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    Tomb Rumors

    Shikazze Nara
    Shikazze Nara

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    Tomb Rumors  Empty Tomb Rumors

    Post by Shikazze Nara Sun May 31, 2020 7:12 pm

    Name: Hunt the Executioner
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Plot Mission (leads to future plot event)
    Solo: 20 EXP
    Group: 25 EXP
    Location: The Barrens, (Region 10)
    Details: Rumors of a tomb have been going around, a tomb that belongs to an ancient and mythical swordsman. Archeologist have been searching for the lost tomb, and have finally found hints of its whereabouts out in the Barrens. Beneath the soil, hints have been found that may lead researchers to discovering the tombs location. Due to the news, the local villages have been sending their own men to try and locate the tomb. The mission is simple, scour the region in the attempt to find something of value. (You can not find the tomb itself, but can find clues)
    Requirements: Solo must make a 600 word post.
    Group- Each person must post at least twice, with a 1000 word count total.

    Rumors had seemed to completely fill the land of sun these last few days it seemed, as almost everywhere the young stunning Nara Shikazze showed his handsome face and made even of the smallest conversation with someone around the village or land during his missions and outings. The young shinobi would constantly hear whispers and remarks of a special tomb holding some special item, though getting the exact details would not be exactly easy at first for Shikazze do to the fact that many of the people he was hearing speak of the tomb at first were way older and higher ranked than Shikazze who was nothing more then ah fourteen year old genin who was still trying to find his ninja way. And most would see him as just getting in the way of the reward of whatever was possibly hidden deep inside of this mysterious tomb, as it was quickly start to seem that what every was likely to be inside of the tomb was very valuable and important if not very powerful on top of all that.

    Intriguing Shikazze more and more by the second as to what could be located deep inside of this mysterious tomb that people weren’t seemingly wanting to inform him on as, Shikazze already got enough of being treated like a child by the elders of the Nara clan, and had no intention of the rest of the village doing the same just cause he was a young genin and not seen to be on the skill level needed for most important things that took place or needed assistance in the village, something that Shikazze was more than ready to prove wrong as he decided to start plotting a plan in order to gain the knowledge he needed to know about the tomb, as the young Nara was starting to see more and more that a treasure hunt for whatever in this tomb was starting to brew and if he wanted a chance he had better act fast.

    As Shikazze was more then sure that this information of the hidden tomb and whatever was possibly in it, was not just spreading in the village of Nikkousato and the land of the sun, as Kazze was more then sure that by now the rumor had hit all around and made its way through the Kataki road and to the land of Moon and the village of Gekkousato meaning that Shikazze would not only be up against his own fellow Sun ninja, but all the ninja in the world that managed to land their ear on the rumor’s of the tomb. Thus, the young Genin knew that this would be no easy task though luckily Kazze was a Nara and had the shadows on his side. Something he was very thankful for as it was more than helpful in times like this when he needed to gather information, as Shikazze was already starting to think of the perfect idea to gather information as he figured he knew just the perfect location to easy drop.

    With his plan partially figured out, Shikazze figured out that now it would best for him to make his way towards his location of choice, the administration building, as he figured if anyplace in the village had the scoop on what was going on with this tomb nonsense it would be the administration building of the village, as not only did the the Kage of the village make it his office but also all the other important figures that were inside of the village, and Shikazze was more then sure that they or someone inside of the building was discussing what was going on in the outside world, as he was more the sure it was the hot topic of discussion and the thing that was on everyone’s mind currently, as it seemed to be the only thing anyone was talking about. Making it inside of the administration building would be no issue as no one really paid attention to the young genin walking through the door that was Shikazze Nara.

    Once inside of the building Shikazze would use the shadows to cover himself and hide in the darkness as his hid in one of the corners of a meeting room listening to the conversation that was at hand. And luckily Shikazze would manage to get just the information he had come looking for. As he would come to learn not only of the possible location of the tomb but also that it was being said to hold one of the great weapons of legend the executioner blade, something that Kazze was more then sure many people would jump at the chance to own, and something he himself even at such a low rank could not pass up, and at the first chance that opened up to Shikazze, he would proceed to slip from the room and make his exit of the administration building, as now he needed to get a plan together so that he could hopefully discover the tomb, and sadly Shikazze’s first attempt of finding the tombs in the barren lands would not be a success, though it did give the young Nara something to think about for when he made his way back to the barren lands in hopes of actually finding the tomb this time.

    WC: 890//600

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