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    Ew cats, dogs and birds (Solo Mission) Empty Ew cats, dogs and birds (Solo Mission)

    Post by Kaguya Shinigai Wed Jun 03, 2020 7:35 pm

    Name: Rescue the animal
    Rank: D-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 10 EXP
    Location: Within a village
    Details: A local villager has lost their pet. Their precious snowball or Mr snuffles has run off, and it is your job to find and obtain the missing animal. Be prepared though, the animal may not want to be returned!
    Requirements:  Your post must be at least 400 words.

    Tick.. Tock.. Tick... RIIING. The sound of the alarm would go off as the young man known as Shinigai Kaguya would wake up from another horrible night of sleep. After an hour of his daily routine he would walk outside. The sun beating down on his brown skin and his hair blocking out any of the rays that tried to blind his green eyes. Jayy was getting his second mission of the week, but he had no idea what it was based on. As he exited the kaguya compound he tried to avoid any spies or onlookers. The coast was clear and the young kaguya would make his way to the mission building. As he took a step into the office he would find one of the men who were giving out the missions. He was quite the daddy type with a scar on his right eye. He would hand jayy a piece of paper and he began to read it. "Are you being serious! A CAT. I hate cats!..." Jayy would roll his eyes as he walked out the door.

    His first stop was to find the older lady that lost the cat so he could get a description of the kitty. Walking through the village the sun would beam down on the world. The sun bouncing off of his toned body as the zippers of his jacket would cover his darker nipples. He sighed to himself as he remembered how the first time he met a cat went and how he took weeks to heal from those scratches. He made it to the ladies house as she stood outside screaming the name of the cat. "Mr. Poussey! Come back to Mommy!" Jayy would pause for a second as he wondered what kind of a name that was, but would quickly come back to his task at hand. "Hello miss. I am from the group of genin assigned to help find your cat. Maybe you can give me a few details to make it easy for me?" He would say the woman would turn to him with a surprised face and quickly hug the boy. "Oh deary i am sooo glad they have sent a youngin like you. Mr. Poussey likes to run up trees from time to time and im too old to run up them with him like i used to. He is a Persian Cat. Please catch him before he runs out of the village!" She would say as she pointed in the direction her cat had ran off to. Jayy would nod his head as he began to run in that direction almost knocking the little lady down.

    Jayy began his search by jumping on a few buildings and reluctantly calling out the name of the male cat. He was wondering just how he would catch the cat without getting hurt. suddenly he began to hear the sounds of dogs barking and the slight sound of a cat. Jumping from the building into a tight alley he would find himself in somewhat of a brawl. Two large dogs staring down at a small kitten. It was brown and seemed to be missing an eye. "Not him" he would say as he looked down at t he kitten. Staring back at the dogs he would say, "I don't like animals... but i don't care for the abuse of them. SCRAM" He would say as he stomped the ground and his nose flared up. He would seem as if he was going to jump at the dogs only to scare them a bit and cause them to run off in the other direction. After so he would grab the kitten and continue his search. He would backtrack so he could remember the direction the cat had run off too and would drop the young kitten off with the older woman as she waved at him as he returned to the mission.

    It would take him a couple hours before he would find the same large tree he used to meet up with his friends when he was younger. It carried many green leaves and in it were two figures. One seemed to be a white and furry figure while the other was brown and stretched far with feathers. "Fuck" he would utter under his breathe as he began to run up the tree. After reaching halfway up the tree he would jump from the side and grab hold to a branch. Swinging till he got enough velocity to kick the bird away and grab hold of the cat at the same time. Falling from the sky he would stick the landing with the white cat in hand. As it began to hiss at him he would sigh. Mr. poussey was found. After dropping off the Cat he would make it back to the office and drop off the paper with a completion mark stamped at the bottom.

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