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    Post by Uchiha Akegata Mikomi Sun Apr 26, 2020 8:02 pm

    Uchiha Akegata Mikomi
    Uchiha Akegata Mikomi Yeeeet
    Name:  Uchiha Akegata Mikomi
    Nick Names: Komi, Petals.
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Clan: Uchiha
    Bloodline: Sharingan

    Origin: Sun Village
    Village: Sun Village

    Being born into a lower class has made Mikomi very aware of her mannerisms and appearance, even before she became a shinobi, she would taker her time to look as neat and high class as she could. She knows that appearances make the largest impact upon meeting someone. She wears her thigh length black hair in a long ponytail, generally tied with a red and orange flower ribbon. Her eyes are a bright, glittering amber. Her skin is ivory, and free of blemishes beyond the two scars she bears. One faint, that runs under her left eye from nose to cheek. And the other larger, more recent, that crosses her stomach from right hip to left mid abdomen.

    Mikomi would be considered by most conventional standards to be  quite beautiful, and most non conventional ones as well. Though this has caused her no end of trouble. Her greatest assets have always been her mind and her looks, and she has no shame in taking advantage of either. She keeps herself fit and slender, not sacrificing function for look. She has a tattoo of a desert rose under her left breast in memory of her mother.

    Height: 5'4" (162cm)
    Weight: 121lbs (54.8kg)

    Years of living the rough life has taught Mikomi to fend for herself, and to look out for only herself. She is not a cruel or capricious person, but she has learned that no one else will watch your back, so you've got to watch it yourself. Though her perspective has begun to change somewhat since she became a shinobi. She will not go out of her way to cause undo harm, but she won't risk her life for just anyone.  

    Growing up, she found refuge in study. Learning basic math, philosophy, and science. Combined with her practicality and life experience, this has gifted her an exceptionally sharp mind. Her years of living on the edge of death, abuse or worse has resulted in a keen insight as to others are thinking and feeling.

    Really her only blindspot is herself. Her life has taught her that showing real emotion, or even allowing yourself to feel it, will never turn out well. So she has buried and controlled her emotions to the point of suffocation. When they flare up, they flare strong and wild. This control is a two edged sword however, because it allows her to lie with an honesty that very very very few can see through. To her, manipulation is a necessary step to survival, it is not enjoyable, but to live and thrive it is required.

    - Honest People
    - Study and Learning
    - The Quiet
    - Banter and Wit

    - Prideful People
    - The Willfully Ignorant
    - Zealots
    - The Overly Serious

    Akegata Mikomi was born in the slums of the Sun Village as the illegitimate child of one of her mother's customers. She was raised apart from her mother's life, and allowed a large amount of freedom. This saw her grow into a very independent young woman. It also meant that she got into trouble with increasing frequency. And she began to have brushes with the law quite often, all of which she managed to escape from with a few tears and a sad story. As she got older, she began to attract more and more attention. Once she was of age, she entered employment at a dancer's club called the Cactus Flowers run by a man named Yushifuto Shuaku. The club doubled as a front for illegal activity, which she began to distance herself from. Thievery was exciting work that was necessary for her to eat in those early days, but the trafficking and violence of her new workplace repulsed her. This changed when her mother fell ill. She needed more money for medicine, and reluctantly began to be more and more involved with the darker side of the slums.

    Her days and nights began to be filled with tense, stressful jobs. Whether at the club, or doing business outside of it, Mikomi did not complain, it was good money. But finally the inevitable happened, her mother was taken by illness, and she was alone. She informed Shuaku that she wanted to return to her old job. He refused, she was too clever by far to waste on the club's day to day. He plied her with threats and offers of greater payment. With no one left to care about her but her, Mikomi accepted. The cycle continued, with Mikomi halfheartedly trying to extricate herself from the situation, and Shuaku making promises and threats to keep her. Soon, the promises were gone, and he only threatened, so Mikomi resigned herself. Now the name "Petals" had become well known enough that doing business was easy, but staying safe was becoming harder.

    Then, the inevitable happened. She made the wrong deal, and crossed the wrong person. And Shuaku weighed his life higher than hers. He ratted her out, and ran, vanishing into the wilds and leaving Petals to deal with the fallout. She spent her days hiding. But finally they caught up to her. An example had to be made, and her life would be the only thing that would do. Petals had fought before, a necessary skill in all of her professions, whether to deter a handsie customer or motivate a reluctant one. So she fought back as hard as she could, and it seemed to her that she could see their movements clearly. She fought off the ruffians, surprising herself, but taking several wounds in the process. When she returned to her hiding place, she stared into her mirror, and red eyes with a single tomoe stared back. This frightened her more than the ruffians ever could. And she ran to the libraries in search of what was happening to her. After a while, she found information on the Uchiha clan. It made sense, she hadn't known her father, and her mother never could remember which one it had been. So it could have been an Uchiha, after all they had a strong presence here in the Sun Village.

    She had never considered that this may be an out, that she could escape from her life by becoming someone new. Perhaps even a shinobi? She presented herself at the Uchiha compound, almost desperately, intending to escape her old life at any cost. Maybe they would imprison her, or rip out her eyes, or kill her. But she was already running from death, and one death was no better than another. To her surprise, they accepted her, albeit very coldly. She clearly carried Uchiha blood, and if they  could make themselves even a fraction stronger just by virtue of having one more foot soldier, just by increasing their numbers, they would accept anyone with their blood. This cold pragmatism was familiar, but not comforting. Her criminal record was scrubbed clean and sealed away behind walls of red tape. And she entered the clan with none but herself and the Uchiha elders knowing her past. She was given classes alongside the younger Uchiha, to train her. She showed an aptitude for the shinobi life that surprised her teachers, who began to agree that the elders had made the right decision in allowing her to join the clan. Eventually she took a special genin test made for older students like her, and passed. She couldn't believe it, by a stroke of pure luck in her birth, she had escaped the life of the slums. Ahead of her was the life of a shinobi, far better than that of the poor, she thought. But through her training, a new thought was entering her mind. She had been looking out for herself now for years, and only herself. Maybe there was more to it, to life, than just fighting for survival, or yourself.

    Uchiha Akegata Mikomi, or "Petals" as she was known in her past life, officially entered the service of the Sun Village as one of its shinobi genin.

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