. His eyes seem soulless and carry a dark yellow look to them. He is usually cause wearing a white tank top and a jacket that sits on his shoulders. His has almost flawless skin and wears black jeans. Sometimes he is seen wearing two types of necklaces. One that connects circles and rectangles and the other is a rope like tie that connects mid chest and stretches to his bellybutton. He also owns a pair of thin sun glasses.... cause he lives in the sun village.

    Maxxmus Akimichi 285d4633a173d84eb855fd2abdc618ff

    Height: 6' 3"
    Weight: 240 lbs

    Cool, Calm, & Collective: Maxximus seems to be a cool individual in a mostly hot environment. He keeps himself distant enough so that he can study the others near him. He has a hard time letting anyone catch him off guard because of his calm attitude toward situations. His life had not been a hard one so he keeps a smile on his face. When he begin to get serious in a fight his attitude changes and he gives off an angry demeanor and still gives off that cool guy smile when he loses the fight.

    Flirty and Seductive: using the powers of his coolness, the young akimichi uses his sly but soft voice to sooth the hearts of most genders. His words usually include some type of flirting or innuendo. Although he has mad respect for older woman, he see's older men as nothing but a piece of meat. Maxximus has been known to flirt his way out of a bad situation.  

    Likes: List 3 of your characters likes
    - Barbecue
    - Most type of Food
    - Pretty Girls and Handsome Boys
    Dislikes: List 3 of your characters dislikes
    - Hags
    - Pacifist
    - Birds

    Akimichi, Maxximus:
    Birth: This young man was born to two loving parents. The first was a young woman who lived her whole life in the sun village, Maxine. His father was born into the akimichi clan and served as one of the high ranking members. After finding this plump woman and treating her like a queen they would find themselves in the presence of their new born son, Maxximus. The young boy had spent many of his months crying for his mom and dad as they went off on missions and task for the current kage. Mostly being raised by his grandmother. He would learn compassion, through those young months, toward life and the five elements. His favorite being fire. His first time seeing the element of fire would light his eyes up as he tried to touch it, but was quickly stopped by his father.

    Academy: Deciding to follow his mom and dad in the ninja way, the young akimichi would enroll in the academy. Although he didn't look too much like an akimichi he would prove it with his techniques. The young boy had gained a somewhat cool status that stuck with him through life. Upon one faithful day the young Akimichi and his mother would suffer from an incident in the clan. One of the older akimichi had gone insane attacking the members. Maxximus and his mother had been a target of this man. Although he had been 16 around this time he had not been a match for the man. Breaking his leg and severely injuring his mothers lung. This had ended the mothers ninja career. Maxximus had been too guilty of causing his mother pain and dropped out of the academy for a while. After a few years his mother would get better and he would return to the academy to continue his way of the ninja.

    Face Claim: Suoh Mikoto
    Owner: Maxximus Akimichi

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    Post by Ryojin Wed Jun 17, 2020 11:17 am

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