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    Grunt Work 101 (Mission)

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    Grunt Work 101 (Mission) Empty Re: Grunt Work 101 (Mission)

    Post by Kensei Sat Apr 11, 2020 4:09 am

    The night had quickly turned to day and the night silence had been replaced by the bubbling sounds of working villagers. The surrounding bands of construction work on roof tops, chattering merchants and crying infants, guided the whistling tune of the closed eyed Kensei down the stone paved roads tin the direction of the large eastern village gates. The morning breeze was refreshing, he thought, a break from the arid air of the night before although he knew it would not last. He had fashioned himself in is customary large straw hat which covered most of his face, a loosely fitting white long sleeve shirt opened at its torso; a small Uchiha crest stitched unto the left side, a small bag at the hip of his black joggers, and a black Geta pair with matching socks. Over his right shoulder he held his flak jacket and a small black bag, in his left hand an apple he'd slowly bite into as he made his way down the street.  

    Upon reaching the gate he opened his eyes slowly ending his whistling orchestra, surveying the area around for the caravan he'd been assigned escorting the evening prior along with the individual assigned as his partner. He knew little of the shinobi beyond his relatively young age or was too tired to remember the details. He looked tired now, his eyes drained of energy and blackened he appeared as if he hadn't slept in weeks and felt like it as well. The long nights of training, and long days out on assignments were starting to take its toll. He had promised himself a nice drink and a long slumber under his favorite sakura tree when he returned, but not before the completion of one more mission.

    His eyes stopped at a wagon parked a few steps just outside the village gates that had been loaded with goods, a red bandana wearing shinobi walking to the drivers seat catching his attention. He yawned loudly to the surprise of the puzzled passerby's as he walked sluggishly towards the wagon, he looked over the young shinobi trying to gain a sense of him from afar. "so this must be the guy huh. Seems rugged enough to roll with." He thought chuckling to himself over the shinobi's beast-like appearance. Making his way from the rear of the passenger side  he took a large bite of his apple, before tossing it, his bag and flak jacket over and into the wagon.  Reaching into said bag, he retrieved another apple which he proceeded to tossing into the air in the general direction of the shinobi at the helm before turning to the front of the wagon to meet him. "Looks like they have us on delivery duties today, I am Kensei of the Sun. Might as well start driving, let's get this thing out of the way shall we. I'll drive after the halfway mark. We shouldn't run into any trouble leaving the outskirts of the village territories and into the initial dessert." He spoke low, his voice tired and seemingly bored at the idea of delivering goods through the desert. Before jumping into his seat Kensei looked over his fellow Sun shinobi briefly, curious over his animal like features and facial markings before shrugging them off. "This guy ought to be interesting"He thought closing his eyes, leaning his head against the trunk of the wagon.

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    Grunt Work 101 (Mission) Empty Re: Grunt Work 101 (Mission)

    Post by Kensei Mon Apr 13, 2020 9:25 pm

    "mhmm" Kensei nodded his head in acknowledgment as the shinobi introduced himself as Sojiro. He feigned sleep for a few minutes before he kicked up another soft whistling tune. The sounds of loud chewing and swallowing had brought a creeping smile on Kensei's face, amused by his partners lack of etiquette. "He really is a beast huh. Seems I'm always paired up with animals"He thought to himself, peaking a short  glance at the rough looking individual. As he spoke Kensei trailed off into thought momentarily, wondering if the small rain clouds he had seen earlier were a sign of rain.  

    Some moments had come to pass before Kensei would realize he had been spoken to. He paused briefly before lifting his head slightly in the direction of the driver. "No, it was recently built after a similar one in the same area was sacked and burned down by local bandits. I'm surprised we weren't sent in to gather intel, or reconnaissance, stuck delivering bread and nails." He sounded disappointed as if he urged for excitement. He had been cooped up inside the village for a few days and craved action.

    An hour had come to pass and the sun had begun to grow hotter as the air in the dessert become humid. The sounds of Kensei's whistling, the crumbling of sand beneath the steps of the camels and the random hollering of the animals filling the otherwise empty spaces of the desert lands. "So tell me Sojiro, does everyone in your family look like they've lived in the wilderness since the dawn of the ninja world?"
    He asked as he mocked his canine appearance playfully while attempting to learn more about his partner. He had let out a short laugh but was quickly interrupted by the sound of snapping wood, and a thud as the carriage came to a full and slanted stop.
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    Grunt Work 101 (Mission) Empty Re: Grunt Work 101 (Mission)

    Post by Kensei Mon Apr 20, 2020 2:12 pm

    Kensei grunted softly to himself having realized he had inadvertently crossed a line with his comments. He meant no harm by the playful teasing but realized he had forgotten the twisted ninja world he had resided in. He was no stranger to childhood loss and the pains of growing up kinless why would anyone else be any different. This shinobi however unlike himself, appeared unfazed by the traumatic experience to Ken's own surprise. He wasn't weighed down by his own loss, but he was far from joking at its expense. He let a short grin slide on his face as he watched his partner jump off the wagon barefooted. "This guy's one of those overly optimistic types..."
    He wondered about the shinobi's childhood, another adopted shinobi, he had met many with similar stories such as this one, the way of the world, he sighed. In many ways the two were much more similar than their physical natures would suggest. The idea of parentless children raising themselves had spurned him and filled him with a small sense of dread. This cycle of pain, he thought, was one that deeply motivated his actions as shinobi and would fuel his desire for true power. He shifted his body in the direction of his partners voice, eyes shutting as he entered deeper thought
    "I overstepped Sojiro, My apologies. I meant no disrespect. "
    Snapping out of his train of thought he stood up from his seat yawning quietly before turning over to the trunk of carriage lifting the blanket cover off the goods. He rummaged through the trunk of the carriage, tossing aside the items he considered junk, before gleefully letting out a cry of victory. Emphatically throwing his hands in the air, he gingerly shake his right hand, containing a large Jug container. Without pause he quickly uncorked with his teeth spitting the cap to the side before taking a large gulp of the substance.  Sliding out of his Geta he grabbed on to the spare wheel at the end of the trunk before jumping off the side of the cart joining his barefooted partner on the sand below. He watched Sojiro lift the carriage with ease, impressed by the physical feat he gave his partner an approving smirk along with a thumbs up as he grabbed the bottle of sake and took another sip of it. "Get a load of this guy." He teased as wiped the excess sake that had dripped unto his shortly faded beard.
    Kensei was strong, his childhood had make sure of that, but it was significantly beneficial to have someone with untapped physical ability beyond that of achieved through normal strength endurance. In fact with Sojiro doing the heavy lifting, literally, Kensei had more energy to opend on consuming more alcohol. It was clear sojior could handle it, the Inuzuka were prideful of their natural strength and relished displaying such. He thought back at some of his earlier readings on clans across the land. His father had spared no expense on gifting him the knowledge of the land, and its people, especially information on enemy clans and faction. Surprisingly however, he knew little of the branch of Inuzuka besides the basics of their schism and their natural ability. "Hm This guy will come in handy down the line, Ive no doubt about it. Im glad he's on my side or else id actually have to work to take him down. "
    He let out a random chuckle as he got on one knee, working on replacing the carriage wheel. Once done he would spin it to test its functionality before knocking against the wood before jumping back in his seat.
    "We should be good to go now, Lets get to the outpost before noon this sun is really boosting my appetite. Drinks on me when we get there."
    Thus the pair continued forward through the desert on their path to the outpost. Periodically exchanging laughs and swigs of sake the two had begun their long journey to newfound friendship and adventure.

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    Grunt Work 101 (Mission) Empty Re: Grunt Work 101 (Mission)

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