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    Post by Ryojin Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:32 pm

    Ryojin was ordered this evening to patrol the housing district. Rumor had it there would be another attempt on someone's life tonight, and since Ryojin had already visited the five crime scenes before and was semi-aware of where they all were. Flare if he saw anything. Those were the orders. He kept himself in the alley just beyond the housing district, dawning on a black cloak once again. He watched as people he recognized made their way through the bustling streets headed back to their houses at the end of that day. There didn't seem to be anyone out of the ordinary returning to the district tonight. Once it had quieted down, Ryojin made his way up to the roof tops.

    Ryojin swiftly and silently made his way from roof to roof looking about the empty streets and alleyways. There was nothing out of place; or so it seemed. He continued about his patrol through the area. There were a few people still out on their porches and Ryojin made it a point to avoid direct light and their lines of sight. He was, for once in his life, actually behaving like a proper ninja. He was making his way about the housing district in the quiet of night and not finding anything real of value.

    After going for a couple hours, Ryojin took a point atop a light pole and gave himself a wider field of vision over the area he was in charge of. He heard a ways off the sound of something rustling and bumping into something metal. He quickly made his way over to the sound and found what appeared to be a man trying to make his way into a house he had already seen someone enter. Ryojin didn't hesitate, two kunai whipped from his hands, but the man looked up and whipped an arm causing the kunai to be bounced off and sent in opposite directions. "You'll have to be better than that kid." The man suddenly vanished and then, after a moment, reappeared right in front of Ryojin punching toward his gut. Ryojin quickly extended his bo and blocked the incoming punch to his gut, but the sound that resulted from the fist in bo clashing was that of metal on metal. "What the..?!" Ryojin had been sent back a few meters sliding along the ground below him. As Ryojin slid back, the man whipped his arm again, this time shuriken split off from the man's arm and flew right toward Ryojin's upper body. He dropped himself low to the ground to dodge and whipped his own shuriken toward his opponent. The man just held his palm up and the stars rebounded off of them.

    "I told you kid! Try harder!" Ryojin suddenly vaulted himself up with his bo, and over the side of the path he was on to fall down to the next level below. The man followed Ryojin, but this gave Ryojin enough time to fire up a flare. As the man was falling, Ryojin thought he imagined it for a moment, but the man's trajectory suddenly changed right toward Ryojin! He jumped back , but the man was following?! He crossed both arms to block the incoming hit, but man it hurt! Ryojin was sent sliding back once more, but this time actually fell back down. The man jumped up and was coming to land right atop him with the metal arm, but was intercepted by a middle aged man using chakra scalpels on both his hands. He had tried to make a solid connection, but the suddenly appeared shinobi was much more agile than Ryojin. Ryojin huffed hard, but after a moment got up and dusted himself off.

    The med nin had landed softly between ryojin and the man with the metal arm and taken a low fighting stance. "Tch! You're lucky this time kid!" With that, the man jumped off the side of the bridge connecting the two sides of the district. He fell down into the jungle and not long after three men in masks had launched themselves down after. The man approached Ryojin, grabbed him by the chin, looked him over, then knee'd him in the stomach. "Careless as usual Ryojin!" Ryojin coughed and went rolling back. He just stayed down huffing hard. "You've got to be more careful boy!" The man grabbed Ryojin and tossed him over his shoulder. With that, they headed back home. His father was scolding him the entire way for not firing the flare first.

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