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    A Day Near the Beach....

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    A Day Near the Beach.... Empty Re: A Day Near the Beach....

    Post by Guest Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:28 am

    Shizuka was to meet one of the senior shinobi of the village. Sojiro Sakura, someone she had worked with before. Their interaction, however, had been too short for her to tell what kind of person he was. He was kind and well manner enough, strong considering his seniority but she didn't know much beyond that. She dressed for the occasion of choosing a two-piece black bikini underneath her clothes. The mission was at night but that didn't mean they couldn't enjoy it.

    To protect herself from the cold she wore a shawl like a windbreaker. It took her a while to get there but she scaled the mountainside slowly, enjoying the smell of the salty ocean breeze. It reminded her of fresh clams, fish and beach games. Though her family had been awfully competitive in the games as well as the food.

    She climbed on top of the meeting spot and could see someone sitting cross-legged. She called out to him a soft whistle of a hawk. She'd alert him, giving him the password and then approaching slowly afterward. She sat down next to him, dropping down her gear and stretching her legs.

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    A Day Near the Beach.... Empty Re: A Day Near the Beach....

    Post by Guest Fri Jun 19, 2020 6:15 pm

    She felt his eyes on her, something she didn't mind at all. As a spy she often hid in plain sight, playing roles as a beautiful damsel or sensuous seductress. She had grown used to the hungry gaze of men and women alike. Sometimes she liked being watched, she did work hard to look good, it gave her vain confidence.

    "Nice to meet you too Sakuragi-san, we can always finish the mission quickly and spend some down time on the beach."

    She sat up, letting her legs fold out sideways as she stretched. She craned her neck left and right, letting the man see her slender neck and soft flesh that curved around her chest. The mission, was to stop bandits from stealing from a village cache? So why were they on top of the cliff?

    "So, Sakuragi-san, your show, your play. What's the plan?"

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    A Day Near the Beach.... Empty Re: A Day Near the Beach....

    Post by Guest Thu Jun 25, 2020 5:56 pm

    The two would make small talk. The affairs in the village, rumors about the secret organization ANBU, the latest eats, and the weather. For some reason, he had gone from polite to sort of indifferent about everything. Later their silence would be interrupted by Sojiro. He pointed out the 5 bandits that were slowly making their way up. There was two much closer, hiding behind a rather phallic-looking rock formation. Three were still making their way up. Sojiro gave Shizuka the option to take either the 3 or the 2 but Shizuka had other things in mind.

    "I'll buy the double extra large bowl of Miso Ramen with the works if you can get the first two to push each other off somehow."

    There was no reason they couldn't enjoy the day and Sojiro was probably strong enough to bonk them on the head each and be done with it. A little challenge to keep things interesting. Shizuka wanted to see how creative the man could get. Would he sneak up behind them and cause trouble or would he maybe throw pebbles at them to freak them out.

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    A Day Near the Beach.... Empty Re: A Day Near the Beach....

    Post by Guest Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:57 am

    Shizuka had expected an old school, pebble throw game. Do you know? Where you throw a pebble at someone, they get annoyed asking their friend to stop. The friend is confused saying he did nothing and the victim thinks the friend is being an ass by pretending nothing happened? It was almost a child entry-level deception. Shizuka never thought Sojiro would go for something as stupid as fake voices. There was no way it was going to work. People worked with one another, they were bound to hear the slight differences in the voices. It was almost out of a street comedy performance, it was funny but everyone knew it wasn't something that could happen in real li-

    Shizuka's face went red, her lips pursed as she tried to hold in laughter. There was no way they were this gullible. You had to have an extra set of Kunai or be missing a Shuriken to fall for that. They argued, pushing and shoving till it became a full-on brawl. Even in the darkness, the various thuds and grunts of the two could be heard. Further below them, their comrades could hear them, calling out for them to shut up. They hissed and cursed till Shizuka heard them fall. A scream of surprise as they fell a short way down before hitting the ground hard. Bickering again before falling off an edge and hitting the ground again.

    Sojiro turned around, doing stuff with his hands Shizuka could not quite see. However, with a glint of teeth on the moonlight, she was sure he was grinning at the prospect of free food. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. There was just simply no way that had just worked. It would have to be something they'd leave out in the official report but a mission people would talk about every time they had drinks at an izakaya.

    Shizuka wasn't sure how she was going to top that. She couldn't easily just dispatch the last remaining three not after she had decided to be a little troll under the bridge. She sat on top of the cliff trying to think of ways to get rid of these bandits. She could easily pull off fake voices but there wasn't a woman among them. Or was there? Shizuka cleared her throat, tucking her hair behind her ear and cupped her hands to her mouth.

    "Ooooh yeah~ It's so BIG!" There was silence as obscene sounds came from the cliff above them. The two stopped fighting as they paused. Shizuka swore even the ocean's winds stopped flapping about. "The treasure is so much bigger than any of my husband's friends! Loot it hard!" There was a brief moment of silence, the sound of a hermit crab blowing bubbles somewhere could be heard.

    "YOU WHAT!?" The first man, a victim of Sojiro's joke was enraged. His voice thundering, and even in the dark, his red face could probably serve as a lighthouse. There was mad scrambling as he tried to climb back up. Confused the three started climbing up rapidly, something was afoot and they needed to regroup. They tried to reason with him, holding him back and asking to retreat. "ALL YOU TRAITOROUS BASTARDS!? YOU WERE ALL AT MY WEDDING! JOKES ON YOU I SLEPT WITH YOUR WIFE AFTER YOU GOT MARRIED"


    All reason flew out the window. They started to at first hurl insults and reveal truths about one another. They forgot someone was deceiving them and instead resorted to throwing fists at one another. There was honor amongst thieves? Probably none to begin with. Shizuka rolled her eyes at them. She wasn't sure if she should find it sweet at how angry they got over exes and sisters and wives and stuff or feel sorry for how stupid they were.

    The five of them were straight out fighting on the cliff edge. Choking, punching, kicking, biting and Shizuka swore from the sounds of it someone was using someone else's hands to beat someone else. The distinct. WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF, could be heard. Then a I HIT YOUR MOM HARDER THAN YOU ARE HITTING ME! Was heard. It was impossible, now Shizuka half wished there was a way to record this as proof. She would even report it as such if this moment could be official.

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    A Day Near the Beach.... Empty Re: A Day Near the Beach....

    Post by Guest Sat Jul 11, 2020 1:16 pm

    Soon the fighting would get so severe that most of them would have forgotten why they were here. Shizuka would then hop down the set of rocks. She grabbed the first man, twisting his arm behind his back. He yelped and the man next to him was still dazed from being punch one too many times. Shizuka would kick this man off the cliff and watched him as he collided with another man and rolled off even further down. Even after she had just kicked off two people down a steep cliff the rest of them did not notice. They were too busy punching each other.

    Shizuka put a Kunai to the neck of the man. She would get close to his hear, her free hand holding down his forehead so he could not struggle. When he calmed down and the fear of the blade seeped into him she would ask him a few questions. "Who sent you?" The man began to pant before calming down and answering her. "no-no one, we just knew there was stuff here so we were going to rob it.

    "This is private property. Never come back."
    Shizuka would stab the man in his thigh. Not too deep that he would bleed out but just enough to make him yelp. She would then push him down the cliff as well. He would now be on full-on panic, thinking he was going to die. He began to cry and yell at the same time asking his friends to save him. They saw the blood on him and began to panic as well. In their fear of what was going on they would slide down the cliffs never to return.

    The mission was now done. The pair of them would leave however half way through Imino would take her own way home, needing to stop by somewhere before she returned to the village. However the pair would meet up again in the future for the promised food.

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    A Day Near the Beach.... Empty Re: A Day Near the Beach....

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