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    Post by Guest Tue May 26, 2020 5:22 am

    Name: Hunt the Executioner
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Plot Mission (leads to future plot event)
    Solo: 20 EXP
    Group: 25 EXP
    Location: The Barrens, (Region 10)
    Details: Rumors of a tomb have been going around, a tomb that belongs to an ancient and mythical swordsman. Archeologist have been searching for the lost tomb, and have finally found hints of its whereabouts out in the Barrens. Beneath the soil, hints have been found that may lead researchers to discovering the tombs location. Due to the news, the local villages have been sending their own men to try and locate the tomb. The mission is simple, scour the region in the attempt to find something of value. (You can not find the tomb itself, but can find clues)
    Requirements: Solo must make a 600 word post.
    Group- Each person must post at least twice, with a 1000 word count total.

    Tourist Attraction B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Tourist Attraction B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7Tourist Attraction B963e861-be47-47fd-9421-9952e081b656-zps0faqldd7
    "You know we’re superstars! We are who we are!"

    This place was bustling! Loud! Filled with many voices!

    Hikari had arrived at the fabled ruins. Everywhere in the lands from the Sun Village to the Moon Village, people were raising tones of intrigue at the mystery that revolved around a tomb where a fabled sword had been kept. To him, it sounded like one of those things you would hear as a bedtime story that mothers told their children and fathers would speak to their daughters about in ravenous tones. However, to Hikari, it was just an interest that required his particular set of skills! With a smile on his face, the young rabbit would walk amongst the tombs where the people were walking about in a daze.

    The Usagi Clan were perfect for such a job! As many would say, loose lips would sink ships! In this case, shinobi were often caught snooping around in other conversations acquiring information. To that extent, it would be met with hostility as scholars to and fro would give the evil eye to such figures. There were even shinobi guise as ordinary people who would inquire and try to gather more information during the process. As a result, the scholars around the temples were nothing short of paranoid. They wanted to discuss the findings, the theories, and the treasure’s purpose after all! Anything above greed and desire for weaponization was not tolerated!

    This is where he came in.

    The Usagi Clan were the least suspicious out of everyone. Women of trade and commerce, they were usually interested in knowledge and charming others to get it. Hikari too had this gift, though it would not be as important as the other. The Rabbit’s Perception was the most important thing in this matter! With it, he would simply make one seal before he would even step foot into the grounds, remove his ears, and would simply walk from one end of the grounds to the next with his extended listening rage. His blind misty eyes and straying hands would seem to reach as if he was completely helpless; giving him a faux impression to the many who surrounded the ruins.

    “Be careful, ma’am!” A nice sucker would go. “Allow me to help!”

    Hikari’s blindness was to come into use for things like this. The motions were natural as a breath of air as he would reach out his hand, accepting the aid of one of the scholars who walked the grounds. The conversation was light, but not as beneficial as what he heard around them as the man who would escort him. His feet would carry him across the terrain at a snail’s pace shuffle while he would try to explain the significance of the ruins, their date as traced back to some clues, and not to mention his name and-

    Wait, his name? R-right! He was supposed to be a helpless maiden.

    “Interesting!” Hikari would coo, “You can call me Tachibani-chan!” A faux name to use if ever he was to be in little jobs like this.With the man smitten with him, Hikari would continue his stroll while walking across the lands while each foot step echoed with hollowness as something seemed to be buried beneath the terrain. With each passing moment, and a word spurn from the scholar, Hikari would also know of vital conversations had between them as his ears would listen deeply while walking across the area. “He probably suspects me,” Hikari would think carefully, “But either way, he does not know about my Rabbit’s Perception. I soaked up a lot of information today! It will be important for learning more about what is going on with this tomb everyone is fascinated about.” He would sum up with a gentle smile. It only took a moment for him to slip his hand away from the man’s, waving, insisting that he would find himself away from his dangerous area.

    With that, the blind rabbit would walk away with a bit of information to remember and quite a way back to the village.

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