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    The Iwamura Clan Empty The Iwamura Clan

    Post by Genkumaru Wed May 13, 2020 12:22 pm

    Name: The Iwamura Clan

    Philosophy: Honor, Duty, Glory - Every action must result in paying homage to one of the three tenets of the Iwamura. To fail and not learn from it, is to bring shame upon the name. Every step must be towards bettering oneself as to then better the clan, and in turn Nikkousato as is the duty of every Iwamura regardless of rank. They are the rock that anchors the Village - the Iwamura.
    Location: Nikkousato
    Status: Sun only and private
    History: The Iwamura  have always been a long time ally of the Homura clan and this has shaped them greatly. The clan head during Homura's time was Hyojin Iwamura and he was a great ninja during the Hero era. He would instill his beliefs of duty, honor, and glory in his clan members creating a universal viewpoint that duty always come first, and death before dishonor as long as it has an impact. When the star village was faltering and the brothers had their feud, Hyojin was the first to be at Homura's side as they gathered others and left their former home to found some semblance of life in the scorched deserts.  His clan and many others helped shape the village and have always served it to a fault.

    Because they all hold the blast element as a unique ability, they have long served as vanguards for Nikkousato, seeking out threats and snuffing them out before they could grow or harm the village. This lifestyle was fulfilling to the clan's way but detrimental to their future as each subsequent generation steadily grew smaller. Their training and skill growing with each generation but their numbers declined which was only further harmed by the foundation of two off shoot clans roughly three hundred years after the villages founding, the Bakujimura, and the Ryakuji clans. For awhile they paid tribute to the Iwamura but within a hundred years of their founding they too had dwindled and sequestered themselves away to try and preserve the bloodlines, still serving the village but pulling away from their sacred roles as the long arm of the village.

    As the last hundred years went by only a single family was left standing of the Iwamura clan proper, and by present day only a single member exists; Genkumaru Iwamura orphaned and untrained in the clans way, even though he has a natural inclination towards their sense of honor and duty. There are whispers every now and again of other Bakuton users but so far they have been unfounded. However, if they were true Gen would welcome them with open arms as he seeks to rebuild the family he never knew.
    -Member - Genkumaru Iwamura (Last currently known living member of the main branch to the legendary vanguard clan.)


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    The Iwamura Clan Empty Re: The Iwamura Clan

    Post by Kensei Thu May 14, 2020 2:12 pm

    The Iwamura Clan B3369410


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