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    Genkumaru Iwamura Empty Genkumaru Iwamura

    Post by Genkumaru Thu May 07, 2020 7:09 pm

    Character Sheet

    Genkumaru Iwamura Commis11
    Name and Application: Genkumaru Iwamura
    Rank: S-Rank
    Title: Genin
    Village: Nikkousato - Sun Village

    Clan: N/A
    Bloodline: Explosion release, The Akimichi Clan
    Organization: N/A


    - Bakuton
    - Raiton
    - Katon
    - Futon
    - Doton

    Meters Per Post: 15
    Actions: 3
    Chakra: 285
    Stamina: 385
    Breath: 5 posts
    Endurance Points: 2 points

    Total Skill Points: 23
    Unspent Skill Points: 0

    Specialty Perks:
    - D-rank Ninjutsu
    - C-rank Ninjutsu
    - B-rank Ninjutsu
    - A-rank Ninjutsu
    - S-rank Ninjutsu
    - Chakra Increase
    - Extra Element - Wind

    - D-rank Taijutsu
    - C-rank Taijutsu
    - B-rank Taijutsu
    - A-rank Taijutsu
    - S-rank Taijutsu
    - Taijutsu Styles
    - Elemental Taijutsu
    - S-rank Taijutsu
    - Eight Gates
    - Stamina Increase

    - D-rank Summoning - Lion Contract
    - C-rank Summoning
    - B-rank Summoning
    - A-rank Summining
    - S-rank Summoning
    - Sage Mode
    - Chakra Unity
    - Summoning: Rashōmon


    Jutsu List:


    Clone Technique
    Transformation Technique
    Substitution Technique
    Escaping Technique
    Body Flicker
    Shadow Clone Jutsu


    Beast Wave Gale Palm A/S
    Beast Wave Palm C/B
    Futon: Current Air Dance
    Futon: Wind Waves B/A
    Futon: Cyclone Scythe Jutsu
    Futon: Immense Breakthrough!
    Futon: Sea Dragon A/S
    Futon: Rasenshuriken


    Chidori: Nagashi
    Chidori: Sharp Spear
    Chidori: Senbon
    Lightning Release: Lariat!
    Raiton: Signal Flare
    Raiton: Thunderbolt!


    Burning Ash: Accumulation
    Katon: Flame Bombs
    Katon: Dragon Flame Bullet
    Katon: Dragon Flame
    Katon: Blaze Bullet!
    Katon: Fire Ball
    Katon: Fierce Dragon Flame
    Katon: Dragon Flame Singing
    Katon: Great Fire Annihilation
    Katon: Flame Cloak - A/S


    Doton: Earth Corridor
    Doton: Terra Mapping
    Doton: Mudslide
    Doton: Bottomless Swamp
    Doton: Rock Breaker
    Doton: Great Mud River
    Doton: Earthquake Slam
    Doton: Barrier Earth Dome Prison
    Doton: Swamp of the Underworld
    Doton: Mud Wall
    Doton: Earth Dragon Bombs
    Doton: Eruption!
    Doton: Rampart
    Doton: Multiple Earth Wall


    Bakuton: Scattered Flowers
    Bakuton: Propulsion strike - D/C/B/A/S
    Bakuton: Bunker Buster
    Bakuton: Flash Charge - C/B/A/S
    Bakuton: Pile Bunker
    Bakuton: Explosion Clones
    Bakuton: Gingham Shot C/B/A/S
    Kinjutsu: Chakra Cannon
    Bakuton: Landmine Fist! A/S
    Bakuton: Explosion palm D/C/B/A/S


    Partial Expansion Jutsu
    Expansion Jutsu
    Human Boulder
    Super Open Hand Slap!
    Super Expansion Jutsu
    Tri-Colored Fat C/B/A
    Butterfly bomb
    Butterfly Mode
    True Butterfly Bomb: Eight Gates Impact


    Full Powered Counter C/B
    Severe Hare Hurricane
    Crescent Hurricane
    Full Powered Counter A/S
    Lightning Step
    Tornado Kick Combo
    Front Lotus
    Heavenly Foot Of Pain
    Heavenly Spear Kick
    One Inch Punch
    Eighty Gods Vacuum Strike
    Blazing Kick

    Item/Weapon List:

    Gear List:
    Smoke Grenade - 1 Slot
    Kunai - 1 Slot
    Makibishi - 1 Slot
    Shuriken - 1 Slots
    Flak Jacket - 2 Slots

    Summoning: Rashōmon
    Mizutora A-Rank Summon


    The Former Iwamura Estate
    The Lion's Den
    [url=The Lion's Den]The Lion's Den Upgrade[/url]

    Missions Completed:
    A normal delivery?...
    Clash - Solo
    Solo Mission
    The Raging Beasts Part Deuce: The Ragening / Solo mission
    /  Solo mission 2
    Group plot 1
    Group Plot 2
    Group mission
    Group mission
    Group Mission
    Admin Plot
    Group mission
    Solo Mission
    Solo Plot
    Solo Mission 2
    Solo mission
    Solo Plot
    Group Mission
    Group Mission
    Search and Destroy
    Spar with Sojiro Sakura
    The tracks group plot
    Group Clash
    Group Mission
    Lets Get Down to Business
    The Bandits Ire 2/3
    Solo B-rank
    Solo B-rank
    Solo Plot
    B-rank Group
    B-rank Group
    B-rank Group
    B-rank Group
    B-rank Group Mission
    Solo B-rank
    Solo Plot
    Solo B-rank
    Group B-rank
    Group B-rank
    B-rank Group
    B-rank Group
    Group Plot
    Solo Plot
    B-Rank Solo Mission
    A-Rank solo
    A-Rank solo
    Group Plot
    A-Rank Group
    A-Rank Group
    A-Rank Group
    A-Rank Group
    B-Rank Group
    C-Rank Plot
    C-Rank Plot
    Clash win by timeout
    Clash Win
    Clash Win
    B-Rank Group
    Fight Win
    Solo Mission A-Rank
    A-Rank Solo
    Solo Plot
    A-rank Solo
    B-rank Solo
    A-Rank Group Mission partner on hiatus
    A-rank Group
    The Ragening Part Three: Re-Loaded

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