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    A swift delivery [Solo] Empty A swift delivery [Solo]

    Post by Ryojin Sun May 24, 2020 6:13 pm

    This time around, Ryojin had been ordered to ensure the safe delivery of rations to a camp full of shinobi as well as some building materials for a new up and coming outpost built on the opposite edge of the village from the jungle. He had woken up early in the morning in order to get a head start on gathering the things they were in need of and commissioning a wagon and couple horses. In total they would need a half load of wood, a quarter load of stone, and a quarter load of iron. It was simple really to ensure that everything would end up where it was supposed to and when.

    About mid morning, he would finally have the wagon loaded and ready to go. At this point, he made his way to pick up the lunch so that he would arrive just in time. He boarded the wagon and they began the trek to the beginnings of the outpost. All seemed well for awhile, but suddenly the cabin stopped. Ahead of them were a group of three individuals wearing metal wolf masks. Ryojin stepped out from the wagon. "Can I help you all?" He could feel something wasn't right. The two individuals on either side suddenly burst into a sprint toward the wagon. Ryojin was suddenly between the first two and the wagon. "Alright. Look, I don't have a lot of time, so lets make this quick as possible okay?" If they had been shinobi, jutsu would've been used by now.

    The first one came forth toward Ryojin. He had drawn a large hunting knife. He rushed in recklessly, but he was side stepped by Ryojin and the token bo the boy had grown fond of using extended from with his sleeve jabbing this man hard to the point of him falling to the ground with a bit of an 'oof'. The man was by no means out of commission, but the second had charged forward now, this one armed with knuckles. Ryojin formed his handseals and it began to snow. The trek would be a bit more difficult, but he could still make it on time. As the next man rushed to him, he dropped his bow and acted as though he were going to raise his hands in surrender, but instead, as his arms leveled, a kunai made of ice was fired forward and collided with the leg of the man rushing to him. He was down to one knee gripping his opposite leg and uttering various curses. The first man had got back up and Ryojin hadn't noticed. The man had managed to make his way up behind ryojin and grabbed both his arms. "Get him boss!" And now the third man made his move. He formed hand seals. Had Ryojin been too reckless? The snow that had started collecting beneath the man not twenty meters ahead of him started rising and pushing forward.

    A thought occurred to Ryojin, but he would have to bury it for the time being. "Take the carriage toward the objective! I'll be right behind you!" He shouted to the driver. The driver did as requested and drew the carriage toward that direction. Ryojin tilted his head forward and in one swift move slammed his own noggin back against the man holding his arms, though he gave the man his full weight too taking him to the ground. This had been enough for the untrained man to release Ryojin in order to try to catch himself. Ryojin made his own handseals quickly slamming both hands down into the snow. Just as the snow beneath the masked man had, beneath Ryojin a wave of snow also surged forward. In the dead center, the snow began to rapidly pile up but the waves seemed to be level when it came to strength. Ryojin quickly turned toward the carriage. Another quick handsign and suddenly ryojin was sliding along the snow until he just barely caught up with the carriage. The third man was looking after him. Ryojin pulled the bottom of his left eye down and stuck his tongue out.

    "Later Lose!" With that, Ryojin huffed hard and faced forward. The rest of the ride was smooth sailing. That jutsu. It was his brother's. He had run into him once already. There was no way for him to be sure. They hadn't reacted with one another at all. Something in him knew it was true. This was turning out to be more problematic than he thought if his brother had anything to do with recent unease between the moon and sun and the strange things going on recently. He breathed a soft sigh. What would it be next?

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