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    Post by Elebolt Wed Jun 03, 2020 9:32 pm

    Mission Details:
    Name: Supply Delivery
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Location: Within a village's Region
    Details: You have been hired to take basic supplies from the village out into the wild. Several shinobi have been posted up in the region to patrol, and are in need of basic things like food, water and a restock in ninja tools. You must brave the wild with a bag full of these supplies, and deliver them to the outpost located in the region.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    It was a slow morning, Arashi could hardly get out of bed, but he had to, today he had a new mission. This time it was a supply delivery, he had to gather some supplies that would be waiting with some guards at the main gate of the city, and then take them to some patrols on the Arid Expanse. He finally decided to go out picking up his new custom sword, his cloak, he then took off.

    Arashi's small walk through the village was uneventful, He got the package of supplies from the gate guards and headed for the Arid Expanse, he walked through the road, his cloak providing shadow for his pale skin, slightly blowing backwards with the wind and his brisk pace. After a while, when he was nearly halfway there, he started to feel like someone was watching him, he had noticed a small group of people behind him, but he didn't pay them much mind, that is until they got closer, and he felt a blade being drawn, he quickly kicked the guy that was behind him, drawing his sword in the process. Then the other two bandits lunged using their swords to attack, Arashi dodged towards the bandit at his right, getting out of the way of the left one and blocking the right one's sword with his own. After blocking,  He rolled towards the right ending behind the three bandits who had attacked him. "Ugh, you had to come after some supplies didn't you?""Hand them over, and we'll let you live!" The first bandit to attack said. "Like I haven't heard that one before..." Arashi didn't want to fight these guys people were waiting for him, but still, he had to. "Alright let's make this fast shall we" He sheathed his sword, the bandits thinking that he gave up, started to run towards him so Arashi quickly performed his lighting birds jutsu and sent it after his opponents, when they were blind and distracted, he charged sword in hand and cut them down. It was easy enough, they weren't very skilled and panicked as soon as they saw a jutsu being performed. They had refused to flee though so they chose were they wanted to end up. Still, it wasn't of much comfort for Arashi who could never seem to get used to it, even more so when it was like this, he didn't know if for better or worse but this is how it was.

    He kept going through the desert, being a tad more vigilant this time around, it almost was a close call and if they would've been more skilled, he probably wouldn't have been out of there unscathed, still, he would accomplish his mission no matter what. After a while, the heat became almost unbearable, and it was starting to slow him down, he tried hiding a little under the shadow of some abandoned buildings and drinking some water in these moments, but he was almost late so he had to rush it if only he wouldn't have stayed in bed until so late he could've taken it slower, but with how things were he had to hurry so he got back to it.

    When Arashi arrived there were people waiting for him, who didn't seem to think he was late but were happy to get the supplies when they did, he refilled his water and was about to take off, some guards thanked him for his trouble and told him to be safe in the way back, Arashi nodded and headed back home, slightly conflicting feeling at his core: Did he do good? the guards thanked him but he had to end some lives to get there, sure he could've just run away but, once he entered a fight he didn't entertain many thoughts, He usually just went with the moment and his training, he sometimes doubted but knew that hesitation meant death. He thought on the matter on his way back without getting to an actual conclusion, he just told himself that he had to for the sake of his village.


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