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    Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social)

    Story Teller
    Story Teller

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    Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social) Empty Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social)

    Post by Story Teller Sun Jun 07, 2020 4:04 pm

    NO POST ORDER- OPEN To all Sun Villagers

    Alana Zanuko
    Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social) F84e028a011365c867924db5ebd3e8
    Name: Alana Zanuko
    Nick Name: Yondaime Nikkoukage (Fourth Sun Shadow)
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female

    Clan: N/A
    Bloodline: Scorch Release

    Origin: Nikkousato
    Village: Nikkousato

    Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social) Solar-eclipse-leona-splash-art

    Alana is a big woman, but not in the unhealthy sense, in fact its quite the opposite. Due to her rigorous training in the desert and constant work out regime, she has built herself a very toned and muscular body frame. Many often are intimidated by her presence just because of how domineering and over shadowing she is. Her toned build is graced with long flowing red hair, as it drapes itself across her shoulders. Her piercing orange eyes glow from beneath her hair, and show a dominating presence. She is almost never seen without her armor or battle gear, as Alana likes to keep a level of professionalism in the eye of the public. She is not a tyrant, but commands respect, and this can be seen in how she dresses, how she walks and how she holds herself. Her outfit is normally clad in armor and gear, fitted with sword and shield, her most well known weapon combo.

    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 154 lbs

    The Nikkoukage is very strict, business like and demanding. She likes things to be done a certain way, and will not allow failure. She believes in strength and honor, and those that slack off or shirk their responsibility are not worth the time. She leads with love through strength, and compassion for those who earn their stay. Alana is all for her village, and takes every oppurtunity to better their lives or make the village even stronger. This can be seen in her combat as well. The sun baked kage is relentless and ruthless, taking no mercy on evil and providing no forgiveness for those who have wronged her people.

    - Swimming
    - Boxing
    - Tea
    - Massages
    - People with to many feelings
    - Cats


    Face Claim: Leona - League of Legends
    Owner: NPC

    Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social) Market10

    The sun had reached high noon by the time the marketplace had swarmed with peddling merchants, food stands, and the local shops that had set up extended displays throughout the market square. The dry air and the unforgiving sun had made the day rougher than most, the humidity in the air visible to the naked eye as the heat from the sun bounced off the hard barren sandy lands. Alana made her way down the narrow streets slowly and calmly, her large double weaved hard shell straw hat offered her head the protection from the weather she would desperately need in the worsening heat. As she walked an aura of authority consumed her, her muscular tone and upright posture made her appear larger than life. Her long golden hair and the elitist mannerism as she walked gave her an awe of divinity, that captivated all those in her presence. Her loosely fitting white and orange Kage cloak clung over her shoulders, pressed against her obsidian armored plated vest and covered her almost entirely, with the exception of her white fluffy furry slip ons she had decided to wear on her stroll, contrasting heavily her usual attire.  

    She held her head high as she walked down the crowded marketplace square, to the awe and amazement of the passing villagers, many of them recognizing her stopping and bowing to her presence as she moved down the street. Directly behind her a small man in a black suit followed her nervously , carrying a small bag and a few items Alana had purchased along the way. A dog with its tail tucked between its legs, the pale black haired man wore large glasses that continuously slid down his face as he walked, he appeared middle aged, and although frail in physique appeared competent enough to work closely with village elites.

    Alana stopped in front of a small boutique that sold designed fiber glasses, all which exaggerated the SUn village emblem in its own unique form. Grabbing one from the counter she raised the clear glass to the sun, allowing the beams to alter their colors as the rays bounced and ricochetted off the glass and thought the insignias colors. She found herself amazed by the small glass trinket, the sun emblem had been an insignia she had always adored, a symbol of her patriotism, her loyalty to her village. After a few moments lost within the craftsmanship of the glass, she looked over to her assistant silently ordering the man to purchase the object of her desire. Alana turned over to the glass merchant, a elderly man in his 60s, that wore only a thick slash over his wrinkled frame. Flashing him a smile, she bowed to him before folding his hands within her own kissing them in gratitude. "Thank you. Your service honors this village."

    She walked along the various store fronts, ever so often stopping when an item caught her eye or an elderly villager deserved her praise. She was quiet throughout her shopping, cordially returning the bows and introductions of passing locals, at times accepting the complimentary sample of a shops dish. She had created a name for herself in her short time as Kage, an image of demanding and militant leader, but she was not without her own vices and far from the unkind mask she often wore . Although often reserved, rarely seen outside her own office or her training dojo she found pleasure and euphoria basking in all the sun markets had to offer, and steadily following the overall trends and feel of the villages.

    By the time she reached the lower half of the market her assistant had begun sweating profusely as he juggled the innumerable amounts of bags and boxes that were continuously stacked over him . Along the way he was careful, avoiding dropping anything and muting his struggle to avoid provoking the ire of his Nikkoukage. She was a frightful sight already, just peacefully shopping, imagine a women of her  large muscular tone and frame reacting to her broken belongings. The very thought sent chills down his spine, as perspiration filled his brow. As he pictured his Kage fuming, he became distracted, unaware of Alana's sudden stop in the middle of the road.

    Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social) Pao_fa10

    Alana looked up, her eyes widening in excitement, before them a large antiquated tea house stood in between a local ramen shop and a small gaming shop. The tea house was small yet cozy, its rural feel adding to its quiet charm. The design was fairly basic A stone step, two wooden pillars flanking the door, and an overhanging welcome sign marked the entrance to this small shop. Lanterns decorated every table, with plush pillows in place of seats. She would have jumped in excitement were she alone, but settled for a warm smile as she turned to meet her assistant. Before she could however, the over encumbered  assistant bumped into her, slightly shoving her forward. Fear washed over the assistance face as Alana turned to face him, her face cold, her right eye twitching…

    "Do I need to cut your eyes out and transplant new ones for you Tero? or is knowing where you are walking too much to ask of you?"
    "No Maddam Nikkoukage, the boxes stacked obstructed my view I—"
    "Did I ask you for excuses ?"
    "No ma'am "
    "We will be settling here for the rest of the afternoon… I haven't had authentic desert tea in ages."
    "Is it wise madam ? What would the elders think, or the villagers in general the Kage lounging in such a lowly place when—"
    "I didn't realize I needed the approval of Elders or locals to roam about the village."
    "No ma'am, I just though it might be unsafe if—"
    "Unsafe? What sort of Nikkoukage would I be if I or anyone should feel thretened within their own village, What use do these big walls and strong shinobi have if a child can't freely move about without fear of being attacked in my street. Tero, how little do you think of me!"
    "No madam Kage I did not mean such dis—"
    "You'd best hold your tongue Tero, before I hold It for you."
    She flashed him another look, this one wicked and nerve wrecking, sending Tero into a spiraling fear induced funk that left him shaking at his knees. Alana walked forward, slowly entering the tea house, taking a seat by the door. Upon realizing who his guest was a large oval shaped man rushed to the two bowing excessively before rushing his staff out to formally address her.  At the conclusion of customary formalities the owner of the shop brought his Kage a silver tray lined with fine china. Waitresses lined up holding different hot kettles with a selection of fresh tea's for their esteemed guest.
    "Madam Nikkoukage, You've honored me and my family with your presence here. If I knew you'd be in attendance I would have reserved the whole shop for you. Please try out all our specials, we will serve you our whole menu as we prepare them please—"
    "Worry not kind sir, I only wish to enjoy your marvelous Tea… I do not expect any special treatment and please leave your doors open, I think I’ll talk a spell with some of my constituents. As for your tea.... I’d like to try a bit of everything if you will.."
    Cure [Dorīmā] Uzumaki
    Cure [Dorīmā] Uzumaki

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    Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social) Empty Re: Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social)

    Post by Cure [Dorīmā] Uzumaki Sun Jun 07, 2020 10:32 pm

    Cure was back from his adventures in the Moon Village. He had not managed to find his older sibling but he had met a rather interesting man instead. He could almost feel the accursed blush alight beneath his mask again at the thought of the strong and handsome stranger that was also from his village. Cure wondered if he would ever meet the man again, after all they were from the same village so.....

    Cure shook his head in frustration! It was so illogical! He had only interacted with the man briefly but he could not get the man out of his head. No matter! After clearing his mind he would take up a few missions for once. He'd spent too much of his time cooped up doing his various research that he had neglected his physical training as a ninja. This was highly inefficient and problematic to his future and furthermore he could not remain a Genin for too much longer or it would begin to affect his long-term plans.

    As the tired ninja continued to wander trying to sort out his mind he stumbled upon a sight he had not seen in a while. An antiquated little tea shop he would go to a lot when he had first entered the village. He'd constantly bring books and papers to research and study as he enjoyed the outstanding and refreshing tea the owner and his staff were so skilled at making. Back then the owner used to tease him about constantly working too hard and would occasionally give him a free special tea when he noticed Cure in such a bad mood. And unlike many the owner was one of the few that did not immediately hound him about questions of his gender or what he looked like beneath his disguise outfit.

    Remembering the fond memories and peaceful atmosphere had already began to soother his frayed nerves and he suddenly knew just what he needed to relax his body and mind this time! Without missing a beat he waddled into the teahouse. The owner seemed distracted with an important looking guest so Cure did not bother him immediately and instead went to his old usual seat to wait at the counter. He looked over inquisitively at the important looking person what was probably her unpaid assistant. Cure knew every rule there was of the Sun Village front and back in minute detail but people had always been his weakness which was more to say they were not on his radar at all to begin with. So when he saw the two people although he thought they looked pretty important he had no clue who they might be but had no intention of bothering them. Are you kidding? Normal people were troublesome enough! How could he purposely seek out someone so important looking let alone someone normal! So he just waited for the old owner to notice him. He would definitely order his usual Jade Dragon infusion!

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    Shikazze Nara
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    Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social) Empty Re: Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social)

    Post by Shikazze Nara Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:04 am

    It was currently around the time of mid noon in the land of Sun which meant it was the hottest part of the day and when the sun decided to shine directly over the village, and Shikazze was having another boring day going through his normal day to day routine in the village of Nikkousato when he was not on a mission. And that was nothing more then going to a few of his favorite hangout spots around of the village, though they tended always be the same as recently it had seemed to land of Sun had found itself becoming rather boring with nothing exciting going on inside of the village of Nikkousato itself witch probably made it even worse for the likes of Shikazze, as his parents still didn’t care much for him to leave the village unless it was mission related due to his young age. Which lead to Shikazze spending most of his free time inside of the village doing the same task over and over like the task he found himself doing today.

    As today like many days Shikazze found himself stuck inside of the village walls, he choose to visit the gaming shop and look at the many different games that the shop had for sell, as well as the fact that he and the owner tended to have pretty good conversation, and it was one of the few spots that some of the younger villagers around Shikazze’s age would choose to gather and mingle at and talk about the games that they were currently playing, though today it would seem the shop would be rather empty with only one or two people besides the owner in it, making for the conversation today quite boring to Kazze, though nun the less he did enjoy the little conversation in the shop he did have, but soon felt that he would rather find another place to locate in the village as he was growing rather parched after having spent the morning walking the village streets in the sun.

    Shikazze upon exiting the gaming shop would make his way towards the tea shop that set right between the gaming shop and the ramen shop that was on the other side of the tea house, all three locations that were quite popular in the Sun village, each for their own reason. Entering the tea shop, Shikazze would instantly catch a gaze that opened his eyes widely, as he noticed that none other then the Nikkoukage herself graced this teahouse, as Kazze could easily see her and her assistant sitting at a table near the entrance being greeted by what Shikazze was more then sure was most of the tea house staff, if not the entire staff itself. Leading Kazze to know that he was going to have to wait a short moment before he was able to be seated, unless he wanted to just rudely walk past all the staff and the Nikkoukage herself to find himself a seat.

    Something that Kazze was completely against, since even if the Nikkoukage did not recognize him herself he was more then sure she would spot his Village headband wrapped around the upper part of his right arm, as well as his Nara clan symbol that was on several spots of his body. And these things would instantly inform her that he was no normal civilian of the village but a Ninja, even though he was still of low rank being of only Genin rank and probably of no true importance to the Kage, Shikazze still had no intention of doing anything disrespectful in front of her, as he knew of the Kages reputation and didn’t want to get on her bad side, as he was already making sure to straighten himself up, knowing that once the majority of the staff moved from in front of the Nikkoukage, he would be in her view, still patiently awaiting to be seated.

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    Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social) Empty Re: Market place adventure… A Kage's day off! (Open) (Social)

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