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    Post by Guest Mon Jun 01, 2020 7:18 pm

      Beautiful music strummed off gentle hands made strong with practice. A refreshing voice cut through the musky dirt air of the desert. Fresh sake flowed as the boom of male laughter disturbed the crashing waves. A simple party was held, their festive nature a serenade to the bothersome sun. A group of men was drinking in a nearby establishment known for its beauty in both girls and views. The afternoon was upon them, the sun beginning its final call. Bitter that these plebs drank to his demise, it cast a last bit of heat upon the small village.

      The party in question wasn't so important. Bunch of upstarts and sellswords whose recent success made them feel invisible. With the beautiful women at their arms pouring drinks and feeding them delicacies from the moon who wouldn't feel jovial and empowered? They sat there like mongoloid breeds of pig and monkies, their chests sticking out their clothes, sweat running down their foreheads. Disgusting really. They were all but mere men. The real deal was the man of the hour. A man leaned out by self-discipline and driven by boundless ambition.

      He was but a name at the bottom of the list but one day he could rise to the top. His name was Hiragaya Menma, the one who had begun to unite the mercenaries under his own banner. Sellswords without any loyalties were easy to hire. If the one thought 10 ryo wasn't enough there were hundreds of others who would do it instead. Now, when they banded together, their services became more expensive. In the future, if their power grew, gold might not be the only thing they wanted. Their influence might grow and their demands become bigger. This could not be allowed, not from those without morales and their scales tipped by gold.

      The room he was in was heavily guarded. Not only was his top lieutenants were there drinking with him but additional guards were inside as well as outside the room. Not to mention he was on the third floor of the brothel with each staircase being guarded. To launch a full-scale assault would be easy enough but this had to be an assassination. Create a martyr out of him and the mercenaries might band stronger together. Reveal who sent them and they might band against the Sun with their rivals.

      Many options had been considered, poison. No, he had a food tester. Hitting him during his travels? He was a smart man, using doubles to travel between destinations. He was careful about who he trusted and never revealed everything. He was in a foul mood, rumors of him possibly being targetted by some group. He grunted at the girl next to him. A beautiful girl with yellow eyes, short black hair, and pink lips. She stood up slowly and left the room to get the man more wine.

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    Post by Guest Fri Jun 05, 2020 3:29 pm

    The short-haired girl shuffled backward, her head bowed. Without even looking her hands opened the door behind her and she quietly made her exit. She weaved her way through a set of burly guards manning the doors. The brothel was full of music and laughter, the occasional shatter of a bottle, and the rumble of chairs. She moved through groping guests and laughing courtesans as she finally made it to the bar downstairs.

    " Two bottles of Shiro-sake, Please." Her voice was soft and warm. A sort of timidness to her that resembled a field mouse. The bartender searched in the back and brought out four and she took them in a tray. As the golden-eyed lass moved back someone bumped into her, causing her to drop the bottles. It was a rowdy night. She would quickly apologize, on the verge of tears, thinking about cleaning the mess on a patron than her own safety.

    Smitten by her fragile beauty another employee would send her away, urging her to rather get more sake from the basement storage down the block. Wiping her tears away she shuffled out the back door. She crossed a busy street and down a deserted alleyway, past another street, and into what appeared to be a barbeque place. The air here smelt different, smoked meat, ashy, stuffy, and with a hint of wet dog...

    The short-haired girl approached a man and as she did she blinked a couple of times as if irritated by something. " These contact lenses dry up real fast..." She adjusted the yellow lenses that hid her red eyes. She sat down in the booth from across Sojiro. " Hello Sakura-san, I am Imino of the Yurei... Target is confirmed on the third floor, 2nd room. When the sun is about to set I'll leave the window open. It should give you a clear shot from the rooftops. The sun will silhouette you but maybe a disguise that doesn't show the village symbol might help." She smiled at him with her soft lips.

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    Post by Guest Sat Jun 06, 2020 12:31 am

    Shizuka pulled a face, she wasn't sure if she should be amused or not. In stuck halfway, she smiled at him as one would smile at a weird albeit cute doggo. She had half a mind to pat him eating away at the ribs and then taking time to dab away at his mouth. It reminded her of a street show where a dog wearing human clothes was eating buttered peanuts. She shook her head, blinking to adjust the colored eyepieces.

    " Id' rather not walk back in smelling like barbeque but... take this." She produced a wooden block. It was the kind that had people's names on it. This one in particular had a strange name on it. " It's a clan tag from a rival gang. If you want to leave behind a fake trail. Leave it somewhere on the roof....remember he'll be on my left." Disguises, deceptions, planning, observations, fake evidence it was all part of the game.

    Imino would stand back up, picking up two bottles of Shirosake before returning to the brothel. She tilted her neck, hearing the crack. Wigs were sure heavy. She took a deep breath, steeled herself, and got into character. The door slid open and the small mouse entered again. She shuffled over, being her knees in order to sit. She showed the bottle to Hiragaya before pouring him a cup.

    The afternoon would cool down, the words would be slurred and even Menma showed signs of being intoxicated. His face was red though it might have been from his usual foul mood. His head swayed from one side to the other and Imino swore she heard him hum a tune to himself. It was roughly about time, the drinkers were getting stuffy from being trapped in the room. So many bodies rubbing against each other, people were bound to feel the heat.

    "Yes! That is a good idea let's watch the sunset." The men and women all chuckled and giggled their approval and a man in the far edge of the room went to the window. It was one of those huge sliding windows that gave the occupants a blast of fresh air. As the door rattled open, the outside air and inside circulated. The sheer amount of alcohol fumes and flatulence, one little spark, and everyone would have a suntan. Well.. the stage was set. Don't miss.

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    Post by Guest Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:37 pm

    There was a moment where the party went uninterrupted, the general noise and drunkness overflowing. Imino rolled her eyes, before she turned to the victim, drew in a breath and let out a blood-curdling scream. The party snapped to attention, guards entering, the guests sobering and the girls joining Shizuka in her screaming. They all stood there shocked and she couldn't help but notice how incompetent these thugs were. She pointed out the window towards a distant figure, clad in black.

    "Over there!"

    They looked at the assassin as he took a moment before melding into the shadows, disappearing with the last twinkle of the sun. The guards roared, telling more of them to chase a man on the rooftops. An overzealous drunk picked up his sword, ran out the window and over the balcony. There were a thud and a scream downstairs. Two things were sure, never drink too much and without Menma, these half-wits couldn't surmount to anything but bandits.

    Many of the men left the room, the brothel coming into a new kind of life. There was no reason to lock down the brothel, the enemy was outside. Idiots... Shizuka would have surely locked it down, at least guard the body of their boss. The girls were sobering, some scattered to their rooms, Shizuka cut Menma's top knot and took it as proof of the job.

    Shizuka sobbed, blending in with the girls fleeing to their rooms in the basement. Once she was in the clear she left through the backdoor. She pulled off a wig, letting her long hair flow in the cool evening air. She stripped off her colorful clothes, revealing her usual attire. Mission complete. She was out, the job was done.

    Back at the village, she removed the last of her disguise, taking out the lenses and rubbing off the whore make up. The smell of cheap booze she'd have to wash off. She handed in the mission and proof, once the missions office approved they burnt the evidence of Menma's top knot. This was her first high-level mission. Though she herself didn't have to do much, she thought she handled herself well.

    She had played to her strengths, gathering information, becoming a man on the inside, and making sure everything was going as planned. Perhaps, she'd start tackling harder missions from now on.

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