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    The wonderful search (Solo) - finished Empty The wonderful search (Solo) - finished

    Post by Genkumaru Wed Jun 03, 2020 9:47 pm

    Mission Info:
    Name: Patrol the Village
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Within a village
    Details: There is always something going on in the village. Low level criminals, basic thieves, or natural disasters like fires can pop up at any moment. Patrolling the village is the duty of all shinobi, and you must make sure all is well in the village. Patrolling consist of walking the streets, watching over business, looking into rumors, and just keeping an over all eye on things.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    The morning had started like every other for him as he woke up in his small self made home outside the village and prepared himself for the day. The wounds from his most recent encounter still healing as a scar would most likely remain on his left shoulder. He rose from bed with the creakiness of an elderly man, his body still not in the best of shape, but he had already gathered some info about the missing children, and would not stop for any reason until he found them or got closer to what was happening. He didn’t think he could live with himself if something happened and he wasn't able to do anything about it.

    After gathering his supplies and double checking them to make sure he didn't forget anything, he left for the village to go on a patrol today of the clan grounds, which usually meant having to walk by the abandoned clan estate he could not bring himself to live inside. The walk there was uneventful and monotonous at this point, the sky was overcast today and it gave an almost light blue tinge to the region, making it seem even more brighter than usual. Several of the cacti that dotted the landscape were in full bloom, almost as if they were going feasting upon the bounty of sunlight that besieged them on this day.

    As he approached the village gates he stopped to chat with the guards for a little while, talking to them about all of the going on's and misconducts that had been noted so far. Paying extra attention to those that were committed by residents of the orphanage, taking great care to write down each name and misdeed, so that he could bring it back to the head sister. He knew very intimately that she loved to hand out punishments to the kids who couldn’t behave.

    Whilst walking through town he visited the Orphanage first and went upon his usual morning tasks of getting the children ready and helping to make the community meal. Once that was over with, he went over to the academy and taught some basic taijutsu classes first before moving on to general instructional training on the climbing technique and such. After his morning routine was over however, he would stop to get a bite to eat at one of the multitude of Donburi shops dotting Nikkousato.

    He settled on a chicken and brown rice donburi with egg and bamboo shoots before making his way to the bazaar, spending much of the afternoon patrolling the bustling market with relative ease. His routine had become like clockwork, he started with all of the weapon merchants first, blending in by trying out and ogling over every piece. This would then lead him to the specialty makers, jewelers, cobblers, rug merchants and the like. He would thumb through what collections they had all the while observing the other customers to try and thwart any untoward behavior. From there he would go on to investigate the menagerie and servants pens, playing with even the most dangerous of beasts as if they were kittens or babes. His soft and gentle heart seemed to go well with his hard exterior.

    After the last few times of having been here he noticed that the shopkeepers loved him as the criminals were too afraid to commit crime while he was there, lest he blow them up and their stolen goods. Can’t sell something if it's damaged beyond repair. After the long day of patrolling Gen went home once more to steel himself for the coming days. There was some importance to what he had laid in front of him now.

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