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    Akane Uzumaki

    Akane Uzumaki
    Akane Uzumaki

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    Akane Uzumaki Empty Akane Uzumaki

    Post by Akane Uzumaki Fri May 01, 2020 9:19 pm

    Akane Uzumaki
    Akane Uzumaki 51bw8h%2B8N1L._AC_  
    Name:Akane Uzumaki
    Nick Name:RNG (Redheaded Ninja Girl)
    Gender: Female

    Clan: Technically Uzumaki
    Bloodline: N/A

    Origin: The middle of the ocean
    Village: Moon Village

    Appearance: Akane is a pretty, young woman with bright red hair. In fact, she was named after the brilliant red shade of her hair. Her blue eyes seem to express her every emotion. The girl is slender, with delicate pale skin. She is prone to blushing brightly, her cheeks flaring with color at any given moment depending on the mood.
    She tends to wear boyish clothes. Red shirts, darker pants. She likes contrasting colors. Dazzle them with brightness and remind them of the darkness. She wears her forehead protector as a belt, instead of the usual place. In her hair, she has two star studs because they remind her of the moon.

    Height: 4ft 1in
    Weight: 95 lbs

    Personality: Akane tries her best to be upbeat and cheerful. She puts on a face most of the time to give the impression that she’s a happy, normal person. In reality, she’s highly depressed. Almost suicidal. She has no regard for her own well being, and will happily put herself in harms way in order to save another. This makes her good at missions, but can frustrate her friends.

    To the public, Akane is a ray of sunshine in a cold world. She helps out people all the time. She always takes care to respect her elders, and to help guide those younger than her. She doesn’t let people take advantage of her, however.

    To take her mind off her pain and the past, Akane likes to gamble. Win or lose, she just enjoys the activity. It’s a rush, and she’s developing a fighting style around it even. She likes to gamble with new people, because it lets her understand them better. She is very loud and boisterous when gambling.

    Likes: List 3 of your characters likes
    -She likes gambling.
    -She also likes meeting new people.
    -Finally, she likes to learn new things.
    Dislikes: List 3 of your characters dislikes
    -She dislikes the Uzumaki. They make her uncomfortable.
    -She hates the cold.
    -She really dislikes the ocean.

    History: Akane’s family hail from the cold desolate pirate village all the other Uzumaki come from. However, their tale is not like the others. While most Uzumaki boast of their prodigious chakra and health, Akane’s family line lacks all of that. Being normal ninja with no gifts of the blood, they struggled to adapt and live in an island of pirates and mafia. Eventually, they sought their fortune elsewhere. Abandoning the Uzumaki who hated them anyway, they set sail to another land.
    Akane was born on that boat, and through bad luck, they were attacked by, of course, pirates. Almost everyone died, except her mother. Akane and her mom, Arai Uzumaki fled. Arai carried her daughter and water walked the rest of the way to the mainland. Barely surviving, her mother raised her in Moon. She learned who she was and where she came from. She learned she had to do her best to become a good ninja without the special abilities of her family.

    And so she did. Akane became a ninja, many years later. She stagnated as a gennin, never really having the drive to do better. When her mother finally died recently, Akane was heartbroken and decided to take her training seriously.

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    Post by Admin Fri May 01, 2020 11:02 pm

    Akane Uzumaki 6wd-NC1586479087

    You may now claim your starting gear and work on your character sheet!

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