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    Post by Hyūga Ami Tue Jun 16, 2020 9:21 am

    Mission Info.:
    Name: Patrol the Village
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Within a village
    Details: There is always something going on in the village. Low level criminals, basic thieves, or natural disasters like fires can pop up at any moment. Patrolling the village is the duty of all shinobi, and you must make sure all is well in the village. Patrolling consist of walking the streets, watching over business, looking into rumors, and just keeping an over all eye on things. 
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    Trying to Forget [Solo] JtCQojK

    Returning from her last mission with little to no sleep, she would choose not to return back to the Hyuuga clan compounds. Although she had told her parents she was going to partake on a mission before she left, she didn't think she could face them and their many questions yet. Ever since her hot spring adventures, word had traveled fast in the village -- the lime green haired Hyuuga and the Tsuyoiito. It spread like rapid fire that everyone who knew her and her clan raised questions. Ami's parents were of course not excluded, harshly criticizing her for her humiliation of not only her being but the reputation of her clan. As a result, the elders have told her that her candidacy for heir of the Hyuuga clan was being re-evaluated, and that if she were to cause anymore disgrace, she would be banished from the compounds and stripped of her status. Normally the girl would be extra careful, but the recent events with Keiji had thrown all of her rationality out the window. She was a shell, carrying her body through mission after mission and training when there were no missions left for her to take. It was her only coping mechanism. She had lost much more than just Keiji's person, but all the feelings she had invested in him.

    How could he doubt her like that? And over a very sensible question? Ami had only asked because she cared for her friends' wellbeing and in the end just wanted an explanation. But instead he had turned away, left her, and tossed what they had built away like it meant nothing. The hurt ruptured her heart, far worse than her illness did in comparison. She was experiencing her first ever heartbreak, and at her age, was extremely sensitive to its wrath. The Hyuuga's face exhibited fatigue and restlessness as she stepped out of the administration building with a new mission in hand. The secretary had looked at her worriedly, even suggested that she take a break. But she had politely refused, knowing that any downtime would just make her mentally tired. At this moment she preferred being physically tired instead. By now she had done this mission so many times that she didn't even have to look at the scroll for details as she made her way passed the village gates to Moonlight Plaza. The Hyuuga had been tasked to patrol this area of the village, of all places.

    Heaving a sigh, the girl put the mission scroll under her obi, safely tucked underneath and out of sight. Her katana was with her, her weapon pouch also. She walked the streets with half preoccupied eyes, scanning the marketplace that was beginning to pick up activity. Many of the vendors recognized her and would give her a polite bow which she returned. She had hoped she wouldn't have to patrol this place, since it held too much of her memories. Ami would first pass by the coffee shop where Jayy, Karite, Keiji and her had met up that fateful day. She would bow to the owner, still very embarrassed for her sudden outbursts that had alarmed him. The owner offered her a coffee, to which she declined, knowing that she had a mission to complete. The Skyward Cafe had turned her world upside down and would forever be the place she would not forget. Ami continued to patrol the streets, stopping by the flower garden and other shops to ask the owners if there had been trouble lately. They would all return answers in the negative. For once, she was not in a hurry to finish the mission, she thought to herself. But she hoped not to meet anymore theives or troublemakers. She had fought too many in this short span of her time she was unsure if she could handle another one. The Hyuuga glanced up and down the streets. Content that there was no mischief yet, she would come back at noon, when she knew even more people would come for lunch, teatime or shopping. Ami would make her way to the secluded spots past the marketplace.

    To the hot spring...

    Just the thought of it made her shake, her footsteps growing weary and heavy with every step she took. She would reach the open hot bath, the place she once enjoyed and found relaxing was replaced with an overpowering sense of pain. Her lavender eyes scanned first the bushes around the area before shifting to the bath itself. They rested on the water's surface, her tired reflection staring back her. She would linger there, her mind blank but her body refusing to move. In the water's reflections, it seemed to play out her encounter with Keiji, so brief but sweet. She laughed to herself as she remembered how she had lost consciousness that day, how the boy had picked her up and carried her back to his compounds. Ami's eyes welled up, tears dangerously threatening to overflow. She cleared her throat, brushing a lock of her hair out of her face as she turned to leave. Her patrol continued. Such a fool she felt as she lost all rationality, falling into the trap of emotion all because of some man.

    Her mind wandering, she continued to walk with no destination in mind. She had been told to patrol the village and her feet would carry her past the gates and onto the main streets, once again entering into the city parameters. Before she knew it, she found herself standing a few feet away from the Tsuyoiito compounds, Keiji's home. Why she had come was beyond her, having simply drifted. She let out a painful sigh, her eyes catching the beautiful gardens and trees planted on the grounds, before she turned away. Ami would circle the areas of the other clan grounds until finally reaching her own. The girl would make circles on the streets, around the village and at Moonlight Plaza. This was going to be her entire day, she thought, watching the activity around her. Many office workers would begin to flood the streets for lunch, happily engaging in conversations and laughter. How long she hadn't laughed...perhaps she would no longer be able to. She gave a sad smile as she continued. Focus...she repeatedly told herself to no use. And as though to snap her out of her daydream, she would hear a scream, coming from the hot springs.

    The girl ran towards the source, temporarily forgetting her own troubles as she waded through the crowds of people. She found a girl, a little older than Ami by appearance with a towel wrapped around her body. "What happened?" She asked the girl when she approached, showing her headband in plain view so that the girl would take her in confidence. The girl was physically distressed, weeping as she told Ami that someone had watched her while she was in the waters and had even attempted to assault her. Ami nodded her head, asking her for the details of her assailant. "He's short, wears glasses, maybe forty or fifty years old. He--he wore bright orange shorts and a blue tshirt." Asking a bystander in the crowd to take care of the shaken girl, Ami herself would scan the streets, looking for the culprit. So much for a leisurely mission. She scanned up and down streets, her footsteps quick yet not frantic as not to raise awareness amongst the innocent villagers. She was going to extract him out of the crowd like a bug. It would take her a good hour of constant searching, looking inside shops and restaurants to see if a man matching the description had ever been or was there.


    Feeling slightly defeated, she would make her way to the village gates, checking the streets there next. But it would prove to be unnecessary as a man fitting the description of the creeper was wandering about the gates, his demeanor so strange that anyone looking in his direction would see something amiss. The girl quickly ran up to him, putting an arm on his shoulder. Perhaps he had recognized her from somewhere but he quickly would wriggle free from her grasp, his eyes surprised and scared, making a run to the plaza again since he could no longer go into the village. Ami was in hot pursuit, calling for him to stop. For a short and middle aged man, he fared pretty well running, tearing the streets with Ami close behind. She would chase him to the forest, beyond the watchful eyes if the villagers. Knowing that nobody would be around to get in harm's way, she would pull out her weapons, having had enough with the cat and mouse. Still mindful in case there would be sudden villagers, she chose her weapons carefully, opting for her kunai instead of shuriken. The girl would catch up to the man eventually, jumping up to the tree closest to him.

    Using the trunk as leverage, she would hoist her body so that she would now be facing the man, diagonally upward. Her kunai in her right hand, she would tap the trunk lightly with her feet and leap towards the man. Her motions were quick, with no room for second thoughts, which was the direct result of having done this many missions. She almost pounced on the man, her knee kicking his rib and sent him backwards, falling to the ground. She pressed her kunai near his throat, the sharp point dangerously close as he wept in fear. The girl was about to take him to the local authorities when she felt an onset of pain from her chest. It was so familiar and scary that she froze. Ignoring the pain and knowing how long she had until it would take full control of her already weak body. The girl took the man by the collar, almost dragging him through the village streets.

    She would discharge him at the local authorities before making her way to her usual place, the forest of plum blossoms just beyond the village gates in the opposite direction of the plaza. By then she felt like her chest was being ripped open, barely reaching one of the trees of her favourite flower before she collapsed, her last waking memory that of a man she hoped to see again one day. For once she'd forgotten about her mission, giving in to the inviting embrace of complete darkness. For once she welcomed the pain, remembering how Keiji had helped her that day in the Hyuuga compounds. It was almost like yesterday, as her vision would be replaced by darkness, her muscles would weaken. She knew she wasn't going to die, but this was the only way for her to replenish her energy, as regular sleep was no longer an option.

    Such was a yearning heart, pushing past limits and boundaries simply for the sake of trying to forget.

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