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    Squatting Where You Don't Belong [Solo Mission]

    Jess [Plague]
    Jess [Plague]

    Posts : 53

    Squatting Where You Don't Belong [Solo Mission] Empty Squatting Where You Don't Belong [Solo Mission]

    Post by Jess [Plague] Sat Apr 18, 2020 8:44 pm

    Name: Outing Squatters
    Rank: C-Rank
    Participants: Moon Village, Sun Village, Missing Ninja
    Type: Solo Mission
    Reward: 20 EXP
    Details: Squatters have taken refuge in local abandoned buildings both in the villages and outside in the outskirts. Your mission is to evict these squatters, removing them from their locations and getting them out of the area. Most of them are druggies or criminals hiding from the law, and can be arrested if need be.
    Requirements: Your post must be at least 600 words.

    Moonlight Plaza had been such a pleasant place to Plague Uzumaki ever since they had moved here, they were loath to change that but on this day an eviction would have to occur. The money was already in Plague's hand and their orders were to remove someone whom had been violent towards their neighbors, if it had been someone who was late on rent they would not have taken the job in the first place, but in this case they felt justified. The Chemist felt that avoiding the nightlife and choosing to do this in the early morning would cause the least disruption to those seeking to blow off steam after a long day and so it was that they left early in the morning.

    Today since they doubted they would run into any other ninja at 4am due to how the village usually ran Plague had chosen to wear their gas mask with a black hoodie which allowed them to have their hands in their pockets and hold the caltrops there to be used as iron knuckles if needed, the spikes enhancing the damage that could be done with the piercing tips that poked through Plague's fingers. The caltrops were not sharp at the bottom of their spikes, relying on pressure and the small surface area of the tip to stab through flesh or weak armor. Normally they were used on the ground to stop horses, other humans or animals that were otherwise focused on speed at the cost of environmental awareness but The Chemist wished to utilize them in a different way.

    The room in particular was above a restaurant, there was a total of two floors and two apartments each, the one that Plague had to evict was upon the top floor and it was as such that they walked up there, trip pants jingling all the way. Inside those pants were quite a few different tools that they doubted they would need but hidden among the chains and straps was a Tanto blade on the outside of their thigh, blended in but available to be drawn at a moments notice. Hopefully there would be no reason to use it upon this day, the Uzumaki really did not want blood on their hands over something like this after all.

    Jess [Plague]
    Jess [Plague]

    Posts : 53

    Squatting Where You Don't Belong [Solo Mission] Empty Re: Squatting Where You Don't Belong [Solo Mission]

    Post by Jess [Plague] Sat Apr 18, 2020 9:01 pm

    Five Knocks followed by two in a rhythmic pattern would be done upon the battered door, the maple looked like it was worse for ware and had been in much better condition some time before this though the ninja could not tell exactly when that was other than certainly more than a month ago. Could be done by the current tenant but due to lack of other current evidence, judgement could not yet be passed. The smell of an odd sterile chemical would be able to be picked up through Plague's current insufficient and outdated filters, and it would put them on edge, they recognized this smell from their youth. It was a synthetic drug that kept one up and stimulated for seven straight days and could often send one into a manic spiral where they would completely erode their identity, it was not a good sign for things to come in the opinion of the chemist who was now flashing back to their days spent training with their father and mother. As such Plague Uzumaki's hand would fall down to rest near the handle of the blade they had carried upon their body.

    Their hand that had done the knocking had not fallen to their side, but their other hand was in place when the door swung wide open and a muscular yet emaciated man stepped into the one foot gap they opened it to;

    "Whaddya want? Thought I told Jimmy to stop sending people up here, it's starting to get hot" the man barked looking down at the oddly clothed ninja with disgust on their face before surprise would come over it and then it would shift downward to see the blade that was sprouting now from their torso where their heart was located before being pulled back, then the face would shift and twirl until it came to a rest looking at the ceiling with the vision fading slowly. The man slowly tried to will his body to move, but for the first time in his life, it ignored him, the blood required not getting to the muscles needed and instead spilling uselessly to the floor. Much akin the man would listen to the screams of the other men who had been manufacturing the drug with him, falling silent one by one until extremely soft footsteps could be heard and the door would shut. Plague would need to smoke a cigarette before disposing and hiding the bodies of the people who had no doubt killed others with their reckless creation of an improper and impure form of chemical concoction.

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