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    Static Bolt l D-Rank


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    Static Bolt l D-Rank Empty Static Bolt l D-Rank

    Post by Kuzuryu Wed Apr 15, 2020 10:44 pm

    Name: Static Bolt
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Rank: D-Rank
    Element: Lightning
    Cost: 10 chakra
    Range: 5 meters
    Duration: Instant

    Description: A lightning release technique that requires no hand seals to use. The user first aims his finger to where he would like to strike and then concentrates his chakra into his fingertip, forming a tiny lightning bolt out of his chakra. The bolt is 1 meter long and moves at a pace of 5 MPP. He then releases the lightning bolt and it fires at the target. Ignoring any physical protection the target has on, this justu creates numbness wherever it hits. If the same body area(head, arm, leg, or torso) is hit a minimum of three times it can cause temporary paralysis in that body part for two posts and every two successful hits after add 1 post to the duration. This Jutsu also causes shallow stab wounds that have a purple tinge around them. If this jutsu hits anything chakra-based it dissipates.
    Status: Open


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    Static Bolt l D-Rank Empty Re: Static Bolt l D-Rank

    Post by Kensei Fri Apr 17, 2020 4:14 am

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