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    Raiton: Inazuma Ōbu Empty Raiton: Inazuma Ōbu

    Post by Kensei Tue Apr 14, 2020 9:24 pm

    Name: Inazuma Ōbu
    Specialty: Ninjutsu
    Rank: B Rank
    Element: Raiton
    Cost: 25 Chakra
    Range: 30 meters
    Duration: 3 Post

    Raiton: Inazuma Ōbu Blue-Ball-Lightning-Vector
    After performing the necessary hand signs the user concentrates Raiton chakra into the palm of their hands, molding the materializing lightning into two solid chakra infused Spheres with diameter of about 25cm. These luminous orbs hover over the air around the users will and can travel over a 25 meter radius from the user at an equal speed to that of the user. The orbs posses two interchangeable abilities that can be used by the user in tandem . The first of  them being the ability to release a charged bolt of concentrated lightning that can sear through bone and metal which travels at a max speed of 7mpp. The other can project a static wave field of electricity (with a 10 meter radius) that can deflect projectiles/jutsu of the same rank and/or shocking those caught in its field stunning them for two post. Contact with these orbs produce the same stunning effect. This jutsu enables the user to both provide offensive range support while offering himself or others temporary close range defense if used in tandem.  
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    Post by Admin Wed Apr 15, 2020 7:50 pm

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