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    A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission)

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    A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission) Empty Re: A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission)

    Post by Kensei Wed Apr 22, 2020 1:56 pm

    Kensei had found his time within the moon village peaceful and filled with tranquility since the moment he had arrived a few days earlier. Spending most of his time perched up high on roof and treetops he spent time observing the village from a distance,  enjoying his time gathering structural intel and information on routines of the prestigious residents presiding within. Although task with cooperating and fulfilling certain missions and co-village assignments he had largely kept to himself, taking on single shinobi assignments and task that required solo scouting or mapping of the areas. He had nothing against the Moon Village or their Shinobi but had one tagged along on the trip solely for the purpose of spending some alone time outside of his own village. He was surprised however, when he had received a personal message by hawk mail, instructing him two join Sojiro on a hunt earlier in the day. Although he had enjoyed his time alone here he looked forward to seeing his friend Sojiro, an intriguing fellow was social enough to have gathered some interesting stories on those he had met, Kensei looked forward to it.

    They had met before noon assigned to hunting down a sounder of pesky Boars that had alluded hunters, traps while damaging the agricultural lands. Kensei didn’t mind hunting, but often preferred not to, finding the slaughter of animals to be mundane and unnecessary but he understood the pest these wild ones could pose. He was satisfied in learning Sojiro, had already planned their hunt which in turn ended rather quickly, with Kensei dropping a large rock on top of an unexpected boar while Sojiro played dead. In the aftermath Kensei had been convinced by Sojiro to stick around for a late lunch, not one to deny a free meal he had found himself a comfortable spot against the hard cold floor within the clearing in the forest.

    While Sojiro hunted for their meal, Kensei had found himself gathering goods throughout the forest, picking up berries, radishes, onions, basil, cumin, and other seasoning herbs. He had began patting himself on the back for his successful seasoning hunt on his return to their meeting grounds gathering tinder and sticks along the way, before stopping suddenly, his eyes widening, mouth dropping. His eyes were fixed on a mossy large tree near the clearing, under which a number of blue capped Mushrooms clusters their caps sprinkled with gold dots sprouted forth from.   Suspiciously looking around the forest for any distant watchers or for signs of a trap he hesitantly dropped to a knee besides them, a smile crawling across his face. Digging around the cluster he determined by their faint red stem that these mushrooms would not be poisonous but rather a strong hallucinogenic. He had hit the jackpot. And seeing as he had completed his task for the day he found this the most opportune time to enjoy what the moon and the nature surround it were all about. His eyes glossed as he clapped his hands together a devilish glare resting on his face. Grabbing what he could he took off to meet with Sojiro expecting him to be done with his side of the chores, biting off a cap from a mushroom along his way.

    Kensei arrived at the clearing with a large smile plastered on his face, wide eyed, with dilated pupils. He moved sluggishly to the center dropping the goods he carried unto the floor without care before beginning a joyful whistling tune. He worked on the campfire, pausing in-between his eyes catching even the slightest movement and being distracted by it. Every so often he let out outburst of random giggles as he separated his spices, herbs, and the vegetables he had gathered and built the campfire from scratch. Once finished he got up spinning in a circle before running up along a tree, laying on a branch and hugging it. “HEY there little animals, you guys hungry? I think sojiro has a little pig he can share with you all” He began petting the invisible animal in front of him, stroking its fur and scratching underneath its chin. Kensei had been completely possessed by his inner child, hallucinating as he hung form the tree. He saw the colors surrounding the forest clearing, the rays of lights reflecting against the droplets of rain drops from the morning rain. The air felt rich and sweet to his lungs, everything he touched sent a sensation of euphoria throughout his body. His face was pale, his eyes white he began to call out as he heard birds chirping around, squirrels moving about and the sound of approaching steps and snorts. Looking up from where he laid he spotted Sojiro return with a pack of beast on his trail. He waved gingerly and uncharacteristically. “HEY! SOJIRO IM UP HERE. YOU MADE SOME NEW FRIENDS! ”
    As he waved he lost his balance and focus sliding right off the branch and landing on his head, rolling over and pretending to be asleep.
    “The moon is a pretty beautiful place from down here Sojiro take a look”
    He called out from his fake slumber, his face still flat against the ground. The effects of the hallucinogens taking control of his actions, Kensei began laughing randomly once more.
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    A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission) Empty Re: A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission)

    Post by Kensei Wed Apr 22, 2020 4:15 pm

    Kensei looked at his partner for a moment with a puzzling expression in response to his  partners sudden reaction, before reaching out and resting his left palm on Sojiro's face as the man inspected him for injuries. "You'd think an embrace with nature would hurt me? I thought you were intoned with your animal Soj! Feel it man, Im passing you my aura shhh." He hushed his partner as he moved his other hands against the ground imitating a pulsating beam. His hands  tingle like sensations fizzling throughout his hand. He reached up to the sky and saw himself moving about the pink colored sunset, losing himself behind the calls of a passing falcon. He felt the chakra or what he perceived to be chakra oozing out and into every living thing around him.  The whisper of the trees, the song of the wind, the marching of the ants beneath him. This moving picture he stood with in was narrated by an orchestra of silent drums and the beats of the heart of the earth beneath him. He fell deep into a trance that left only an expression of pure euphoria as he whistled.

    Suddenly he was brought to his feet quickly dusting himself off before being pushed forward by the impatient Sojiro."Hey, man Where are you going with this anyway! PFFT I don't mean to ask you any personal questions man but Ive been meaning to ask. Would you rather be a Man dog like yourself or a dog man? Right now I can't tell which you are." He chuckled before allowing himself to run forward a bit, goofily enjoying the wind crashing against his skin believing himself to be moving about in the sky. He stopped in his track, opening his eyes to again pushing back against sojiro, turning his gaze upon the speedily approaching pack. "Ohh. Boy.  Swine"

    He started walking towards the group of animals wondering if this had been the same pack they had picked off earlier before. His stomach grumbled, was it pork he had as a snack?
    "Hey, I think we killed your cousins earlier. Allow me to offer my condolences its barbaric really I know. Let me make it up to you guys huh! Theres has to be something I can do for you!"
    He called out to them with confidence as they charged all but sure they'd stop and listen. At this point Kensei was seeing a vibrant patterns of colors and shapes forming across everything in his view. The Boars approaching appeared animated and cartoonish to him, their angry facial expressions bolstered by the fumes that seemingly blew out of their ears and snouts.
    "Hey Sojiro. What did you do to these guys anyway? They don't look like they want to talk. They're aura is so aggressive right now, its so not chill man ehh."
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    A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission) Empty Re: A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission)

    Post by Kensei Tue Apr 28, 2020 4:19 pm

    As the pair leaped up to the branch above them Kensei let out a loud gleeful shout in approval as he reached up and clinging on to Sojiro, a babe reaching for his mother. To Kensei, the trees around them swayed with the passive wind, its branches circulating and wrapping themselves around embracing them. The small hidden wildlife had whispered their thoughts as they spectated the debacle, their sounds ringing along Ken’s ears. He patted Sojiro on the head as they sat about the branch, “Good Mutt”.  His eyes looked over the grassy fields around them with awe, mesmerized by the beauty of the nature around them. He looked down from where he sat high above at the gather herd beneath them, he let out a booming laugh as the boar in charge fashioned seemingly a mustache and a unibrow, which Kensei traced in the air with his finger.

    “Those guys aren’t so bad Sojiro…. We should just shake hands and make up”
    As he spoke Sojiro leaped off and attacked, as Kensei’s eyes widen by the surprise attack and the abuse inflicted upon the boars. Jumping down along with Soji Kensei rolled around the ground quickly, grabbing on to a small pebble and launching it in Sojiro’s direction in response to the hit he landed on the boar.
    “Hey man! That was rude, we don't treat our host in that manner!”

    As he called out he heard the revving grunts of the herd behind him, with a quickly glance he gave them a sly grin before picking himself up and running along with Sojiro.
    “This was fun! We should hang out with these guys more often! Hey You want some of these mushrooms I found? I can make a mean stew or tea from them.”
    He called out to his partner mid run as he pulled out another mushroom cap from his pocket.
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    A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission) Empty Re: A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission)

    Post by Kensei Tue May 05, 2020 7:48 pm

    Kensei bursted out laughing as he pictured a boar’s daily life, wandering about the forest shaking hands with other animals without opposable thumbs. He began imagining the various forms of greetings they would would have to exercise to greet or show respect, it was true boars couldn’t shake hands to make up.. “but can they shake tusk?” He called out to his friend before being tackled to the ground and saved from further harm. Once vaulted into the air Kensei struck a flying swan pose as he glided gingerly through the air, in his mind his eyes had turned a heart shaped red, and he was joined by a flock of doves that sang as he soared. Below him the slow moving Boars looked microscopic as if he were hundreds of kilometers above the ground. He pictured the boars dressed in top hats and formal attire as they charged at sojiro, Kensei would wave at them with a cheesy wide smile. It was the most animated anyone would ave ever seen Kensei, and the biggest smile he had ever felt himself bore. He flapped his arms in the air, trying to stall his descent into the ground, harmonizing his whistles to that of the imaginary doves around him. As he descended he cheered on the angered boar before mincing at the sight of the poor boars face being smashed in, he pointed sojiro in horror as he landed in his partners arms.

    “HEY! Thats unnecessary roughness ! We have to shake their tusk it's how we communicate our peace to them.”
    He called out tugging and pulling like a restless child while being carried by Sojiro. He enjoyed the seemingly endless ride but had realized something while being whisk off his feet, the poor boars only sought their own peace. Jumping effortless out of Sojiro’s arms he struck a super hero pose as the boars bedding them closed in fast. Raising his left hand out in front of him attempting to get them to stop a smirk crawled across his face. “I can give you the peace and tranquility you need, In a world devoted or you all. Look me in my eyes.”
    Kensei’s eyes closed, and suddenly he appeared the calm and serious shinobi he had been known to be, his stance shifted and his aura shifted.

    Before he could speak his big dilated eyes broke open once more, as he staggered coming to a quick revelation.“Soji…”He called out to his friend, his voice shaking as if he were trembling. Something had taken over Kens mind, as fear crept on his face.“What if…. All of this was just a Genjutsu, and we are all just part of an illusion a universal link that gave us the illusion of a self and free thought.. what if this is all just a Genjutsu? You and I, these boars… this grass.”
    He reached down to the grass beneath him passing his hand over it profusely trying to discern if it was real or an illusion.
    “We wouldn’t even know it. We could literally be illusions made to fill up the world of the Genjutsu! What if I’m fooling myself by thinking I can tell if we were in a Genjutsu but really it's part of the illusion itself.”
    Kensei looked up at the incoming boars, their faces red and seemingly steaming with anger, he raised his arms and extended them out to his sides as if he was embracing the incoming attack, tipping backwards he fell as if he was allowing himself to fall into a large pool behind him.
    “Embrace the simulation Sojiro”
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    A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission) Empty Re: A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission)

    Post by Kensei Thu May 14, 2020 3:38 pm

    Kensei snapped out of his vivid dream, in which he was floating high above a world filled only with animals in their primal state, natural and free. In this dream he laid upon a cloud as fluffy as cotton candy if such a thing exist in the ninja world, and as soft as coconut oiled skin. The ground around him smelled of sweet nectar, and the wind brought about a fragrance reserved only for the divine. The leaves on grass bore the richest fruit and the gathering critters sang in sweet harmony, this was paradise, One he never wished to escape.

    Blinking twice adjusting his eyes he realized the massacre happening around him. With blood and tusk flying everywhere Kensei's expression changed from a mesmerized cheer to a sudden eye popping shock. As sojiro tore through the herd, Kensei watched frantically beneath him, attempting to resurrect the beaten boars as they fell next to him, with CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, then when all else failed by pounding the boars chest endlessly. Upon realizing two of the three were beaten to a pulp Kensei let out an exaggerated shout of despair "NOOOOOO POOR LITTLE PIGS!"

    Realizing one had gotten away he waved to it victoriously, "RUN LITTLE PIG RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN, YOU ARE FREE."

    He called out once more before turning his head towards the now sleeping Sojiro. Petting the comfortable looking shinobi he chuckled before knocking out himself.
    "Good boy, you."

    ~Mission end~

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    A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission) Empty Re: A(n) Uchiha and His Mutt... (Group Mission)

    Post by Sponsored content

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